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Jiten Pyra Shubh Labh is the eternal symbol of good luck, fame, wealth &  believed to increase in sales, income & profits

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Jiten Pyra Shubh Labh

Jiten Pyra Shubh Labh is the eternal symbol of good luck, fame, and wealth & believed to increase sales, income & profits. You will see this symbol at the entrance to the majority of houses in India. Shubh means goodness or auspiciousness and Labh means benefit or gain.

According to the belief, Lord Ganesha married two Godesses namely Riddhi and Siddhi. The birth of two sons was fortunate for the mothers, who were named Shubh and Laabh. Everyone writes Shubh Laabh for good beginnings and upliftment. Even Many business people have “shubh labh” engraved on their account books.

Height – 12 cm (5″), Length – 6 cm (2.5″) Approx

Weight – 50 gm Approx

This is a must at all homes, offices, shops, factories & sheds.

Increases the positivity of all doors & is ideal for temples & pooja rooms.

How to Use

After opening the box all you need to do is energize the pair of shubh labh pyramid yantra by keeping it in between your palms and wishing for good luck, fame, wealth profits, positivity for the place where it is being put, and then peel off the sticker and stick it at the side of the door frame, pooja room, temple.


  • Place it on two swastika on both parts of the front door of the house.
  • It can also be placed on the left and right sides of the door
  • In the office, it can be placed at the front entrance or lobby
  • Good to give as a gift at a housewarming

Door in a negative direction as per Vastu?

Fix the Shubh Labh pyramid on the door for auspiciousness and protection.

laptop-labh-sbubhShubh Labh pyramid on the computer

  • Fixed on the outer cover of the laptop. This will help you to work with better concentration. It has been found that output is better with shubh labh fixed on the laptop.
  • If you are using a desk computer, you can fix it on the CPU unit of the PC
  • In offices, pair of shubh labh can be used on all the work stations


Shubh Labh pyramid in the car

  • Cars are the mini-homes in modern life. All important communications, as well as decisions, are taken while commuting to work. 
  • You can fix the pair of shubh labh on the dashboard as shown in the image.
  • Best gift on occasion when someone buys a new car.

Buy Jiten Pyra Shubh Labh For Vastu Pyramid Online in India

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