Choosing Crystals

Ways of Choose Your Healing Crystals

Choose Your Healing Crystals

There are three main ways to choose a crystal: rationally, intuitively, and by dowsing. All three selection methods work with any crystal. Crystal energy is subtle, but once you are attuned to it and focused you will quickly be able to recognize the right crystal for you.

Choosing a crystal rationally

The rational way to choose a crystal is to look up the property you are seeking on our website

Then go into a shop or online and buy the appropriate crystal. However, once you have bought a range of crystals you still need to choose exactly which one to work with on any occasion. To do this it is useful to open your intuition and listen for the crystal that is calling you, or you could try dowsing.

Choosing a crystal intuitively

Allowing a crystal to ‘speak’ to you involves opening your inner eyes and ears and seeking with your heart rather than your head to find out which crystal would like to be worked with. You can do this at home using your own collection or whenever you’re in a crystal shop. First, relax and quieten your mind, then choose the crystal that your eyes first alight on, the one that seems to stick to your fingers or the one you suddenly realize you’ve been feeling carrying around the shop.

Choosing a crystal by dowsing

Dowsing is amazingly useful when choosing which crystal is right for you! if you feel drawn to a particular crystal, then this can then be confirmed through dowsing that it is one you need in your life.

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