Energy balancer -Vastu Pyramid plate

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vastu energy balancer plate
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Energy balancer- Vastu Pyramid Plate

Size 4 x 4 inches

Material- Copper plate with silver  plating

with 4 blue mini stones for a beneficial effect

Pyramids for healing

If you’re in pursuit of a natural and comprehensive method of healing, you might have encountered the notion of pyramid therapy. This age-old technique entails utilizing structures shaped like pyramids to channel and enhance energy, all with the goal of fostering overall physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Vastu Remedy for  tall structures in the wrong directions

When there is a higher structure other than the southwest, it creates severe Vastu fault in the direction. To mitigate this, it is recommended to install 3 energy balancers on the raised structure on all four sides for balance against any potential imbalances caused by the elevated construction.

Vastu Remedy for  missing the northeast corner

According to Vastu principles, a cun in the northeast corner of a building is considered highly unfavorable. This is because the northeast direction is associated with prosperity, positivity, and spiritual growth. Cutting this corner can disrupt the flow of positive energy into the space and hinder the overall well-being of its occupants. It is believed that such a cut corner-can lead to financial losses, health issues, and obstacles in personal growth. To counteract this negative effect, it is recommended to install 3 or multiple energy balancers of the cut wall to amplify positive energy.

Remedy for  location of electricity in north-east or south-west

When it comes to Vastu, one aspect that needs careful consideration is the placement of an electricity hub in the house. It is believed that placing an electric board in the northeast corner of a house can lead to defects in the flow of energy. The northeast corner is considered sacred and is associated with positive energy and spiritual growth.

To maintain a harmonious energy flow, it is recommended to install energy balancers -1, 3, or multiple of 3 over the electric board.

Correcting the center of the house

Centre of the house, a core of your house supports and nurtures the other areas within it. Therefore, it is essential to have this space open and easily seen. It serves as the Marmasthan (center) of Vastu, where heavy structures are strictly forbidden according to Vastu principles. A energy balancer can be installed, if there is any structure like a beam, pillar, heavy unit, etc.

Enhancing the center of the house

The vastu center of the house is an important area that holds significant energy. It is believed to be the heart of the home, influencing the overall harmony and balance within the space. In Vastu Shastra, the center represents stability, grounding, and nourishment. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to this area and optimize its energy flow. One way to enhance the energy in the vastu center is by installing an energy balancer plate in the center either under the flooring or on the ceiling.

Enhancing the northeast corner of the house

It is believed that the northeast corner of a building is divine and holds significant power. According to Vastu principles, the North East direction is associated with spirituality and enlightenment. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the energy flow in this area to create a harmonious living or working space.

By installing a pyramid energy balancer plate, one can enhance positive energy and overall well-being in their surroundings.

Basement in the southwest or south or west

When it comes to following Vastu principles, it is advisable to avoid placing the basement in the southwest direction of a building. The southwest is considered one of the most important directions in Vastu Shastra, as it represents stability, strength, and security.

Pole or tower in front of the main door

Having a pole or tower positioned in front of the door is considered a Vastu defect. According to vastu shastra, the entrance to a house should be clear and unobstructed to allow positive energy to flow freely. When there is a pole blocking the entrance, it creates an obstacle for the energy to enter the house, resulting in a disruption of harmony and balance.


It is advisable to remove or relocate the pole in order to rectify this defect. For correction, you can place 3 energy plates on your front side of the door reflecting a pole or tower

Pyramid energy Balance plate for office

You can install this energy balance plate at the entrance, under the computer, key electronic devices, under the desk as well as in the safe vault.

Pyramid energy Balance plate for office

Install pyramid energy plates under the important machinery, gates, panels, etc in the industrial locations.


More benefits of Pyramid Energy balancer plate

By placing pyramid plates in a particular area of your home or workspace, you can create a positive energy vortex that promotes positive vibes for happiness and prosperity.

You can place it under the flooring in the nine zones of the plot or house.

Place this plate in each room to make your home or office more positive and cheerful.

Get Paid Vastu Consultation, Send Your Floor Plan with Directions Marked for Professional Advice.

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 4 cm


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