Copper Meditation Pyramid Wall Hanging [Peaceful Mind, Positive Energy, Energizing Food & Water]

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Premium Copper Meditation Pyramid Hanging
Copper Meditation Pyramid Wall Hanging [Peaceful Mind, Positive Energy, Energizing Food & Water] 9,001 Original price was: ₹9,001.5,999Current price is: ₹5,999.
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Premium Copper Meditation Pyramid [Hanging]

With Copper Pyramid at the Top

Size  – 9.5 inches

Length x width x height – 24cm × 24 cm× 19 cm approximately.

Weight– 848 gm approx.

Material –  Made from a copper sheet which makes it more effective and easy to handle.

Benefits Of The Copper Meditation Pyramid:-

  • The pyramid influences the senses of a person in innumerable ways. It ushers a feeling of weightlessness, making us free from all worldly impurities.
  • It produces tingling sensations as if they are electrically infused which in turn provides a sense of unusual calmness
  • It provides a feeling of warmth in the upper portions of our body.
  • It gifts our souls with an unusual sense of tranquillity, relaxes our minds, and makes us free of all worldly tensions.
  • It imparts beautiful dreams which are generally colorful and graphic infused.
  • It makes the external stimuli, in the form of sights and sounds fade away in Time distortion.
  • It brings a sense of real depth to deciphering Space consciousness.
  • It ensures better meditation and higher energy levels.
  • Improves focus
  • Lowers anxiety
  • Improves visualization skills
  • Releases negativity and stuck energy
  • Improves mood

Uses Of The Copper Meditation Pyramid:

  • The pyramid can be used for calming the senses and help in proliferating meditative instincts that in turn bring feelings of calmness, harmony, and a positive attitude towards life.
  • Water can be placed inside the pyramid to instill a positive zeal and energy which is an essential requisite for good health.
  •  The daily essential amenities that influence our lives including gems, medicines, herbs, or any Goodluck charm that is believed to bestow positive energy can be kept with the pyramid to get additional power.
  • Fruits and vegetables kept inside the pyramid have more power in ushering well-being than normal.
  • Big plots or industries often place the pyramid in Eight directions with one at the center to ensure auspicious and positive energy on the premises.
  • Using a singing bowl or Tibetan bell along with the pyramid help in enhancing the personal and space vibrations.
  • It is one of the best instruments to provide Self peace, reduce stress, and keep negative thoughts at bay.
  • It is quintessential for Healing Mind Body Heart Chakra, Detox, Yoga, etc.
  • It brings Harmony, Focus, and concentration in everything we do, relaxes and calms the mind, and gifts the person meditating under the pyramid with ever-growing energy from all cosmos.
  • Copper Meditation Pyramid for Peace, Yoga, and Stress Release Meditating under Copper Pyramid gives 3times more results.
  • It’s good for Healing Mind Body Heart Chakra, Self Peace, Detox, Yoga, Reduces Stress, Negative thoughts Brings Harmony, Focus & Concentration, a relaxed & calm Mind, and More Cosmic Energy Power to the person meditating under this pyramid.
  • The use of a pyramid in meditation can accelerate the process bringing feelings of calmness, well-being, and a more open and positive attitude.

Effects of Pyramid Meditation:- 

  • A sense of weightlessness
  • Electric-like tingling sensations
  • Feelings of warmness, usually in the upper portions of the body
  • Tranquillity, relaxation, and freedom from tensions
  • Dreams with vivid colors and graphic visions

External stimuli, sight, and sounds particularly fade away Time distortion, Space consciousness prevails Deeper, more fulfilling meditations and higher energy levels

Additional Uses of Copper Meditation Pyramid:-

You can place water inside the pyramid to get it energized which is good for the health
Gems, medicines, herbs, and good luck charms can be kept to have additional power
Fruits and vegetables kept inside the pyramid have more power than normal.
In a big plot or industry, place it in Eight directions with one at the center to activate auspicious energy to the premises.
Meditating with a singing bowl or Tibetan bell further enhances the personal and space vibrations.

Copper Meditation Pyramid is Recommended by

  • Astrologer
  • Priest
  • Vastu Specialist
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Teachers
  • Spiritual Guru’s
  • Meditation Experts
  • Space Healing experts
  • Architects

How To Maintain Copper Meditation Pyramid?

  • The Pyramid has to be kept in moist-free areas to ensure that the copper color remains intact.
  •  It should be protected from tarnishing.
  • It should be carefully used as it has sharp edges.
  • You can clean it with pita mbari powder or dhara liquid

How To Cleanse A Copper Meditation Pyramid?

Since the copper pyramid happens to absorb most of the negative energy levels and vibrations from our body and environment it definitely needs regular cleansing to ensure that it provides positive energy and high mental satisfaction. The procedure of cleansing the pyramid includes:

  •   Aligning one of the sides of the Pyramid to the magnetic North with the help of a compass.
  •  Placing the crystals inside the pyramid in the center under the point or cap.
  •  Leaving them intact for at least an hour or overnight to boost high energy levels.

If you are in need of real positive cosmic vibes to keep away all tensions and negative forthcomings, this product is a must for you.

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Additional information

Weight 860 g
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm

15 reviews for Copper Meditation Pyramid Wall Hanging [Peaceful Mind, Positive Energy, Energizing Food & Water]

  1. Avatar of shankarprasad


    Deep relaxation


  2. Avatar of Swati Kamble

    Swati Kamble

    It is a great product. It looks great. Have been using it for the last few months. The effect is surely calming. I would recommend it highly. Order without delay. For more details regarding the use, you can talk to the experts at Plus Value global holistic shop either over phone or over SMS chat. You can also post your queries via email. These people are very helpful and highly responsive to your queries and ready to guide you in the right direction. It is better to have a chat with them before you actually order.

  3. Avatar of Sujit Acharya

    Sujit Acharya

    A highly recommended product. Order only from plus value online shop for a timely delivery. I received my product in just three days. The delivery process is excellent. I was given regular updates via email and SMS about my product during the delivery process.

  4. Avatar of Jothi


    It is a great thing for yoga practices. It detoxes your mind and body, and open up your heart chakra. You can experience it yourself. A must buy if you really want to achieve new heights in meditation.



    Awesome product
    A lot of positive energies

  6. Avatar of Drashti Dave

    Drashti Dave

    It is indeed another worldly product and has the ability to make you feel the metaphysical dimensions of life. It lightens your mind and gives you a sense of weightlessness. It indeed produces an electric-like tingling sensation during meditation. If you are initiated into some kind of meditative practice, then just try this Meditation Pyramid and experience what I experience since I began using it.

  7. Avatar of Vijay kalwe

    Vijay kalwe

    Have you ever thought of having an energy house right at your home?- an energy house that will always radiate positive energy in which you can energize yourself as well as all your things. Yes! Such a product exists. You can energize the gemstones, the medicines, herbs, and anything that you believe or know bringing positivity in your life if you just keep them with this great Copper Meditation Pyramid from Plus Value Online Store. It really works. Order the best quality original and energized product from one and only Plus Value Online Store at a premium pricing and experience the change yourself.

  8. Avatar of Molki Diwan

    Molki Diwan

    From my very childhood itself, I had always been agitated in nature. It was not even a moment’s peace. I was either constantly thinking about something or trying to do something. In fact, I could not sit in one place for a long time due to my agitated mind. However, one day my wise uncle gifted me a Copper Meditation Pyramid and told me a hang it from the wall of my study. I did so. However, experienced the change in just a few months. It literally calmed down the senses as promised by plus value online shop. Now a feel a monastic harmony all around me and approach life with an entirely different attitude. I thank my uncle as well as plus value for this great product.

  9. Avatar of KANNAN S


    I own a big warehouse. However, there had been a number of incidents of mishaps in the warehouse-like fire breaking out due to short circuits, some portion of the roof damaged, etc. However, I had no clue, no the technicians had. However, as advised by one of my friends I began using nine Copper Meditation Pyramid energized and sold by plus value online shop- 8 in 8 different directions and one at the center. It brought me instant results. There has been not even a single incident since I have started using the product. It in fact changed the energy level of the warehouse.

  10. Avatar of Leena Mehta

    Leena Mehta

    Lack of concentration is a problem with most children, and there are different remedies to it. However, I always wanted a remedy for my child that would work from a spiritual dimension. I have found that quality in Copper Meditation Pyramid by Plus Value. A must buy the product for all. Highly recommended.

  11. Avatar of Anit Adhikari

    Anit Adhikari

    I ordered a Meditation Pyramid copper made from the Plus Value store after consultation with the experts. They suggested me to use it with water poured inside the pyramid so that some of the health hazards can be cured. However, though I was a bit question about how effective that would be, all my questions and suspicions ended as I began using the product with water poured inside. It made me instantly energetic. In just a few months many of my health hazards have disappeared. I recommend it highly…and order only on Plus Value for 100% authentic and energized product.

  12. Avatar of Leema Ghai

    Leema Ghai

    I had been a case of depression for years. Doctors failed to cure me. Thought it my destiny. However, things changed when advised by the Plus Value experts at this time of crisis to use a Copper Meditation Pyramid. It has relieved me from most of the stress in life. On the other hand, it has made my mind more meditative. I am calm now even in stressful situations.

  13. Avatar of Raghavendra


    A great product. You can use it for meditative purposes. You can also use it for home decoration. However, buy it from Plus Value global holistic shop that guarantees any time consultation via SMS chat or over the phone; and you can also email your queries. The packaging is great with good quality 5ply box and excellent bubble wrap so that your product is safe and free from any damage during the delivery process.

  14. Avatar of Manjusha


    I tried to meditate once a while but always failed. My mind was moving from here to there and I could not concentrate. However, as suggested by my meditation teacher I hung a copper-made Meditation Pyramid from the wall at my meditation room and began meditation right under it. It magically raised my vibrations and calmed down my senses. I felt an energetic heat in the upper part of my body during the meditation. It in fact installed its awesome vibration in the whole room. I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied with the product. A must buy from Plus Value store for the original product, properly packed and smooth delivery in just 2/3 days.

  15. Avatar of Indrani Sirkar

    Indrani Sirkar

    This is the most effective and yet the most unbelievable way to increase the nourishment giving properties of fruits and vegetables. Try it. Keep them with a Plus Value Meditation Pyramid. Do this practice for a few days like me to get a perceivable result. Amazing thing. Highly recommended product from Plus Value.

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