Plus Value Goddess Saraswati Idol Statue Murti in Brass 3.5″ [Students Education & Studies]


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goddness brass saraswati murti idol
Plus Value Goddess Saraswati Idol Statue Murti in Brass 3.5" [Students Education & Studies] 1,600 1,300
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Goddess Saraswati Idol Statue Murti in Brass 3.5″

Purpose: To gain intellect and knowledge

Weight:  322 gm

Size: 3.5”

Quality: High-quality brass has been used to make this Vastu friendly Brass Saraswati Idol so that you can achieve the knowledge and intellect you desire for yourself

In the ancient Vedic tradition, Saraswati is one of the chief Goddesses worshipped by devoted Hindus as well as people devoted to intellectual and cultural pursuits also from other ethnoreligious groups.  In the modern era, Knowledge is widely equated with power, and Goddess Saraswati is associated with Knowledge itself. Therefore, if you want to gain knowledge, intelligence and intellect, keeping Brass Saraswati Idol Murti is a must. The idol works both for those who are less witted and less intelligent and for the intelligent ones too who want a better academic performance. The idol can equally be used by those who are in the quest of spiritual knowledge. 

Benefits of Brass Saraswati Idol

  • The benefits of Goddess Saraswati sharpen the intellect so that you can achieve all the intellectual pursuits
  • Brass Saraswati Idol enhances the grasping power of an individual of whatever he reads and learns, thus giving a better perspective
  • The idol significantly increases memory and concentration and mental ability
  • Improves the state of education and academic performance of a student of any age and of any discipline
  • Increases the chance of success in the competitive examinations
  • It can be kept at home to improve mental disorders and slanted intellect of an individual
  • Spiritual seekers can also keep the idol to get a boost  in their seeking of spiritual knowledge
  • It gives you spirituality and greater wisdom

Who can use the Idol?

  • Anyone who is in pursuit of any knowledge
  • Students who do not have a good academic record or breaks in the study due to lack of intellect or for some other reasons
  • For children who are not developing their ability to speak or write properly
  • Students who want better academic performance
  • Scholars and researchers who need deep concentration
  • Students studying for competitive examinations
  • To treat lunacy, mental disorder, and slanted intellectual growth
  • Spiritual Seekers seeking divine knowledge

Places Where the Brass Saraswati Idol Can Be Kept

  • Study table
  • Bookshelf
  • Reading Room
  • Private Prayer Hall
  • Educational Institutions

However, the Brass Saraswati Idol can be kept at a place having significance for the study and knowledge seeking to gain a better intellect, intellectual ability, knowledge and academic excellence, and divine knowledge.

Recommended By

Invoking and worshipping Goddess Saraswati is widely recommended by Hindu Sage’s generations after generations to gain success in the pursuit of knowledge. However, in modern times Brass Saraswati Idol has been widely recommended by 

Apart from that recommendation to keep a Brass Saraswati Idol comes from many people who have experienced the positive results themselves.

You can follow the ancient wisdom of generations of sages and keep a Brass Saraswati Idol at your convenient place to gain intellect, concentration, harmony, and desired success in academics or in the spiritual quest.

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1 review for Plus Value Goddess Saraswati Idol Statue Murti in Brass 3.5″ [Students Education & Studies]

  1. Avatar of SURESH


    A beautiful statue of Goddess Saraswati- Goddess of wisdom
    Very happy with this purchase. Just as described.

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