Healing Bags

Healing Bags

Crystal Healing Bags

Your personal crystal healing bags - Using or carrying a crystal bag or pouch of crystals is one of the most practical and oldest modalities for personal and space healing. Crystal bags can be placed in the home, can be carried while you travelling and be kept near your working desk. You can place it under the pillow or on your side table near the bed.

Our bags pouches comes in attractive coloured bags with some of them are jute bag. There are different crystal bags for different healing purpose. Bags contains crystals, tumbles stones and pebbles which are made from the best quality rock.

We have all kind of crystal bags like relationship crystal bag, home selling crystal bag, attract job opportunities bag, abundance crystal, Student memory crystal bag, peaceful home crystal bag, wealth crystal bag, pet crystal bag  We ship worldwide and you can shop online from our vastu & feng shui store-plusvalue   Reiki and healing crystals are also available .You are welcome to visit our showroom at Mumbai (malad) to buy crystal bag (pouches) personally. We offer free crystal consultations

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Abundance Healing Crystal bag for prosperity - Reiki & Crystal Healing Products

 Abundance Crystal BagStones-12 in jute bagBenefits:- Abundance Crystal Bag contains powerful crystal specially selected ..

650 Rs Ex Tax: 650 Rs

Healing Crystal Bag to Attract Job Opportunities - Reiki & Crystal Healing

 Attract Job & promotion -Crystal BagStones-10 in beautiful BagBenefits:- Attract job crystal bag contains powerful ..

650 Rs Ex Tax: 650 Rs

Home Selling Crystal Bag

 Home Selling Crystal BagStones-6 in jute bagBenefits:- Home selling Crystal Bag contains powerful crystal specially sele..

650 Rs Ex Tax: 650 Rs

Peaceful Home Crystal Bag

Peaceful Home CrystalTranquility, Harmony & happiness in home Our bag of peaceful home Crystals combines the most powerful crystals q..

450 Rs Ex Tax: 450 Rs

Set of Seven Chakra Reiki symbol Healing Stone

The Chakras are the seven power points in the human body that circulate energy or the life force also known as prana. Seven sotne with reiki sym..

950 Rs Ex Tax: 950 Rs

Seven Chakra Healing Stone

Seven Chakra Stone:-Crystals can be used for chakra healing.  If our Chakras are blocked or drained, then our body, spirit and mind can n..

400 Rs Ex Tax: 400 Rs

Crystal Bag for student-Memory Crystals

Crystal Bag for student-Memory CrystalsGift it to someone specialStudy  &  Concentration, Memory Our education heali..

450 Rs Ex Tax: 450 Rs

Relationship Crystal Bag

Relationship Crystal BagGift it to someone specialExcellent for personal relationship, Love & Harmony Our relationship healing C..

650 Rs Ex Tax: 650 Rs

Restful Night Crystals

Restful Night CrystalsExcellent for personal useGift it to someone specialHelps to give a  Pleasant | Deep | Relaxing | Calming..

450 Rs Ex Tax: 450 Rs

Wealth Crystal Bag

Wealth Crystal BagGift it to someone specialAbundance  &  Prosperity Our bag of Wealth Crystals combines the most po..

450 Rs Ex Tax: 450 Rs