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Cleansing, Activating, and Storing Crystals

Cleansing, activating, and storing crystals

Many people wonder why crystals don’t energize them, or why they feel weighed down after handling a crystal

Crystals don’t always work properly because they haven’t been attuned to the user’s unique energy frequency or because they haven’t been cleansed before use.

Crystals absorb negative energy as well as absorbing energy from people who have handled them. If you don’t cleanse your crystals, you will absorb negative energy and therefore not experience the health benefits of a purified crystal.

Cleansing crystals

Crystal Cleansing Using Salt-Water (please note this process is for water-friendly crystals only)

You can cleanse and recharge most crystals by holding them under running water for a few minutes and then placing them in the sun for a few hours.

It is best to use natural water sources such as streams or oceans (put the small crystals in a bag to prevent them from being washed away), but you may use tap water if there is no sun. Imagine bright white light radiating down on the crystals if there is no sun available.

It is best to cleanse fragile, layered, or friable crystals by placing them in brown rice overnight. They can also be laid on a Selenite Charging Plate, Large Clear Quartz Cluster, Amethyst Cluster or a Carnelian.

White stones enjoy recharging in the moonlight. Always cleanse your crystals before and after you use them for healing,

Activating crystals

Close your eyes and imagine that the crystals are surrounded by bright white light. Ask that they be attuned to your own unique frequency so that they may act in your highest interests.

Request that the crystals be blessed by the highest energies in the universe and dedicated to your self-healing and the healing of the environment around you.

Storing crystals

A cloth bag is a good place to store tumbled stones, but more delicate stones can be kept wrapped in a cloth or displayed on a shelf.

Be aware that crystals that are worn or kept in your environment absorb negative energies and need regular cleansing.