Copper Sun Vastu Surya Dev Idol Vastu Remedies for Missing Window at East Wall


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copper vastu sun surya idol
Copper Sun Vastu Surya Dev Idol Vastu Remedies for Missing Window at East Wall 2,549
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Copper Vastu Sun – Vastu remedies for East wall

Every Vastu symbol brings a certain kind of luck. It is important to place them correctly. A sum made in copper is an excellent Vastu harmonizer when placed on the east wall of the home.

Uses of the Copper Sun:-

If your house or working place does not have a window towards the east, the sun can be placed as a virtual symbol.

A toilet, heavy storage, or a staircase in the toilet obstructs the cosmic forces of the sun. A copper sun on the east wall is a simple solution.

When placed on the east wall of your house or office, it improves your fame & reputation in your field.

Vastu consultant frequently recommends the sun for gathering support from your networking field. It is most beneficial to Businessmen, executives, professionals, politicians, actors & consultants.


  1. Energy Amplification: Copper is known for its excellent conductivity, both electrically and energetically. By placing a Copper Sun in your home or office, you may amplify the positive energies and vibrations in the space. It can serve as a focal point for enhancing the flow of energy, promoting a harmonious and uplifting environment.
  2. Protection and Cleansing: Copper is believed to have protective qualities, shielding against negative energies and psychic disturbances. By placing a Copper Sun in your space, you create a spiritual shield that safeguards you and your surroundings from detrimental influences. It can also help cleanse and purify the energy of the area, promoting a sense of clarity and balance.
  3. Symbol of Divine Presence: The Copper Sun can serve as a symbol of the divine presence or a higher power within your home or office. It acts as a reminder of the spiritual essence that permeates all things and can help cultivate a sacred atmosphere. It encourages a deeper connection with the divine and can serve as a focal point for prayer, meditation, or contemplation.
  4. Nurturing and Vitality: The sun is often associated with nurturing and life-giving qualities. By placing a Copper Sun in your space, you invite the energies of vitality, growth, and abundance. It serves as a reminder to embrace the life force within and encourages a sense of well-being and positivity in your home or office.
  5. Balance and Harmony: Copper is associated with the element of water in some spiritual traditions, symbolizing emotional balance and harmony. Placing a Copper Sun can help create a serene environment, promoting emotional stability and inner peace. It encourages the flow of harmonious energies and supports a balanced state of mind and heart.
  6. Inspiration and Creativity: Copper is often linked to artistic expression and creative endeavors. By having a Copper Sun in your home or office, it can stimulate inspiration and enhance your creative potential. It serves as a source of inspiration and encourages you to tap into your artistic abilities and express your unique gifts and talents.
  7. The copper sun is highly recommended by Vastu experts and feng shui consultants as the most effective Vastu remedy. (Dosha)

Buy Copper Vastu Sun – Vaastu Surya – Vastu Remedies for East Wall Online in India

Get Paid Vastu Consultation, Send Your Floor Plan with Directions Marked for Professional Advice.

Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Material Copper
Size 6 Inches / 15cm x 15cm Approx
Weight 434 Grams
Type Religious Idols & Figurines
Color Brown
Country of Origin India

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Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 4 cm

11 reviews for Copper Sun Vastu Surya Dev Idol Vastu Remedies for Missing Window at East Wall

  1. Avatar of sanjay hegde

    sanjay hegde

    copper sun improves fame & reputation. Really good product.

  2. Avatar of diya kapadia

    diya kapadia

    copper sun attracting harmony in the home. the nice product it really works

  3. Avatar of manish kapoor

    manish kapoor

    very useful in career development. it really effective

  4. Avatar of Siya Kashyap

    Siya Kashyap

    copper sun provider of courage and power in our life. it really works

  5. Avatar of BHAWANA PANDEY


    Seems to be authentic with quality as promised

    Authentic stuff

  6. Avatar of Anjana


    Well finished designed
    Nice Sun model as per Vastu
    Good quality product. Looks premium.

  7. Avatar of shivam khanna

    shivam khanna

    copper sun brings happiness and prosperity. it’s an effective

  8. Avatar of Kalyani Kolhi

    Kalyani Kolhi

    the copper sun is highly recommended by Vastu experts. Really good product.

  9. Avatar of Nishant luthra

    Nishant luthra

    most effective Vastu remedy for East Wall. highly recommend Vastu consultant

  10. Avatar of Rishita Mathur

    Rishita Mathur

    Totally Impresses with Copper Sun. Really good product. Gives a positive response

  11. Avatar of Monika Dhawan.

    Monika Dhawan.

    I am looking for copper sun and sun यंत्र for temple. Pls call me

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