Copper Vastu Helix - 6 inch - Big - Vastu Energy Helix for South East Vastu Dosh/Defect Correction set of 3

Copper Vastu Helix - 6 inch - Big - Vastu Energy Helix for South East Vastu Dosh/Defect Correction set of 3

Copper Helix Vastu Energy Helix for South East Vastu Dosh - Set of 3


Weight - 750gm Approx.

( L x W x H ) - 13cm X14.5cm X 0.5cm approx.

Agneya (Fire) Copper Helix (Vastu Energy Helix) 

Vastu is all about the harmony & balance. To get the right balance of these nature’s forces, cosmic and thermal imbalances, Vaastu offers a remedy in the form of the helix concept. The ill effects of a Vaastu defect diminish automatically if the helix is placed according to instructions given below:- 

Copper Helix (Vastu Energy Helix) 
This helix is specially designed to activate & balance the fire (Agneya) element of the south-east corner. Place three or in multiple Helix at the south-east corner. 
 This is one of the superb remedies for fire defect like wrong locations of the kitchen, main switches, inverter etc. 
Similarly, in business places, the location of fire gadgets like transformers, electric panels, Boilers, pantry etc can be corrected by installing multiple copper energy helix in a south-east direction. 
If your main door is at the south-east corner, simply fix 3 Helix behind the door to balance the energy. 
Location of the master bedroom at south-east can be corrected by placing three or multiple copper helix at the south-east corner of the bedroom. 
Any other defect related to south-east can be corrected with the installation of 3 or in multiple at the affected location 
It can be concealed in the floor or ceiling. In the case of ready structure, it can be hanged or nailed or placed on the floor

set of 3 Helix

Residential Vastu defect for South-east

Copper  Helix are one of the best remedies for south-east corner defects like:-

1. Missing South-east corner (corner cut)

2. Toilet at South-east corner leads to  financial worries, female sickness, legal disputes

3. The slope at south-east brings misfortune

4. Master Bedroom at South-east causes quarrel and differences amongst the couple

5. Waterbody like a water tank, underground water tank & septic tank is a serious Vastu defect

6. Study room in this corner makes children hyper


Commercial Vastu defects in south-east corner:-

1. Owners cabin in south-east corner results into a dispute with clients or customers

2. Water bodies like UG tank, borewell or septic causes losses in business

3. A chilling plant or cooling tower in the south-east zone makes fire element weak.

4. Toilet block at south-east causes quality issues.

5. Lower flooring or slope of roof creates a lower turnover

6. Septic tank at south-east creates a serious quality issue

7. Wastage area in the south-east effects money flow



Place Copper  Helix at the south-east corner in the flooring or on wall

Install 3 or 9 or in multiple based on the area of the location or as per the Vastu expert advice.

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Copper Vastu Helix - 6 inch - Big - Vastu Energy Helix for South East Vastu Dosh/Defect Correction set of 3

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