7 Chakra Bracelet for Men & Women [Original & Natural]


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seven chakra bracelet 8mm
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7 Chakra Bracelet Align Your Body Aura & Chakras, Healing, Crystal Healing, Reiki for Men & Women

Available in Beads Size 6mm,8mm,10mm, and 12mm

Purpose: Healing of Body, Mind, and Soul

Quality: Top-Quality Genuine Crystals (be aware of 90% fake crystals used in other brands 7 chakra bracelets sold online)

Experience a harmonious balance in your life with our 7 Chakra Crystal Bracelet. Crafted with genuine crystals, this bracelet is designed to align your chakras, bringing peace, clarity, and vitality to your mind, body, and soul.

Embark on a transformative journey with each of the seven chakras represented in this 7 Chakra bracelet. Each colored stone is carefully selected to correspond with the body’s energy centers, promoting healing and vitality. From the grounding energy of the Root Chakra to the enlightening Crown Chakra, feel the shift in your energy as this bracelet aids in aligning and balancing your chakras.

The seven main chakras are root, heart, throat, solar plexus, sacral, crown chakras, and third eye. You could find out more about yourself by knowing your chakras. These are very effective ways to tune your physical body, mind, and soul.

Wearing the 7 Chakra Bracelet can lead to a sense of peace and clarity, reduced anxiety, and an overall balance in your life’s energy. It’s more than an accessory; it’s a personal wellness companion.

Imagine feeling more connected to your inner self and the world around you. Our customers often share stories of enhanced intuition, emotional stability, and newfound energy after incorporating this bracelet into their daily lives. It’s not just a piece of jewelry, but a tool for personal growth and healing.

Unlike ordinary bracelets, our 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet stands out for its authenticity and quality. While others may use synthetic or low-grade stones, we guarantee genuine, high-quality crystals, each imbued with its unique healing properties. Compare and see the difference in craftsmanship and energy.

  • Is it suitable for all skin types? Absolutely! Our bracelet is made with skin-friendly materials, ensuring comfort for all wearers.
  • Will the effect be immediate? While some feel an instant change, the holistic benefits of the bracelet typically manifest over time with regular use.

Don’t wait to embrace a more balanced and harmonious life. Click “Add to Cart” now and start your journey with the 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet. It’s more than an accessory; it’s your path to a revitalized and spiritually aligned life.

Benefits of 7 Chakra Bracelet in Your Life:-

  • It keeps the harmony of the physical body and the energy body
  • It heals the mind, body, and soul
  • It brings positive energy to your daily life
  • It helps to cleanse your mind and soul
  • It will help you to make decisions wisely
  • It will balance the chakras of our body
  • It will help to maintain the level of stress and anxiety
  • It helps you to feel more joyful about your own life
  • It improves intellect, power, creativity, and self-respect.
  • It enhances your energy
  • It helps you connect and open the chakras for the free energy flow.
  • It gives you the attraction of energy that helps balance the body’s mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness.
  • It is beneficial for cleansing your mind and enhancing your self-confidence and communication skills.
  • It helps to Increase memory and concentration.

7 Chakra Crystal Bracelet:-

Balances the chakras of your body.

  • Crown Chakra – At the top of your head
  • Third Eye Chakra – At your forehead
  • Throat Chakra – At your throat
  • Heart Chakra – At your heart
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – At your naval
  • Sacral Chakra – At your pelvis area
  • Root Chakra – At your feet

Crystals used in 7 Chakra Bracelet

Red Jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Amethyst & Hematite (For Grounding)

If you wear it on your left wrist then you control your inner shift and on the right wrist, you control the outer energy, which makes every cell in your body energetic. Removes energy blockages and imbalances in your body and helps you to reach the full extent of your life energy.

7 Chakra Bracelet is Recommended by:

Anybody could use the seven chakra stone bracelets to connect to their energy body and make harmony. It would bring you joy and peace in your daily life. You could make your choices with more clarity.

People Who Suggested the Use of Seven Chakra Stone Bracelet

Once you make the seven stones a part of your life you would feel the positive energy in all the right places they should belong and your life would fill with joy and peace of mind.

Order now your own natural and original seven chakra bracelet and feel the changes in your life.

Buy 7 Chakra Bracelet for Men & Women Online in India

The Chakras are the seven power points in the human body that circulate energy or the life force also known as prana.

Seven Chakras:- Muladhara Chakra, Svadhisthana Chakra, Manipura Chakra, Anahata Chakra, Vishuddha Chakra, Ajna Chakra, Sahasrara Chakra

Question and Answer:

What is the 7 Chakra Bracelet and how does it work?

The 7 Chakra Bracelet is a piece of jewelry designed to align and balance the body’s seven main energy centers, or chakras. By wearing the bracelet, individuals may experience improved well-being, reduced anxiety, and increased energy.

Paid Crystal Consultation, Send your name & date of birth with a query

Product Specification

Stone Type Natural
Brand Plus Value
Color Multi-Color
Beads 31-32, 23-24, 18-19, 15-16 Beads
Beads Size 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Weight 11gm, 20gm, 32gm, 45gm
Diameter 2.5, 2.5, 3, 3 Inch/6.5, 6.5, 7.5, 7.5 cm
Style Crystal Healing Bracelet
Country of Origin India

Want to order 7 Seven Chakra Bracelets on Cash on Delivery from the Brand “Plus Value”?

6mm Seven 7 Chakra Stone Bracelet

8mm Seven 7 Chakra Stone Bracelet

10mm Seven 7 Chakra Stone Bracelet

12mm Seven 7 Chakra Stone Bracelet

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 4 cm
Beads Size: No selection

6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

91 reviews for 7 Chakra Bracelet for Men & Women [Original & Natural]

  1. Avatar of Bahni


    Bought it for my sister. It looks very nice on her hands. She feels very positive wearing it.

  2. Avatar of Chirasree Verma

    Chirasree Verma

    Happy with the 7 chakra stone bracelet. Endows excellent results.

  3. Avatar of Pinaki Deb

    Pinaki Deb

    A must buy the product.

  4. Avatar of Nihan


    The quality of the beads is excellent. It’s genuine, feels great when you wear it. Comfortable around the wrists, fits perfectly. Awesome.

  5. Avatar of Ishika


    It is a very effective bracelet.

  6. Avatar of Reena


    Really loved it. A very charming piece and happy to wear.

  7. Avatar of Satnami


    I like the bracelet and the stones are genuine. I started wearing it today.

  8. Avatar of Anjina


    It is a very good bracelet. The quality is also very nice and I would recommend you all to buy this.

  9. Avatar of Subhadra


    It is a very great seven-chakra bracelet. The size is also very adjustable, I just love it.

  10. Avatar of Alka saxena

    Alka saxena

    This bracelet looks so good and the colors are also so decent and pretty, I was attracted by this so much.

  11. Avatar of Rajnish Bhadra

    Rajnish Bhadra

    This is an amazing bracelet. It makes me peaceful.

  12. Avatar of Shivaan Sharma

    Shivaan Sharma

    Excellent product and a must buy from Plus Value India.

  13. Avatar of Tejas Rajshekhar

    Tejas Rajshekhar

    After I started using this 7 chakra stone bracelet, I am more at peace and I feel more satisfied with my life.

  14. Avatar of Pranit Sehgal

    Pranit Sehgal

    My reiki master had asked me to use this 7 chakra stone bracelet during reiki sessions as well as other times during the day. I am happy to be following his guidance. You may also try this.

  15. Avatar of Simran Tantia

    Simran Tantia

    Great product for a positive flow of energy and to balance out body chakras.

  16. Avatar of Jitendra Deshmuck

    Jitendra Deshmuck

    This is a beautiful bracelet and very useful too.

  17. Avatar of Sandeep Banerjee

    Sandeep Banerjee

    Seven chakra bracelet is so Useful & give me calming. Freshly & pleased effect of mind and body. I love it so much.

  18. Avatar of Abhishek Chakrabarty

    Abhishek Chakrabarty

    A product must buy from Plus Value India.

  19. Avatar of Lakshmi Srivastav

    Lakshmi Srivastav

    Good product. Also, the Plus Value India e-commerce site is a great place to buy such Vastu products. I am happy to have received this genuine product from them.

  20. Avatar of Nimisha Shah

    Nimisha Shah

    7 chakra stone bracelet is not just beautiful in looks but also wonderful in their results. They help ensure positive vibes and energy around you and also assist in balancing your chakras. Have seriously been an effective product in all senses for me.

  21. Avatar of Mamata Basu

    Mamata Basu

    Suggested by my chakra healing consultant, I bought the 7 chakras stone bracelet. I opted for this bracelet to keep up my body’s harmony and energy level. Seriously happy with the way the product is working for me. Amazed to see it.

  22. Avatar of Mita Das

    Mita Das

    use for reiki healing

  23. Avatar of panti sharma

    panti sharma

    it will balance our bodies.

  24. Avatar of Anushka Roy

    Anushka Roy

    7 Chakra stone bracelet is not just beautiful in appearance but also works beautifully to set your life straight and on the right track. Bought this bracelet to surround me with positive vibes and yes it works wonders. Do ensure to purchase the product from Plus Value India to get a sure shot authentic product.

  25. Avatar of Alpho Fernando

    Alpho Fernando

    Happy with the way the 7 chakra stone bracelet has worked for me. It has helped me get surrounded by enormous positive vibes and energy. Being an ardent user of the Plus Value India site, I recommend this product to all those searching for positivity in their life. Moreover, as they are in the form of a wearable ornament, you can easily carry them with you wherever you go.

  26. Avatar of priti singh

    priti singh

    it is looking colorful n beautiful bracelet.

  27. Avatar of atul singh

    atul singh

    It looks gorgeous.

  28. Avatar of ashwin gupta

    ashwin gupta

    it will help you to take a right decision.

  29. Avatar of payal rajat

    payal rajat

    it will encourage you to help each other.

  30. Avatar of anjali rajput

    anjali rajput

    the seven chakra stone bracelet is improved your positive energy.

  31. Avatar of tarun singh

    tarun singh

    it’s very useful for your daily life.

  32. Avatar of Ratna Shekhar

    Ratna Shekhar

    This chakra stone bracelet has really helped me to have a peaceful mind and body. I am glad to have bought this from The Plus value shop. They are very helpful and also offer good pricing for each product.

  33. Avatar of Shweta Sutradhar

    Shweta Sutradhar

    Happy with the product – 7 chakra stone bracelet. It is one of those bracelets, which individuals who lack the feel of positivity around them should consider purchasing. I am extremely happy that I chose Plus Value India to avail the product.

  34. Avatar of riha sharma

    riha sharma

    It gives you a good feeling.

  35. Avatar of Pratik Jain

    Pratik Jain

    I use the 7 chakra stone bracelet during pranic healing sessions. It is really very effective. You may also use it to bring peace and harmony to your life.

  36. Avatar of nitu singh

    nitu singh

    Improve your concentration.

  37. Avatar of Kalyanee Mohan

    Kalyanee Mohan

    The 7 chakra bracelet quality is so good & It’s so attractive and colorful and It has natural beads that help in my Goodluck & attract positive energy.

  38. Avatar of Deepak Tiwari

    Deepak Tiwari

    I am grateful to the Plus Value customer service team for helping me until I received the 7 chakra stone bracelet. It’s a lovely product and very effective in making you feel positive about everything around you.

  39. Avatar of Sayantani Chakraborty

    Sayantani Chakraborty

    Truly a great product and must buy from Plus Value India. Have been using it for 3 years and must say it is highly effective and works well to get you positive vibes and energy. Do ensure to purchase the product from Plus Value India to avail of 100% authentic product within 2-4 days of order. Moreover, they ensure to provide good packaging of the product to prevent any external damage due to mishandling.

  40. Avatar of Rajat Shekhar

    Rajat Shekhar

    I like this chakra stone bracelet made with 7 different stones. It is indeed keeping me relaxed these days. It is a great product and I recommend you all to use this too.

  41. Avatar of Ankita Rana

    Ankita Rana

    To bring energy and joy to your life, ensure to turn to 7 chakra stone bracelet from Plus Value India. It is 100% effective and ensures to work in your favor to make your life easy and happy.

  42. Avatar of Nikita Jai Singh

    Nikita Jai Singh

    Plus Value India is one of those online platforms, I can blindly trust and purchase any product as all the products are energized before delivery and work to better your life in some way or the other. 2 days back, I bought the 7 Chakra stone bracelet to bring in enormous positive vibes into my life. I am pretty sure it will work as expected. A must buy from Plus Value India as they value each and every customer and give them an energized product so that they can make most of the product.

  43. Avatar of Anuskka Bajaj

    Anuskka Bajaj

    To bring my mental health to a normal state, I bought a 7 chakra stone bracelet. Found the reiki ornament extremely worthy of purchase. Earlier as I am not a believer in reiki-driven instruments, I did not expect the ornament to work. However, on constant use, I realized the ornament is highly effective and worth purchasing from Plus Value India.

  44. Avatar of Latika Malhotra

    Latika Malhotra

    Such a beautiful bracelet 😍 I personally experienced the energy of seven chakra bracelet stones.

  45. Avatar of Srija Bhowmik

    Srija Bhowmik

    Plus Value India store is a great site from where you can buy sacred, religious, and reiki products. One of my latest buys is a 7 chakra stone bracelet. The 7 chakras in the bracelet are crown chakra, third eye chakra, heart chakra, throaty chakra, solar plexus chakra, root chakra, and sacral chakra. I wear the bracelet on my left wrist to control the inner shift of the energy and every cell in my body joyous and energetic. Happy to see its positive results on me. Definitely, a must buy.

  46. Avatar of Shashank Jha

    Shashank Jha

    To heal my disturbed mind and body, I turned towards the 7 chakra stone bracelet for rescue. I must say, it is a great reiki product that helps bring sufficient energy and positivity to life. It also endows peace of mind and helps cleanse the soul and body from negativity. Happy with the buy from Plus Value India. I recommend it to those suffering from such issues. It is sure to make you feel well.

  47. Avatar of Vikram Fernando

    Vikram Fernando

    For all my reiki related purchases I turn to Plus Value India. This site promises to deliver authentic products at genuine rates. It also delivers the product swiftly. Happy with the recent product I bought – 7 chakra stone bracelets to balance out my chakras.

  48. Avatar of Prerna Patil

    Prerna Patil

    The goods were delivered on time. Matches the description. This bracelet is highly Recommended.

  49. Avatar of Jai


    I love my bracelet very much. lots of changes I feel in My daily life, Thanks to Plus Value.

  50. Avatar of Payal Ahuja

    Payal Ahuja

    I really like it. It’s a perfect size. The quality is good.

  51. Avatar of Debolina Biswas

    Debolina Biswas

    Happy with the results of the 7 chakra stone bracelet. It has worked seriously well to surround me with positive vibes and energy. Earlier in the initial stage of buy, I was not able to witness any results but later on continuous use, I discovered it works really well and efficiently to bring in all positivity you are looking for. Great buy from Plus Value India store online.

  52. Avatar of Biyas Nandy

    Biyas Nandy

    Really happy and thrilled with the buy from Plus Value India. Recommended by my aunt, I bought 7 chakra stone bracelets to help relax my mind and balance out my body chakras. Crucially works well to maintain the anxiety and stress level of the mind and body and assists in making you feel more joyous with life. A must buy from Plus Value India.

  53. Avatar of Rashi Bhura

    Rashi Bhura

    Extremely happy with the results of the 7 chakra stone bracelet. It works efficiently in helping you out witness positivity and balances out chakras in your body.

  54. Avatar of Shankar Shulka

    Shankar Shulka

    I have been using this chakra stone bracelet for many years and I am very happy with the positivity I have in my daily life. You may also try using this bracelet. It is very beautiful.

  55. Avatar of Damini


    I can feel the energy of each crystal. great brightness of each stone. It helps to heal. I really like it very much.

  56. Avatar of Aditi Mukherjee

    Aditi Mukherjee

    Beautiful and looking good. …and feels the benefit of this bracelet, Excellent energy, and quality👌👌👌

  57. Avatar of Manisha


    I am extremely happy with the purchase of this bracelet. The quality is fantastic.

  58. Avatar of sonika lotliker

    sonika lotliker

    This seven chakra bracelet is very good and looking beautiful.. got it for my mother and she liked it and it fits well on her wrist too. colorful stones look pleasant.

  59. Avatar of Sandhya


    It is a very good seven chakra bracelet. The quality is also very good and I would recommend you all to buy this.

  60. Avatar of Arpita


    It looks good and attractive as well. Loved it.

  61. Avatar of Pushpa


    Looks great and I feel connected after having it on me. Original crystal stone, very effective bracelet.

  62. Avatar of Jinal Shah

    Jinal Shah

    It is a very good & genuine quality of seven chakra bracelets. Also, they assisted me so well with the information on their WhatsApp helpline! & I really felt authentic & comfortable talking to them about my expectation.

  63. Avatar of Vindhya Sharma

    Vindhya Sharma


  64. Avatar of Silkruti


    The bracelet is genuine and comes well packed.

  65. Avatar of Ajith Rao

    Ajith Rao

    Bracelet is Amazing & feels light & energetic..thanks Plus Value.

  66. Avatar of Debaditya Sen

    Debaditya Sen

    This bracelet is wonderfully perfect for me their quality is superb. I’m really impressed, must buy this product.

  67. Avatar of Shanky


    I like the bracelet and the stones are original.

  68. Avatar of Harshal


    Nice product fast delivery thanks to Plus Value for delivering so far at my place.

  69. Avatar of Chirsty


    Amazing…feeling effective & energetic. Thank you Plus Value.

  70. Avatar of Siddartha


    Recently purchased this bracelet. Its really nice and in good quality. But havnt seen any difference of impact in my lifestyle or thought process even after 10 days of usage. Will continue to use for some more time and see if it really impacts any. Otherwise its a great product.

  71. Avatar of Moitrayee


    Amazing 7 chakra bracelet. Have been wearing the bracelet for some time now the effect is showing. It fits well in the wrist and goes with most of my outfits as well.

  72. Avatar of Dikshita


    I have got my order of Triple protection bracelet and it is fabulous! The quality is amazing and the size and price are perfect.

  73. Avatar of Venkat


    I like this bracelet. Packaging is also awesome.

  74. Avatar of Nikita Sen

    Nikita Sen

    I Felt Very Happy with the Way I got it, it’s really loaded with happiness.

  75. Avatar of Shikha


    It’s really natural beads. Nothing to worry about! Don’t wait & go have the deal! Moreover, they assisted me so well with the information on their WhatsApp helpline! & I really felt authentic & comfortable talking to them about my expectation & so did they help with the best. Will buy more products from PLus Value.

  76. Avatar of Jivika


    It is a very great product. The size is also very adjustable & it goes with every outfit.

  77. Avatar of Rina Rao

    Rina Rao

    Good quality, exactly the same as shown in the picture.

  78. Avatar of Sonal Sahani

    Sonal Sahani

    Attractive n Effective. Everyone should buy this seven chakra bracelet. 😊

  79. Avatar of Vinni


    I am writing after using it for some days, it made changes… it’s effective and original. It looks good and attractive as well.

  80. Avatar of Jeena Roy

    Jeena Roy

    Really loved it. A very charming piece and happy to wear.

  81. Avatar of Aruna


    All are natural and genuine beads in the bracelet. I am fully satisfied with the quality.

  82. Avatar of Anjali


    Very good quality. 👌

  83. Avatar of Devansh


    Amazing 7 chakra bracelet. Have been wearing the bracelet for some time now the effect is showing. Overall a good bracelet to buy.

  84. Avatar of Dinar Sen

    Dinar Sen

    The product was delivered on time and in good condition. I Love it!

  85. Avatar of Yash


    I am writing after using it for 1 month, it made changes. it’s effective and original.

  86. Avatar of Ishan Sen

    Ishan Sen

    I just liked it very much & almost now for many months, I am using this no damage no elasticity problem.

  87. Avatar of Siddhi


    Very Nice Original Crystal Bracelet nicely packed and delivered on time. Very Good Quality Products.

  88. Avatar of Pihu


    I just liked it, almost now for many months, I am using this.. no damage. Good to wear always.

  89. Avatar of Bhadra


    Great product…real and authentic.

  90. Avatar of Debasmitra


    Product quality is really good. I also loved the packaging.

  91. Avatar of Soniya Sen

    Soniya Sen

    I am wearing it only for the last two days & I am feeling positive.

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    Can i wear it while sleeping, washing utensils, bathing, eating non veg food, periods?
  1. 0 votes
    Q Can i wear it while sleeping, washing utensils, bathing, eating non veg food, periods? answer now

    As it is made up of stretchable elastic its suggest to remove it while bathing, washing utensils & sleeping

    You can wear it during your periods and while eating non-veg there are no restrictions as such.

  2. Can i wear it while taking bath?
  3. 0 votes
    Q Can i wear it while taking bath? answer now

    you can wear it while taking bath but as it's made up of stretchable elastic the thread may break during bath so its suggested to avoid it while bathing.

  4. can you let us know what are the crystals in this 7 chakra bracelet?
  5. 0 votes
    Q can you let us know what are the crystals in this 7 chakra bracelet? answer now

    Red Jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Amethyst & Hematite (For Grounding)

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