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Congratulations Gift

Congratulations Gift

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Feng Shui 15 immortal coin Hanging

Feng Shui coins are used in general for attracting wealth and prosperity.Coins are generally are tied together with a red ribbon, symbolizing ..

850 Rs Ex Tax: 850 Rs

Fengshui Bejewled White Elephant carrying flaming jewel

Bejewelled white elephantBejewelled white elephant symbolizes superb wealth luck with abundance. You can display it on your working desk ..

2,100 Rs Ex Tax: 2,100 Rs

Feng Shui Good Luck Charm Card -Pocket Card

Good Luck Charm Card Feng Shui Charm card- Leaf Shape  There charm card is gold plated card. There are several feng shui goo..

325 Rs Ex Tax: 325 Rs

Beautiful handicraft Brass elephant 2 x 1.5"

Beautiful brass handicraft elephants(Pair)Size- 2.5 x 1.5 inchesWeight-75gm each( L X W X H ) - 3.5cm X 6cm X 1.5cm apxmMaterial - BrassIn Indian ..

650 Rs Ex Tax: 650 Rs

Blessing buddha made in Brass 8 Inches

Blessing Buddha -idol (statue)Size- 8 x 6 InchesWeight-2.150kgBuddhism originated in India and spread to China during the Han Dynasty beg..

7,450 Rs Ex Tax: 7,450 Rs

Lord Kubera -5 x 3"- God of wealth

Lord Kubera  Kubera (also Kuber) is the god of wealth and the lord of Uttaradisha (North Direction) in Hindu mythology. He is also known ..

2,050 Rs Ex Tax: 2,050 Rs

Sun Made in Brass 6" Out Of Stock

Sun Made in Brass 6"

Sun made in BrassSun, heavenly body whose light makes our day, member of the solar system round which the planets revolve. The sun is presente..

650 Rs Ex Tax: 650 Rs

Premium Shri Yantra gold plated 3"- accurate carving

Premium Panch Dhatu Shri yantra (Premium quality with accurate  cutting ) Size- 3 x 3"  Shree Yantra" - Shree meaning we..

3,500 Rs Ex Tax: 3,500 Rs

Kuber Yantra in Metal Box -Also excellent for gifting

Kuber yantra in Metal Box Metal Box Size- 1.5 x 1.5 inches  Kubera (also Kuber) is the god of wealth and the lord of Uttaradisha..

650 Rs Ex Tax: 650 Rs