Educational crystal  grid for academic success

Educational crystal grid for academic success

Educational Crystal grid for academic success 

Weight 160 gm approx.

The Educational crystal grid uses combined energy of healing power of stones and sacred geometry to create harmonious & loving vibrations in your personal location. Crystal grids are a wonderful ritual to manifest your dreams. Crystals are placed on the sacred geometrical pattern on famed natural canvas cloth.

Educational Crystal grid connects the energies of specific crystals with the heart healing stones to help utilize its full potentials.

As demonstrated by a Kirlian camera,  a crystal doubles your biomagnetic field.

Crystals are Mother Nature’s gift that empowers everyone on the planet. Crystal allows us to tap into the vibrational that we might be seeking more efficiently.

Education crystal grid combined sacred design grid with amethyst crystals.

Amethyst carries the energy of fire, passion, and creativity. It increases intelligence and helpful in improving academic performance. It is the well-known talisman of focus and success. It is believed to relieve hyper activities in the child.

Mystic benefits & uses:- 

1. Place crystal grid in the north-east sector of your desk to stimulate your career energy or Chi. Alternatively, you can also place in the North East corner of your study room or bedroom. According to Vastu and even Feng Shui North East corner governs education luck.

2. Put the crystal grid on your study desk is used for literary success. It helps you to focus your mental powers and develop better concentration and memory when you study thus help in the attainment of educational success

3. Excellent remedy for the poor grades

4. When placed in the north-east zone of your working desk, it enhances your career for promotional opportunities.

Highly recommended by Vastu Consultant, Crystal healers, and Feng Shui  Experts  

Disclaimer:- Crystal Healing and Reiki are complementary therapies and not intended to replace any medical treatment. You should continue with any medical treatment prescribed for you. There is no guarantee that Crystal Therapy or Reiki will “cure” any condition. 

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Educational crystal grid for academic success

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