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In the realm of Feng Shui, the elephant and frog are two powerful symbols that, when combined, represent a potent force for attracting wealth, success, and good fortune. The Feng Shui Elephant with Frog is not just a decorative item; it’s a symbol steeped in ancient wisdom and cultural significance.

Symbolism of an Elephant with Trunk Up

An elephant with its trunk raised is a universal sign of victory and good luck. This majestic creature is revered across various Asian cultures for its dignity, loyalty, and intelligence. It’s believed to embody power, victory, majesty, leadership, and wisdom. In Feng Shui, placing an elephant symbol in your home is said to grant wishes and bring about wish fulfillment.

The Three-Legged Frog: A Feng Shui Wealth Magnet

The frog, especially the three-legged variety known as the money frog, is a celebrated symbol of abundance and prosperity. It’s often depicted with a coin in its mouth, signifying the attraction of wealth. When paired with the elephant, these qualities are magnified, promising not only financial gain but also the strength and wisdom of the elephant.

The combination of an elephant with a frog is believed to attract wealth and luck whereas the elephant represents strength, wisdom, and courage.

benefits of feng shui elephant with frog

This Feng Shui symbol serves multiple purposes. It’s a protection symbol, safeguarding your wealth and resources. It’s also used for wish fulfillment, helping to manifest your desires. Moreover, it’s a beautiful piece of decor that enhances the aesthetic and energetic appeal of any space.


You can use it for a couple of cures to enhance faithfulness in couples, in children’s studies, in the living room,in business, and work to strengthen and protect any area of your life which is lacking vigor. The frog with a money coin on top of the elephant is said to attract wealth along with the qualities that the elephant represents.

Placing this figurine increases the auspiciousness of any area of your life. It is lightweight and takes less space. You can place the frog with the elephant in an elevated place in the directions mentioned here as a general rule or based

on your KUA number to enhance certain areas of your life. It is also a protection symbol that protects your space from negative chi. It can be used to protect your wealth and resources from washing away. An elephant with a raised trunk symbolizes victory. It has been a tradition since ancient times to place a pair of elephants on the front door to invite good luck.


The elephant is a sacred animal in Buddhist as well as Hindu traditions. This magnificent animal symbolizes wisdom and strength in both cultures. In Hinduism, it represents the Lord of auspiciousness and the remover of obstacles, Lord Ganesha. The elephant represents fortune, peace, prosperity, and
wisdom since ancient times and has been used in many of the ancient Chinese dynasties.

Following are the rules for placement of Frog with Elephant:

Place it in your career and business area at an elevated height.

You can also place it on your working desk facing the door to enhance friendship and good luck in career & business opportunities.

You can place it in the northwest to enhance and strengthen the mentoring bond

You can also place it in your relationship area to strengthen the bond between couples

Place the Elephant outside the main door facing outward for protection of the house

Place it in the west zone of your bedroom for the child’s luck. According to the Pakua 8 life aspirations, the west zone governs descendant luck

The frog with an elephant is a potent symbol of good luck and good relationships. You can use it as a cure to strengthen any area of your life and place this figurine in that direction. It is

used as an auspicious symbol to protect and strengthen that area of your life. Enhance your career and relationship luck with this figurine which is also a pretty home and office decor.

Children and adults can use frog with elephant protection figurines to boost any area of their life.

Those looking for a promotion can use this symbol for strengthening their career luck and place it in the direction that reflects their career. It can be placed in the north as well as south directions depending on the cure you want to use it for.

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Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Color Antic Gold
Material Fiber
Size 3.5 x 2 x 3 Inches
Dimension ( L x H x W ) 9 cms x 5 cms x 7.5 cms
Weight 196 Grams Approx
Uses in Feng Shui Product for Home & Office
Country of Origin India

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Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 10 cm

10 reviews for Feng Shui Frog With Elephant-Symbol of Victory & Good Fortune

  1. Avatar of Surbhi


    Nice Products

  2. Avatar of GIRISH


    feng shui frog with elephant increase wealth luck. good quality product

  3. Avatar of Shail Garg

    Shail Garg

    feng shui frog with elephant brings stability and victory. very effective product

  4. Avatar of Anjana Goswami

    Anjana Goswami

    feng shui frog with elephant brings success and gives courage.

  5. Avatar of Arya Dhingra

    Arya Dhingra

    Very nice, beautiful piece. It looks like the photo.

  6. Avatar of Prashant Dhillon

    Prashant Dhillon

    Lovely feng shui frog with elephant! Very beautiful, and the perfect size! quality also good

  7. Avatar of shivam


    Need to enhance quality further. Poor workmanship
    Good quality products

  8. Avatar of Sunil Dewan

    Sunil Dewan

    Quality products very effective products. nice feng shui frog with elephant

  9. Avatar of deepa deshpande

    deepa deshpande

    very satisfied with the quality of the product and I feel valued as a buyer. I love it.

  10. Avatar of juvina


    It is a really good deal.
    It feels great and I highly recommend it!đź‘Ťđź‘Ť

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