BLACK TOURMALINE Reiki Healing Crystal

Protection, Remove Negative Energies, Grounding, Calming, Activate Root Chakra, Clarity, Release of Energy, Cleansing Property, EMF Protection, Aura Cleaner, Stamina, Reduce Fatigue, Mental Awareness, Blood Purification, Nice Sleep, Improve Circulation, Mood, Protection Against Jealousness & Envy, Inspiration, Confidence, Metabolism, Balances Energy, Focus, Reduce Tension & stress, Spiritual Consciousness

INTRODUCTION & MEANING & HISTORY of Black Tourmaline Stone

‘Tourmaline’, the name comes from the Sinhalese word “thoramalli” or “tōra- molli”. This name was used by Sri Lankans to specify a group of gemstones. Many people of the western European world started developing curiosity about gemstones and crystals. To fulfill their desire the Dutch East India Company in 1600 A.D. took some gemstones from Sri Lanka to Europe. At that time people usually have faith that schorl and tourmaline entirely different gemstones. Tourmaline was having a property to attract ashes and repel hot ashes, hence in Sri Lankan it was called “Ceylonese” (means magnet). This amazing phenomenon is due to its pyroelectric properties. Tourmaline rarely perfectly has a regular crystallographic shape. Black tourmaline has varieties of colour of which black is regarded as the main colour. It has variation from black to bluish-black to deep brown. Colorless tourmaline is usually not found. But radiation can induce other colours too. Greek naturalist & Great Peripatetics Theophrastus was the first person to note down the piezoelectric effect of this material. This stone is very abundant throughout the world. But the highest amount is found in Pakistan, India, Brazil, and the United States. It contains iron and manganese. It is usually believed that it helps you from psychic attacks. It also has a conviction that it will provide a protective shield. Usually believed by reiki experts that it has the ability to make you grounded.


Black Tourmaline is often used for reflection of negativity & protection. For these two purposes, it is widely popular among people. Black tourmaline can absorb Electromagnetic Radiation. Electromagnetic Radiation is usually emitted by laptops, smartphones, desktop & many electrical devices which we daily use in our day-to-day life. These radiations are work slow but they are harmful to human beings. Placing a rock of black tourmaline will absorb the radiation and it protects its user. It also improves blood circulation. Provide a connection between human and mother Earth. From the centuries it is used to clam, pacify, mollify, appease, conciliate & recover. It was a very popular myth that black tourmaline protects mother earth from malefic spells of demons and giants. By carrying this stone at your workplace it will boost your confidence level & bring clarity in your mind. It will increase the perception of your potential. It is a very good talisman to carry in misfortune or miserable conditions. It is also used to hang at the main entrance so that it will not allow any evil spirit or malefic energies to enter our house. So basically it works as a guard to the main entrance. For achieving a single goal at a time, the clear crystal(manifestation of light and black tourmaline(dark energies) used together creates a polarity of energies that has an ample amount of energies. It was used by Reiki experts to know the reason behind their misfortune or mistakes. It was also used by them to get the right direction when they were confused and trapped. It also inbuilt characters like fearless, valiant, courage, brave, dynamic, daring & audacious. When your mind is not relaxed and it is getting divert instantly again & again then you should take a piece of black tourmaline in your hand and hold it for few minutes then your mind calms down and it will bring focus and concentration. It will increase your stamina, potency, endurance, steadfastness, vigour, strength  & tenacity. Along with this, it will also initiate mental awareness, inspiration, ambition, perseverance, vision & reliability.


Black tourmaline is excellent in grounding and healing purposes. It can stimulate or refresh the reflex point of your lower limbs. Reiki experts used this stone to align your body with respect to the spinal cord. It is a painkiller in arthritis. It also accelerates the power of medicines during strained or torn muscles, scar or spasm of tissues and fibers, numbness, back pain & joint pain. It is believed that it is beneficial in constipation. Reiki experts suggest to get grounded and safe then you should have this stone with you. It also induces the balance and right control & coordination between the left & right brain of your body. It has a very intense effect on anxiety, fatigue, stress, and tension. It will also increase the power of your immune system. Hence it helps you to remain fit and healthy. It is a stress booster. It brings alignment between your brain and the auric body. It also helps you to get total control of your hand and eye.

Black tourmaline is known as the stone of purification. It will release sorrow, tension, restlessness, give away thoughts & unworthiness. It is also helpful in uneasiness, worry, disquietude, perturbation, nervousness & agitation. It inspires one in any given circumstances. It was also used by ancient people to get rid of nightmares and evil dreams. It also fosters the beginning of the Dream of Illusion. It was also used to make a particular individual aware of that they are indiscriminate part of this Universe. It will bring a positive attitude, selflessness, self-sacrifice, altruism & creativity. It will eliminate the overthinking, lethargy, stagnation, sleepiness, drowsiness & enervation.


It initiates the stimulation of Base Chakra or Root Chakra or Muladhara Chakra of the Seven Chakra system. This chakra is recognized as a place where the foundation of ‘energy body’ occurs. The arousal of Kundalini energy begins here only. It also controls the energy for kinesthetic movement. This chakra is an association with element earth and perception of a smell. As this stone helps to arouse root chakra. This stone is used to get interconnection between individual and mother earth. When this chakra is balanced then the body will get autonomy, liberty, freedom, non-alignment & self-determination.

The most powerful metaphysical property of this stone is to get grounded. It has the ability to protect you from numerous psychic attacks and it will accelerate the growth of your spiritual journey. It is one of few stones that actually balance and align the energies of spirituality, emotional, mental & physical. One of the remarkable metaphysical properties is it has transformative energies which can transform negative into positive. It will also protect you from your negative colleagues. This stone works as a strong etheric cleaner as it has the ability to clear the negativity of the aura around you. Hence it is also a space cleaner.

Reiki experts consider wands of black tourmaline to be special because they were having a conviction that it produces phenomenal physical healing. It has a positive force that will clear the negative blockages. With the help of these wands, one can transmute the energy from the crown chakra to base chakra.

Meditation with black tourmaline has very good benefits in the awakening of consciousness to a higher level. It frees anyone from to explore the mystical spiritual world. During exploration, it protects us from malefic effects.


Feng Shui experts and planners believe that black tourmaline uses Water Energy. Water Energy is the energy of strength, purification, stillness, power, regeneration & rebirth. Use for repose, relaxation, inactivity, serenity, composure, tranquility & idleness. It is related to career and life path.

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Black Tourmaline Stone Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits