Purple Amethyst Necklace Japa Mala 108 + 1 Beads for Reiki, Chakra, Crystal Healing, Meditation


Stone of ♥ Concentration ♥ Positive transformation ♥ Meditation ♥ Relieves stress ♥ Increases nobility ♥ Spiritual awareness ♥ Psychic abilities ♥ Inner peace and healing ♥ Healing of body, mind & soul ♥ Balance ♥ Communication ♥ Protection ♥ Dispels Anger ♥ Memory ♥ Improving M♥ Clarity ♥ Intuition ♥ learning ♥ Inner Peace ♥ Geopathic Stress

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amethyst necklace mala 8mm
Purple Amethyst Necklace Japa Mala 108 + 1 Beads for Reiki, Chakra, Crystal Healing, Meditation 1,4012,501
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Natural Amethyst Necklace Japa Mala 108 + 1 Bead for Reiki, Chakra, Crystal Healing, Meditation [ Original & Natural ]

Available Beads Size in 8mm & 10mm ( Please select the size of your beads from the above radio button )

Benefits of Amethyst Stone Necklace Japa Mala:-

A beautifully handmade amethyst necklace Japamala is made with one of the most powerful gemstones for wearing and meditating purposes. It is believed that amethyst gemstones have the power to provide their owner with stability, inner strength, courage, sobriety, and calmness. They also have intuitional properties and can work as natural stress relievers. Most of the time, they are used while chanting, reciting, or mentally repeating a mantra or the name of a deity.

What many people are not aware of is, that the amethyst gemstone has been counted as a prized stone for centuries. Birthstone for Pisces and the gemstone for any anniversary of the marriage. It has many attributes such as its control over evil thoughts, chastity, sobriety, protection from diseases, and quick intelligence. It is also known to bring out some of the purest and kindest aspirations of its owner. The virtues of amethyst gemstones include fulfillment, beauty, calm, wisdom, perfection, piety, sincerity, prosperity, tranquility, and spiritual balance.

This Japa mala helps to concentrate while meditation. Clarity of mind can do miracles for someone going through a hard time. A unique mala made out of 8mm round beads can be used for spiritual purposes as well. It is used to focus on the meaning and sound of the mantra. Each bead is turned after one repetition of the mantra. The thumb turns the beads in a clockwise direction. Some traditions may emphasize turning in a counter-clockwise motion. In some cultures, only a specific finger is used to turn around the beads.

The high-quality same-color cord and assorted similar-color tassels give the whole necklace a look of harmony. This Japa mala can also be used as a necklace and can be worn when you go outside. It makes the owner look more elegant and beautiful. This encourages calm, contemplation, and bravery. It is also worn during psychic acts. As a provider of wisdom, it helps you create a clearer connection with your psychic mind through which you can get appropriate information that might help you in your future endeavors.

It is also cleansing in nature. This necklace Japamala creates a beautiful balance between heart and mind. It brightens one’s outlook on life and encourages us to create a better life. Considerably heightens self-assurance and confidence. It sharpens the conscious mind and enhances mental powers within a person which helps him or her to achieve great success in life.

This Japa mala can also be used for therapeutic purposes. Using this can help you release tension and stress from your body and absorb positivity. It helps its owner to deal with deep emotional pain and mental traumas and helps them to move on to positive aspects of their lives. it helps in the overall detoxification of the body and mind. It also encourages you to bring some appropriate changes in your behavior towards life and other people in your life. Amethyst Necklace Japamala also provides a person with the strength to fight anxiety and achieve inner peace.

Amethyst Crystal is associated with increased nobility, spiritual awareness, learning, inner peace, and positive transformation.

People who regularly wear amethyst are said to fascinate others with their personalities and charisma.

Order now your own natural original amethyst stone necklace Japa Mala and feel the changes in your life.

Buy Amethyst Crystal Necklace Japa Mala 8/10mm Beads Sise for Men & Women Online in India

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Amethyst Necklace 108 beads – Made from Natural amethyst rock. Use For Reiki, Chakra, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Vastu, clarity of thought, reducing anger, anxiety, stress, and depression

Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer, it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, and dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety.

Amethyst quickens the mind to help control negative thoughts. It protects the wearer from negative energy. An Amethyst necklace is also worn as a meditation stone.

Amethyst supports patience, balances high energy, promotes clarity, and helps keep one grounded. Amethyst The Master Healer Stone – Protection – Concentration – Spirituality – Crown, Brow Chakra Stone.

Amethyst alleviates sadness and grief and dissolves negativity amethyst is considered sacred to Buddha, possibly due to its ability to activate and balance the 6th chakra (third eye).

Paid Crystal Consultation, Send your name & date of birth with a query

Vastu Consultant

Product Specification

Stone Type Natural
Material Amethyst Crystal
Brand Plus Value
Color Purple
Beads Size 6mm, 8mm,10mm
Weight 49gm, 78gm, 163gm Approx
Mala Length 21Inch (54cm)/23Inch (56cm)/25.5Inch (65cm)
Style Crystal Healing Japa Mala
Country of Origin India

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6mm Amethyst Necklace

8mm Amethyst Necklace

10mm Amethyst Necklace

Additional information

Weight 36.00000000 g
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 4 cm
Beads Size: No selection

6MM, 8MM, 10MM

56 reviews for Purple Amethyst Necklace Japa Mala 108 + 1 Beads for Reiki, Chakra, Crystal Healing, Meditation

  1. Avatar of Devyani singh

    Devyani singh

    Nice Amethyst Mala

  2. Avatar of indhumathi


    Good, looks nice. I feel these are real stones and looks really classy and beautiful. I highly recommend it.

  3. Avatar of prince


    It is a beautiful piece, the color is perfect,
    it works great for me. It should be a must buy.

  4. Avatar of rohit chopra

    rohit chopra

    very effective japa mala. amazing amethyst japa mala. I really like it.

  5. Avatar of Abhinav


    amethyst japa mala protector from negative energies. really good product.

  6. Avatar of Anil


    genuine quality of stones. feels like a powerful. totally impressed with this amethyst japa mala

  7. Avatar of leah


    Very effective healing power. it has such great energy. I love the energy.

  8. Avatar of sara


    feeling the positive energy from the crystals. Very happy with amethyst mala

  9. Avatar of prachi


    Nice. Good quality. very happy with the finishing. really impressed

  10. Avatar of Pavithra


    The given mala is the original Amethyst stone. Quality is Very good. amazing product

  11. Avatar of mahesh kaur

    mahesh kaur

    I feel positive after wearing this amethyst mala….very effective amethyst mala. 👍👍

  12. Avatar of john


    It is genuine and when I meditate I can feel the vibrations. feels good wearing this amethyst necklace

  13. Avatar of Soham


    Nice. Good quality mala. gives a good vibration. really good product. awesome amethyst mala.

  14. Avatar of tanvi khattar

    tanvi khattar

    very effective amethyst mala. Feel good after wearing it. I like it.

  15. Avatar of Pranav


    The quality of the beads is good. works perfectly. amazing. happy with quality. genuine products

  16. Avatar of krish


    Beautiful amethyst japa mala, very well done. I love the energy. it works👍👍

  17. Avatar of Mary


    It is so beautiful and it has such great energy. gives a good vibration.

  18. Avatar of divya singh

    divya singh

    very effective mala. great energy. give positive results. recommended it

  19. Avatar of Varun


    Genuine and good quality beads. This was immediately responsive and feels very good to use.

  20. Avatar of shrinidhi


    Excellent product with a brilliant finish.Good vibrations. Love the positive energy

  21. Avatar of seema


    Excellent for Reiki Master. Gives Positive Effective. Amazing Amethyst Necklace.

  22. Avatar of Aastha


    amethyst mala very useful in healing practice. Awesome product…👍👍

  23. Avatar of Rohan


    works very well. It is a really good deal. I highly recommend it!

  24. Avatar of Krishna


    Wearing an Amethyst necklace protects one from all kinds of negative energies.

  25. Avatar of amit shah

    amit shah

    I really love it! It is so beautiful and it has such great energy. it really works.👍👍

  26. Avatar of anusha rai

    anusha rai

    It’s very useful for reiki healing. I can feel the energies of the crystals. 👍👍

  27. Avatar of gokul goswami

    gokul goswami

    I’ve been meditating more than ever and feeling the positive energy from the crystals.
    Beautiful product and would totally recommend!

  28. Avatar of nitin


    Happy to get original amethyst stones. Genuine quality necklace. Nice. It’s work for me

  29. Avatar of ajith


    Very genuine product of good quality. Good for reiki healing therapy. must buy this amethyst necklace

  30. Avatar of aditya modi

    aditya modi

    Nice natural stone, for the balance of energies… recommend it. amazing amethyst mala

  31. Avatar of rishita thakur

    rishita thakur


  32. Avatar of kalyani tiwari

    kalyani tiwari

    Very genuine product of good quality. feel the positive energies of the amethyst mala. must buy this amethyst mala

  33. Avatar of simran


    Beautiful amethyst japa mala, very well done. I love the energy. it has such great energy.👍

  34. Avatar of priyanka jain

    priyanka jain

    very effective and useful amethyst japa mala. must buy this mala.👍👍

  35. Avatar of tanya patel

    tanya patel

    t’s an effective mala. I love the energy. work perfectly. happy with this purchase. Just as described.

  36. Avatar of nishant trivedi

    nishant trivedi

    It’s very useful for reiki healing as I use it for the same. I can feel the energies of the crystals

  37. Avatar of shivam varghese

    shivam varghese

    It is really good and awesome… I am loving it…energies feel very good.

  38. Avatar of abhishek gupta

    abhishek gupta

    I feel a positive vibration. very useful and helpful in meditation. recommended it

  39. Avatar of siya varma

    siya varma

    Very satisfied with the product! Amazing vibrations and works perfectly.

  40. Avatar of rahul dasgupta

    rahul dasgupta

    very satisfied with the quality of the stones. the energies feel very good. I highly recommend it.

  41. Avatar of priya sengupta

    priya sengupta

    it helps bring peace and calmness. Love the positive energy in this amethyst japa mala. Value for money

  42. Avatar of Paus


    Amethyst has healing powers to help with physical ailments, I am happy to use this.

  43. Avatar of Supriya


    Very useful in healing. Happy with quality. Genuine Products.

  44. Avatar of Kayna Agarwal

    Kayna Agarwal

    It helps me in “Dhyan” very well and also releases stress. I am happy to have this product.

  45. Avatar of Aashika Sen

    Aashika Sen

    Very good quality and exactly what I expected them to be and look like! Excellent effect, beautiful product.

  46. Avatar of Neelam Desai

    Neelam Desai

    Good, looks nice. I feel these are real stones and look really classy and beautiful.

  47. Avatar of Bhoomi


    It is believed to bring stability, calmness, and intuition to oneself, it is a really good mala.

  48. Avatar of Pari


    very nice beautiful and 100% original product, look so perfect, I am happy to have this product.

  49. Avatar of Reeta


    It helps me to concentrate, communicate, and have clarity. Happy with quality. Genuine Products. ♥.

  50. Avatar of Anisha Ahuja

    Anisha Ahuja

    It looks superb, I really like it very much, very useful in healing.✦ Each bead is very good.

  51. Avatar of Anshu K

    Anshu K

    Amethyst is one of the ideal stones for meditation, and its energy helps me to activate the mind and facilitates self-reflection.
    Genuine Products.

  52. Avatar of Parinita C

    Parinita C

    It restores and creates energies within our bodies and minds. Very good quality.♥

  53. Avatar of Prito


    Amethyst is one such stone that is good for meditation. I use it for that, I feel very happy.

  54. Avatar of Nivedita


    It looks very pretty,
    its effect is very good,
    very useful in healing.

  55. Avatar of Yuvraj


    They have a bright flash when I have them in good sunlight, I love this thing so much. it looks very pretty.✦

  56. Avatar of Ujala H

    Ujala H

    It is very good for my inner work, strength, learning, and intuition. Happy with quality. Genuine Products.

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