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18 Best Vastu Products for Home & Office in 2022

Hello Namaste,
As being our valuable customer I (Jeavin Parmar) want to suggest to you some of the best result-oriented Vastu, Feng Shui & healing crystal products after the research and rigorous testing of over 20+ Years we have handpicked the best products that you can try & are definitely sure that it will give you the best & quick results.

1. 3 Bell 6 Coins – Hang on Main Door Inside Handle – Buy Now
2. Pyrite Raw Stone – South-West Corner of Home or Cash Box – Buy Now
3. Red Phoenix Bird – South Wall in Living Room if Home, Office – Buy Now
4. Premium Tortoise With Plate (north zone facing the main door) – Buy Now
5. Golden Rutile Bracelet – Manifestation Buy Now
6. Black Tourmaline Raw – Strong Protection (entrance, living room) – Buy Now
7. Sriparni Cash Box – Wealth Protection – South-West – Buy Now
8. Premium Meru Sriparni Yantra – Home or Office Temple or North-East – Buy Now
9. Abundance Crystal Bag – Pocket, Bag, Nearby Working Desk – Buy Now
10. Education Tower (for Kids Studies, Education) – Buy Now
11. Om Swastik Trishul – 2pcs [Entrance of Main Door] – Buy Now
12. Tibetan Om Bell (Ring Twice at Home & Office for Positivity & Overall Prosperity) – Buy Now
13. Pink Himalayan Salt ( All 4 Corners of the Home & Toilet) – Buy Now
14. Crystal Ball – Window Hanging – Buy Now
15. Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone – South-West Corner of Bedroom – Buy Now
16. Copper Pyramid in All 4 Corners of Home – Buy Now
17. Zodiac Crystal Bag – Buy Now
18. Copper Swastik for CashBox, Kitchen, Electronic Gadgets – Buy Now

Please do try out these Vastu, Feng Shui, Healing Crystals Products I am definitely sure you will see good results. Also, do call me if you want to ask about these suggested products.

Do let us know if you need links for the above-suggested products.

Signing off have a healthy, wealthy & prosperous year ahead,


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