Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

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Hot Massage Stone 5 Pieces set with attractive pouch

Hot Massage Stone 5 Pieces set with attractive pouch Quantity- 5Price Rs.1875Hot  stone massag..

1,875 Rs Ex Tax: 1,875 Rs

Massager Ring ( Su jok) Sujok Therapy- Colour 10 pcs

Sujok Ring- 10 pcs Colour Ring -Carry with you and use it by rolling over in each finger 10 times.-Feel fresh , Easy natural cure- Excl..

200 Rs Ex Tax: 200 Rs

Su jok Kit - Deluxe For Sujok, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy

Deluxe Sujok Kit Contains:- Su jok massage  ring-2Brass Jimmy-1Wooden Jimmy- 1Sujok Ball-1Thumb Jimmy-1Also Exclusive tool for acu..

480 Rs Ex Tax: 480 Rs

Su jok Kit Tools Premium ( Sujok Therapy ) - Acupressure, Massage Product

Premium Sujok Kit Contains:- Premium su jok massage  ring (with lock)-2Brass Jimmy-1Wooden Jimmy- 1Brass roller with 2 attachment-..

780 Rs Ex Tax: 780 Rs

Himalayan Crystal ball - Natural massage Ball

Himalayan rock massage ball,Warm it in microwave or on gas for few seconds ofr hot massage or freeze it in freezer for cold massage.Qty..

750 Rs Ex Tax: 750 Rs

Acupressure magnetic steel & Brass Jimmy

Acupressure Magnetic Steel & Brass Jimmy   Quantity- 1Size- 3.5 inchesTo give acupressure treatment of various poi..

250 Rs Ex Tax: 250 Rs

Himalayan Rock Salt soap -Remove Negativity-Aura Cleaning

Himalayan Rock Salt soap -Remove negativity from BodyUseful in Aura CleaningWeight-  300 gm apxmThese bars are made of 100% Pur..

550 Rs Ex Tax: 550 Rs