Carnelian Stone Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Carnelian Stone Crystal Healing

Confidence, Empowerment, Prosperity, Wealth, Success, Assertiveness, Physical Energy, Ambition, Courage, Vitality, Meditation, Brings Clarity, Endurance, Courage, Leadership, Balance Body Energy Levels, Ambition, Determination, Idealism, Potency, Fertility, Passion, Sacral Chakra, Overcome Procrastination, Overcome Indecision, Appreciation, Friendship, Self Reliance, Fearlessness, Victory, Skill, Expression Of Tho

natural red carnelian tumble stone pebble
natural red carnelian tumble stone pebble

ughts, Increase Compatibility


Carnelian is a semi-precious gemstone that is brownish-red in color. Its chemical components are Silicon dioxide and along with this it also contains a trace amount of iron oxide. It belongs to the family of Silicate & chalcedony. Its color can have ranged from pinkish-orange to a deep rusty brown. The name Carnelian comes from the Mediaeval Latin corneolus, which again has origin from another Latin word, corneum, the cornel cherry ( resemble stone).

Carnelian was a gemstone that was used for courage, motivation, endurance & leadership. Enthusiasm, affection & kindness were also characters evoked into the wearer of the stone. Carnelian was also used by new artists to expose their hidden talent.

Ancient Egyptians considered the colour of carnelian to be the color of menstrual blood released by the Mother Goddess Isis. Which signifies her fertility hence red carnelian was used by many couples to have children in their upcoming future. Ancient Egyptians also used this stone for their to calm the blood & the setting sun. Their soldiers wore it for courage, physical strength, endurance & bravery. It has a notable place in the heart of Egyptians as Highest Priest wore it as 1st stone on his Breastplate. From here it gains the Protection Value.

Roman was using the carnelian for amulets, rings, seals, to engraved gems that were considered both protective & lucky. At the same time, Greek also valued and used this stone inform of rings & amulets for having protection & courage.

It was worn by one of the great heroes of history, NAPOLEON BONAPARTE. He wore it in the form of an octagonal carnelian on the battlefield of Egypt.

Carnelian was also convicted that it can cure diseases of skin, nose, and blood. It was having a very high impact in an individual’s life. It was recommended by the great historian G.F. KUNZ for those who are shy and have stage fright.

PURPOSE & USES OF CARNELIAN Crystal healing stone

Carnelian was believed to provide confidence, endurance, belief, assertiveness, conviction, faith & self-assurance. It was also convicted to provide passion, love, intensity, eagerness, ardor, enthusiasm, commitment & vitality. Having Carnelian will also initiate the desires, wishes, hope, urge & empowerment.

It is usually regarded as a stone for training, physical education, instruction & exceptional oratory. It is very useful for those personalities who regularly go for a public visit like anchors, dancers, singers and many more. It also clarifies one’s voice. It will increase the level of energy in these people & also boost their level of self-assertiveness, confidence & stamina. So it can be very useful for these people including journalists, salespeople.

Carnelian is very helpful to those who are trying to get a long period of peace and prosperity. It also increases the capacity of a wearer to have multiple resources. Especially it provides new resources to earn and preserve the previous one. It brings employment, ambition, determination, objective, purpose & intent.

Carnelian is believed to protect and guard us against unnatural incidents like accidents, theft, robbery & hijacking. It also wards off the unnecessary & excessive pressure on the employees & leaders of the given organization. It also helps individuals to have a clear vision of their upcoming goals. It also gives them accurate and realistic expectations.

It also increases courage so that anyone can defend themselves. By defending them, they can overcome that particular adverse & antagonist situation. It stimulates qualities like pragmatism, idealism and helps to get a perception of fraternity, brotherhood & association.

Red Carnelian will also encourage love and affection in relationships. It will also helpful for a couple to attain their love. It also completes the consummation process of love. After this, it also helps them to have a child. It increases the fertility of individual couples.

It is very powerful to overcome the unhealthy habit of procrastination & indecision. It increases the skills of humans to achieve or seal the victory. It eventually increases the capability to get the maximum outcome. Activate passion, excitement, craze, mania, zeal, hunger & commitment.


Carnelian clears the voice, it can be very useful to one who is frightened. Because of this, it is also known as the ‘Stone of Singers’. It was believed by ancient soldiers that wearing it provide them physical strength and stamina. It is very helpful in various diseases like low backache, painful inflammation, stiffness in joints, inflammation in veins, nerve pain & skin.

Carnelian is said to contain the life forces. It has the ability to adjust both anabolism and catabolism of our body. These two processes work together and named Metabolism. Metabolism is the most essential life process. With this, it also helps blood and fluid to internal organs. It also removes toxic compounds via sweat, urination & defecation. Good for overall fitness and health.

Carnelian is also associated with the female reproductive system. It also nourishes the cervix, ampulla, fallopian tube, isthmus, uterine walls, vagina & vaginal opening. It decreases the pain of menstrual flow in menarche (1st menstrual cycle in girls). It maintains a constant menstrual cycle period. It also promotes puberty in girls.

Carnelian promotes shamelessness, audaciousness, impertinent, sacredness, one-pointedness & courtesy.

Carnelian encourages one to be very creative in his/her profession. This was the reason it was used by Greek & Roman Architects.

This stone is also known as the ‘Sun Setting’ stone due to its colour in Ancient Egypt. Hence those Egyptians firmly believed that this stone will calm down your emotions. It will create a balance between these emotions. The word ‘emotion’ itself originates from the Latin word, emovere (means to distract in Latin). So it is very effective to keep individuals away from distraction and towards their Goal.

 Carnelian also reinforces the trust between the organization and individuals or between consumers and vendors. It also reduces negativity. It also eliminates feelings like suspicious, envious, insecure, doubting, distrustful & jealous. It also increases focus and attention to one objective at a time. It is also beneficial in anxiety.


Carnelian opens our ‘Sacral Chakra’ or ‘Svadhishthana’ which is associated with a sense of taste, (the tongue) and with reproduction (the genitals). This chakra is believed to be a producer of testosterone in males and progesterone in females. These two hormones are very important for sexual activities in our life. Hence carnelian was the capability to work with the reproductive system.

It also promotes wisdom to understand and accept the reality of the life and death circle. It also encourages one to believe in Life after Death that is a rebirth.

It also creates a hunger for success in individuals to go for it. It also stops him from a daydream. It creates a sense of reality and acceptance. It also appreciates one to work peacefully against all odds. It is very helpful in understanding that ‘Change is the Law of Nature’. It also makes one accept this Law.

Along with ‘Sacral Chakra’, it also awakes ‘Base Chakra’ or ‘Root Chakra’ or ‘Muldhara’ which is associated with the foundation of energy in our body. It is a place where energy resides. When someone meditates on this chakra then he or she will Have a luster of ten million Suns. It also has a very prominent effect on speech and learning.

Carnelian helps one to take the right action in a short span of time. It also facilitates one to understand and have a connection between the emotional body and inner conditions of self. It also brings an attitude like ‘love for love’.


Carnelian uses Fire Energy according to Feng Shui experts. Different components of Fire Energy are activity, illustration, affection, kindness, affability, good-naturedness, liveliness, movement, commotion, potent & passion.

Fire energy is the energy of enthusiasm, warmth, brightness, illumination, and activity. According to Feng Shui experts when the carnelian is placed in the South area of our home or room, it would attract all kinds of fame, reputation, stature, position, rank & popularity.

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Carnelian Crystal Stone Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

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