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Necklace- Crystal- Diamond cut Shape- Sphatik Mala

Necklace- Crystal- Diamond cut Shape- Sphatik Mala

Crystal Necklace- Sphatik Mala 

108 Diamond Cutting Shape Beads with beautiful bag

This is made from natural crystal (sphatika). 

Minor zirum will appear in the beads 


Uses & benefits of Crystal mala

1. It is widely used for chanting of the mantra 

2. It can be used for wearing for peace and prosperity 

3. It has a positive effect on all chakras as it protects the aura and expands the human energy field

4. Crystal (Sphatika) helps in bringing clarity to your communication & will fine tune with your thoughts. It assist you by stimulating clearer thinking.

5. Diamond cut shape crystal necklace looks beautiful & has a high vibration

6.  It is excellent instrument for personal healing.

7. Wearing during the meditation improves the experience.

8. Crystal is known as a "stone of power"

9. A sphatika (crystal) focuses, stores, transforms, and amplifies the surroundig energy.

10. Crystal allows increase intuition, confidence, power, and awareness.

11. Many people uses sphatika crystal to get protection against outside influences.

12. Wearing a crystal necklace keeps the immune system strong & clean. 

Purification Place Crystal necklace in a glass bowl containing water & Rock salt for 24 hours. Wash it under running water tap after 24 hours. It is now ready for use

Crystal necklace (sphatikMala) is highly recommended by spiritual healers, crystal healers, vastu & feng shui experts.

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Necklace- Crystal- Diamond cut Shape- Sphatik Mala

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