Amethyst Stone Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

amethyst natural pebble tumble stone reiki healing
amethyst natural pebble tumble stone reiki healing

Amethyst Stone

Grounding, Memory, Concentration, Body & Spirit Union, Clarity, Confidence, Intuition, Psychic Abilities, Insomnia, Nightmares, Creativity, Self Knowledge, Serenity, Sobriety, Vision, Perception, Stability, Strength, Inspiration, Peace, Spiritual Power, Metaphysical Abilities, Crown Chakra, Sahsrara Chakra, Positive Energy, Natural Stress Reliever, Leadership Qualities, Management Quality, Administration, Quality, Third Eye Chakra, Lucid Dreaming, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Meditation, Psychic Protection.

Introduction, Meaning & History of Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most widely popular crystal quartz. “Amethyst”, this word came from the Greek word “Amethystos” ( which means “ not intoxicated “ in Greek ). So, basically, it is related to intoxication or addiction from Ancient times. In Ancient Greek, it was used by many People To Get Rid Of Intoxication or Addiction or Drunkness. Hence in Ancient Greek Amethyst was considered a Natural Antidote Against Drunkness.  Along with this purpose, many European King & their Royal Fellows were using Amethyst as a Gemstone.

In the Ancient Era, it was considered the Precious Stone of that period. Roman often associates this crystal with their GOD OF FIRE. According to Hebrews amethyst was their ahlamah ( in Arabic it means “To Dream” ). The Highest Priest of Hebrews used to wear Amethyst as the 9th stone on his Breastplate which could protect him. Along with Protection guaranteed to The Highest Priest, it also represents the Tribe of Dan (Descendants of Dan, a son of Jacob and Bilhah ). But this stone became Very Auspicious when it was placed as 12th the foundation stone for New Jerusalem. In the European Continent, Amethyst was used before 25000 years ago by the Neolithic Population of that particular period, used Amethyst mainly for Decorative Purposes. Even the Soldiers of Europe wore this Amethyst as their Amulets in order to get protection from their Enemy’s Counter Attack in War. Ancient Egyptians were using amethyst as a Gemstone in King’s Crown. They were also using this for healing & to make one fearless or regretless. It was also a strong protector for those people according to their beliefs and myth. Egyptians were having multi-purpose use of Amethyst for the last 6000 years. It was also used by the Eastern world for many purposes.

Mythological Story of Amethyst Crystal

There are many mythological stories related to amethyst but we are going to make you aware of only the prominent stories of amethyst origin.

This Particular Story was written by The French Renaissance poet Remy Belleau in 1576 on the beliefs of gemstones. So our story goes like this,

A long time ago, there was a Very Beautiful maiden named Amethyste. Once she was on her way to worship the Temple of Diana (The Roman Goddess Of Moon, Nature & Hunt ). While She was approaching she was pursued by the Bacchus (The God Of Intoxication, Wine & Grapes). But Amethyste refused him very politely. Then the angered Bacchus released his two guardian tigers in order to take revenge for his sight. But as these two creatures were approaching Amethyste started praying to the Chaste Goddess Diana to make her Chaste. The Goddess heard her offerings & transmitted her into a very pure, clear & clean stone. Seeing all this Bacchus develop Very Deep Grievance for his act, then he suddenly pours his wine & tears on that pure stone of amethyst as an offering for his misconduct. Due to Wine & Tears, the clear and colorless stone turned into a deep violet color. From there onwards this stone got the name of Amethyst.

Physical Properties of Amethyst Stone

Amethyst is one of the most popular Violet quartz around the whole globe. The presence of Manganese in the Clear Quartz produces amethyst. But this manganese is not only solely responsible for the Violet or Purple colours of amethyst. Amethyst colour has variations from red-violet to deep-violet depending upon the variation of other minerals like Iron, Cacoxenite, Ametrine. The pure naturally formed amethyst is very rare hence it is very expensive. The Amethyst which you easily get from the local market or vendors is nothing but they are synthetic and fake, hence those vendors are selling amethyst for such a cheap rate. Those are heated in furnaces to get the colour like a natural amethyst. But the real amethyst is having these properties as follows:     

How to Spot a Real Amethyst                                                                                     

  1. They don’t have deep or high shading of Purple.
  2. They have a very slow or gradual shading of Purple.
  3. The Colour should have inconsistencies on the surface.
  4. Appeared Coloured has to vary with respect to incident lightning.
  5. Different types of shades of Purple in an irregular fashion
  6. It should have a clear appearance that is visible by the naked eye.
  7. They are having imperfections.
  8. They have a good and smooth cut.

How to Spot a Fake Amethyst Stone Crystal

  1. They have deep or high shading of Purple.
  2. They don’t have a very slow or gradual shading of Purple.
  3. The Colour should have consistency on the surface.
  4. Appeared Coloured do not vary with respect to incident lightning.
  5. Different types of shades of Purple in a regular fashion
  6. It should have an unclear appearance that is visible to the naked eye.
  7. They are having perfections.
  8. They have a hard and rough cut.

Purpose & Essential Purposes & Essentail Uses of Amethyst Stone Crystal

Amethyst has a wide variety of uses. It is used to ground you when the present situation is unstable, discomfort & unfavorable. By placing it on your desk or table it helps you to be absolutely clear about your present work hence it eventually helps anyone to gain focus and restores one’s concentration to maximize their output. Hence either you are a student or a businessman or an employee or a spiritual seeker you can have the maximum benefit of this stone. You will have a very fast and effective way to recall your memory. It will make your brain sharper like a sword. With this, your intuition and perception will increase and you will be more focused on your Goal & Aim rather than unhealthy & nonsense desires which result in the downfall of anyone. And not sooner but definitely you would be a source of inspiration & motivation.

It will also aid in additional benefits like having very good & deep sleep within a short span of time (6-7 hours). It will eliminate insomnia & nightmares (nightmare means a frightening & unpleasant dream). It will gift you Prophetic Dreams & Lucid Dreaming (Lucid Dreaming means when you are dreaming, you know that you are dreaming but you have full control over your character it means you are absolutely aware in a dream). It can also help you in your spiritual journey. Hold it for a few minutes before doing any task, it will double your reasoning and intellect so you can complete the task with less effort and more smart work. If by any misfortune you are habituated to a particular unhealthy, unethical, useless, directionless habit then it is the correct time to get in the right direction by having this stone. It will help you to get rid of that particular addiction and bring you back to your path of joy and success.

It is also a symbol of humanity, pity, and sincerity which is a very essential quality when you are dealing with your employees. It will also increase your communication skills and understanding abilities which will be very helpful in your business administration, management & leadership.

From a long time ago it is considered as ‘All Healer’ which makes amethyst as one of the most prominent crystal healing stones. Natural unpolished amethyst is very helpful to make plants and animals away from you. But the most important property of this stone is that it radiates Far Infrared Rays (FIR). FIR has very intensive use in therapeutics effects. According to Biological & Medical Researches, they are beneficial to the human body. They are very helpful in the treatment of various organs of the human body. Since Amethyst radiates FIR so it will be a very good healer scientifically and this is not a belief but proof of medical professionals. Due to FIR, it can help DNA to repair your damaged cells, it will increase the circulation so that the maximum amount of toxins get out of your body. When the negative charges of Amethyst will touch your skin which carries positive and hazardous minute particles it will make your skin fresh again. It also releases very high vibrational energy.

Spritual Energies of Amethyst Stone Crystal

Amethyst which is having strong Metaphysical abilities such that it can calm the mind of any person. It will also bring meditation qualities to that person. Which will bring both inner peace & mental peace? Amethyst is always convicted that it can create a connection between the human being & the Divine Being. It has a very prominent role in the spiritual life of a person. Using amethyst will bring peace, calmness & a meditative state. It will also surpass extreme or intolerable emotions like anger. It will bring patience to your life.

Amethyst has a very significant role in balancing and smooth working of Agna Chakra (third eye) & Sahasara Chakra(crown chakra). Third Eye Chakra is associated with inner realms, the opening of higher consciousness, knowing the inner truth, extraordinary perception, command, awareness, sightedness, ease, peace, internal communication, vision, ideas & dreams.  Sahasrara Chakra or Crown Chakra is the Pinnacle of All Seven Chakras. It is the place where the evolutionary energy, Kundalini Energy merges with the Mahayogi Shiva. After that only we can practice different levels of Samadhi. With this, we will come to know the truth of this universe & its energy expansion. We will get involved with the Universal Soul, which is nothing but the creator of the whole creation (God). With this Chakra Opening, we ultimately became the Buddha (One who is having wisdom & enlightened from this worldly creation).

By this, we came to the conclusion that one who wants to get involved with spirituality he or she should definitely use amethyst on a regular basis.

Uses of Amethyst in Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, amethyst uses the Energy of Fire. Different components of Fire Energy are activity, illustration, affection, kindness, affability, good-naturedness, liveliness, movement, commotion, potent & passion.

Feng Shui Experts usually acknowledged amethyst as a wealth attractor hence they place it in a wealth corner that is nothing but southeast of your office, or house. For fame & reputation & recognition, they used to place it in the South direction.

They also recommend this for children to increase their capacity for memory & concentration. Feng Shui planner also believes that it is very essential in the spiritual journey.

Amethyst According to a Scientific Point of View

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz but it can have a color range from violet-purple to red-purple depending upon its components & irradiation it receives. Its main molecular component is SiO2. It contains the highest amount of tetravalent oxide of iron with respect to other quartz. This iron oxide (Fe2O3) is usually responsible for the different shades of Amethyst. Besides this, it also contains manganese & hydrocarbon. Heating it at a high temperature changes it to Citrine. This process is usually used to make synthetic citrine out of amethyst. If a high amount of light is irradiated then the color of amethyst darkens and if the light exposure is too high the color ultimately fades. It has a melting point of 1650±75 °C. It has a glassy luster. The hardness of this is very similar to other quartz.

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Amethyst Stone Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

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