Plus Value Angelite Bracelet – Reiki & Healing Crystal Products [100% Natural & Original]



Stone of ♥ Strengthens organs ♥ For creative people ♥ Inner guidance ♥ Converts fear into faith ♥ Astral travel ♥ Peace ♥ Calming ♥ Open Communication ♥ Honest

(18 customer reviews)
angelite 8mm stone crystal bracelet reiki
Plus Value Angelite Bracelet - Reiki & Healing Crystal Products [100% Natural & Original] 9001,200
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Angelite Bracelet for  Inner guidance, Peace, Calming, Open Communication, Honest Reiki & Healing Crystal Products [100% Original & Natural]

Available in Bead Size 8mm & 10mm (Please select your size from above)

With Jute Bag

Product Specification

Stone Type Natural
Material Angelite Crystal
Brand Plus Value
Color Blue & Gray
Beads Size 8mm,10mm
Style Crystal Healing Bracelet
Country of Origin India

Benefits of Using This Product:-

  • Angelite bracelet is said to establish telepathic connections between minds so it helps in establishing telepathic communication with people who stay away from you.
  • It keeps stress at bay and helps in protecting the body from the surrounding worldly stresses hovering in the space energy.
  • It helps in calming our mind and soul and also establishes a  tranquil environment.
  • It gifts our soul with awareness and facilities connected with the angel guardian.
  • It ensures calmness among the pets and children of the family.
  • It keeps distractions and negative energy at bay and makes our mind and body indulge in the essence of sacred spirituality.
  • It is highly recommended by Reiki experts, Vastu, and Feng shui consultants to ensure peace and harmony.
  • It also fastens and ushers the process of personal healing.
  • It is one of the greatest sources for uplifting the energy around it.
  • It holds a definite sacred significance in affecting the vibration of the cosmos.
  • It aids in establishing communication with the higher channel.
  • It provides protection from negative energies hovering in the existential environment.
  • It resolves all issues regarding current unhappiness.
  • It generates a strong energetic field that helps in releasing emotional fears.
  • Angelite is powerful for its action to improve communication abilities.
  • It helps to remove stress, tension, anger, and anxiety.
  • It helps to get promotes communication and self-expression.
  • It is an excellent stone for meditation and healers.
  • It is the perfect stone for new beginnings.
  • Angelite stone is a symbol of Awareness.

Highly recommended

  • Reiki Crystal Healing Experts
  • Vastu Shastra Vastu Consultant
  • Feng Shui Consultant
  • Space Healing Experts
  • Chakra, Aura & Pranic Healing

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Additional information

Beads Size: No selection

8mm, 10mm

18 reviews for Plus Value Angelite Bracelet – Reiki & Healing Crystal Products [100% Natural & Original]

  1. Avatar of Surinder Singh

    Surinder Singh

    it had immensely helped my sleeping problems. the subtle low vibrational earth energy.

  2. Avatar of vishal pandya

    vishal pandya

    Comfortable size and good looking bracelet. feels good wearing this angelite bracelet

  3. Avatar of Chary


    Quality is very strong, and it affects very well, I love its energy. It brings honesty, wisdom, positivity, strength organs, and confidence. I love its color very much.

  4. Avatar of Sadaf Khan

    Sadaf Khan

    Very genuine product good quality bracelet. works very well. It is a really good deal.

  5. Avatar of vikas rao

    vikas rao

    Angelite bracelet protects you against negative energy. it really works.

  6. Avatar of Nishita Solanki

    Nishita Solanki

    Angelite bracelet gives a positive response. It feels great and I highly recommend it!

  7. Avatar of Raju Shrivastava

    Raju Shrivastava

    This bracelet gives a good vibration. Awesome bracelet… but the effect is instantaneous

  8. Avatar of diya thakur

    diya thakur

    Angelite bracelet increasing positivity in the surrounding space. very effective bracelet

  9. Avatar of Shail


    provides protection from negative energies. Beautiful bracelet, very well done. I love the energy.

  10. Avatar of Kathleen


    bracelet gives a good vibration
    genuine beads, same as in amazon image.

  11. Avatar of Aditi Ahuja

    Aditi Ahuja

    It creates a deep feeling of peace and tranquility. it gives me confidence in open communication.

  12. Avatar of sanjay shrivastava

    sanjay shrivastava

    Angelite bracelet gives peace and harmony. the nice product it really works.

  13. Avatar of Siya Tiwari

    Siya Tiwari

    Angelite bracelet brings peace of mind. genuine beads, same as in the image.

  14. Avatar of Srishti arora

    Srishti arora

    It transmutes pain and disorder into wholeness and healing, opening the way for spiritual inspiration. it’s very good for creative people. it’s a very good product.

  15. Avatar of Rajalakshmi


    The Angelite bracelet is good to generate strong energy and positiveness very well. I am happy to purchase this bracelet.

  16. Avatar of Jasmine Arora

    Jasmine Arora

    Angelite: *can bring serenity, inner peace, and a sense of calm * dispels fear, anger, and gives my family strengthens organs. the beautiful bracelet I am satisfied with this.

  17. Avatar of Shekhar Attri

    Shekhar Attri

    Angelite healing properties bring wholeness, spiritual inspiration, and strong healing energies. I realized it very well and I am so happy about this.

  18. Avatar of Rishabh Luthra

    Rishabh Luthra

    I wear it daily and it gives me protection from my around the bad effect, balance my body, soul, and mind. it is a really great product.

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