Feng Shui Metal Wind Chime Six 6 Rods Pipes Windchime for Home Office Positive Energy for Balcony Bedroom Excellent Sound [31.5inch / 80cm, Golden Colour]


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fengshui vastu metal 6 rods pipe windchime golden colour
Feng Shui Metal Wind Chime Six 6 Rods Pipes Windchime for Home Office Positive Energy for Balcony Bedroom Excellent Sound [31.5inch / 80cm, Golden Colour] 680
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Feng Shui Metal Wind Chime Seven 6 Rods Pipes Windchime for Home Office Positive Energy for Balcony Bedroom Excellent Sound

Plus value Feng Shui Golden Wind Chime 6 Rods Pipes / Seven Rods For Positive Vibrations & Energy

 At Home, Office, Garden, Balcony, Living Room, Outdoor

 Benefits of 6 Pipe Windchime ( Golden ):-

( Assured Sweet Soft Melodious Peaceful Mind Calming Sound )

✔ Positive Energy & Vibrations at Home & Office

✔ Material – High-Quality Anodized Aluminium Pipes, Durable Wood & Sturdy Nylon Thread

✔ A Feng Shui or Vastu windchimes can be a very nice way to add positive vibrations to your house.

✔ A feng shui wind chime will help you add feng shui harmony according to the way you use it.

✔ Depending on where you place it, your feng shui wind chime will help you balance the environment in which it is.

✔ You can choose different places for your feng shui wind chime, depending on the effect you want to achieve with it.

✔ If you mainly want it to decorate and add a nice harmonic touch, you can place it near a door or a window where you can see it and hear it.

✔ You can also choose the spot according to how the breeze moves in it, either if you want delicate breezes or a windier place where your feng shui wind chime would sound louder.

✔ Your feng shui wind chime can be placed according to feng shui guidelines and the way elements are distributed within the house or the room.

✔ 6 Rods windchimes can be used at the North West corner of the house or in any room to activate networking luck, career luck, business opportunities, and friendship luck.

✔ It helps if you are looking to attract a man/woman if you are single, gain more help from influential people, or help the patriarch of a household.

✔ It has been proven that certain types of music can be beneficial to people with high blood pressure or who suffer from stress. Will remove all negative energies from home, bring all positive vibes and energy

✔ With this in mind, the gentle and relaxing sounds from chimes have been known to help people to unwind, whilst enjoying some time outdoors.

✔ The vibrations and soft musical notes of wind chimes help to relax, soothe your nerves and remove stress. wind chimes sound helps to connect with the inner soul to find peace.

✔ It helps to create wonders for you bringing in fame and wealth.

✔ Six Rod windchime is very good to increase the chances and for good energy.

✔ Place this Six Rod windchime in the North corner of your home or office for Good fortune and luck in a Career.

✔ It generates a gentle tinkling sound that reduces human stress and gives positive energy to the human.

✔ It acts as a luck magnet as they guide the sound vibrating in space in a way that brings prosperity.

✔ It helps to invite clarity, joy, and communication around your relationships.

✔ It is a good source of positive vibes in offices and homes.

✔ Make Your Home & Villa’s Look Vibrant & Welcoming the Visitors will Peaceful Melodious Sound

✔ Highly Popular Fengshui products recommended by Feng Shui Experts, Vastu Consultants, Interior Designers & Architects, Astrologers

✔ Ideal for Gifting Your Loved Ones, Near & Dear Ones during Festivals (Diwali, New Year, Christmas, Eid, Gudi Padwa), Special Occasions, Birthdays & Marriage Anniversary, Teachers’ Days, and Spiritual Giftings.


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Vastu Feng Shui Wind Chime 6 Rods Pipes for Positive Energy Good Sound Entrance Wall/Door Hanging for Decor and Gift Items Home Office

Highly recommended by Feng Shui & Vastu Consultant.

Buy Vastu Feng Shui Wind Chime 6 Pipe/Rods Online in India

Get Paid Vastu Consultation, Send Your Floor Plan with Directions Marked for Professional Advice.

Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Color Golden
Pipe Size 8 to 9 Inches
Weight 220 Grams
Ideal For Vastu,  Feng Shui, Home Decor
Ideal Location Window, Balcony, Entrance, Living Room
Wind Chime Length  31.5 Inches | 80 Cm
Country of Origin India

Want to order Feng Shui 6 Pipe Windchime on Cash on Delivery from the Brand “Plus Value”?


Free Vastu Consultation

Additional information

Weight 320 g
Dimensions 6 × 13 × 26 cm

69 reviews for Feng Shui Metal Wind Chime Six 6 Rods Pipes Windchime for Home Office Positive Energy for Balcony Bedroom Excellent Sound [31.5inch / 80cm, Golden Colour]

  1. Avatar of Yane


    Fabulous windchime and looks beautiful in my garden. I would definitely order from The Plus Value shop again. Some beautiful products.

  2. Avatar of ankur


    wind chime gives gentle and relaxing sounds. gives a good vibration

  3. Avatar of leah chawla

    leah chawla

    I love these 6 pipes wind chime. lovely sound…I feel good about myself for buying these… 👍👍

  4. Avatar of Ranjana


    I just love its sound, It’s given me peace & filled my aloneness. It is a very nice windchime. The packing is very well. I received it very early, Plus Value is my favorite one. Thank you Plus Value.

  5. Avatar of pavithra banerjee

    pavithra banerjee

    The sound is fairly gentle, Good energy… Size is good… Recommended…👍👍

  6. Avatar of suhani chokshi

    suhani chokshi

    very cute and elegant looking wind chimes. Fits my door handle for decor perfectly. looks amazing.

  7. Avatar of soham balakrishnan

    soham balakrishnan

    I love this tiny, beautiful wind chime. it has a loving chime. awesome feng shui product.

  8. Avatar of vedant sharma

    vedant sharma

    lovely sound nice 6 pipes golden color wind chime very happy with purchase this wind chime Beautifully made, I love them.

  9. Avatar of kumar choudhary

    kumar choudhary

    the sound of the chime is pleasant. I really like it. value for money. recommended it

  10. Avatar of neeraj desai

    neeraj desai

    make a lovely sound. Great feng shui for a door know or other indoor space. Great feng shui product

  11. Avatar of debbie sanghvi

    debbie sanghvi

    melodious Sound .. very good wind chime. works very well. Very effective👍👍

  12. Avatar of siddharth sachdeva

    siddharth sachdeva

    soft musical Notes of wind chimes help to relax and relieve stress. Awesome product…

  13. Avatar of aswini deshmukh

    aswini deshmukh

    lovely sounds and looks amazing. I feel a positive energy. I love this wind chime.

  14. Avatar of arti roy

    arti roy

    Relaxing sound, good product. works very well. I can feel the vibrations.

  15. Avatar of sakshi deshpande

    sakshi deshpande

    it sounds great. It’s very pretty. Very good product. very happy with the finishing.

  16. Avatar of aaditya dewan

    aaditya dewan

    it sounds so nice and light. Very satisfied with my purchase. Nice product.

  17. Avatar of SUNNY


    Awesome product. The packaging was so good. The sound is also very sweet.👌👍

  18. Avatar of rutuja shetty

    rutuja shetty

    Nice product. Looks perfect. quality is very good, lovely sound. I am very happy to receive this item.

  19. Avatar of leah


    The sound is so wonderful! It looks nice! Happy with it!👍
    love this wind chime

  20. Avatar of vivek dhillon

    vivek dhillon

    Worth the money, lovely sounds! very effective and useful wind chime. amazing feng shui product

  21. Avatar of sunil chetry

    sunil chetry

    Amazing product… I like it

  22. Avatar of katherine rana

    katherine rana

    Very happy with this purchase. Just as described. wind chime quality and sound also good. nice product

  23. Avatar of Tisha Garg

    Tisha Garg

    Awesome product. The sound is also very sweet. Nice product.

  24. Avatar of shivani dhingra

    shivani dhingra

    Hung this in a bathroom window. Sweet chimes nice to look at on days. the sound is so good. awesome product

  25. Avatar of Sakshi


    brings luck to your life. gives positive energy.
    lovely sound👍👌

  26. Avatar of Ira luthra

    Ira luthra

    Six Rod wind chime can be used to activate career luck and gives opportunities in business.

  27. Avatar of abdul khan

    abdul khan

    It’s really good I like the sound even the wood and pipes are of good quality. Always recommended.

  28. Avatar of alok rastogi

    alok rastogi

    Very good product. Enjoyed the sound of chimes. awesome quality wind chime.

  29. Avatar of ananya goswami

    ananya goswami

    this one is really nice. I have it hanging in my bathroom. the chimes are light and quite musical. I really like it. amazing product

  30. Avatar of varsha mehta

    varsha mehta

    feng shui six-rod wind chime brings positive vibrations. it’s very useful in Vastu. It feels great and I highly recommend it!

  31. Avatar of Manoj Mathur

    Manoj Mathur

    Six Rod wind chime gives lovely sound and gives peace of mind. it’s an effective wind chime

  32. Avatar of mayank garg

    mayank garg

    It’s just like the picture and makes a beautiful sound. very effective and useful wind chime. must try this 6 pipes wind chime.

  33. Avatar of rhea pandya

    rhea pandya

    Such a wonderful sound. gives a good positive vibration. I love it.

  34. Avatar of Arjun Memon

    Arjun Memon

    Awesome product… but the effect is instantaneous. feng shui six-rod wind chime gives a positive response.

  35. Avatar of Shashank Goswami

    Shashank Goswami

    Nice product. Looks perfect. quality is very good, lovely sound. 👌👍

  36. Avatar of parth ganguly

    parth ganguly

    Love the chimes… Wonderful soothing sounds that are great for sleeping.

  37. Avatar of varun pillai

    varun pillai

    It feels great after using this wind chime. highly recommend by feng shui vastu expert

  38. Avatar of Gayatri Naidu

    Gayatri Naidu

    Happy with quality. genuine products
    it’s an effective wind chime. works very well.
    It is a really good deal.

  39. Avatar of seema chakraborty

    seema chakraborty

    very useful in daily meditation practice. amazing wind chime. highly recommended it.

  40. Avatar of Aashna Dhingra

    Aashna Dhingra

    Amazing quality, best for gifting purpose. I love it 😍

  41. Avatar of Isha gala

    Isha gala

    Beautiful!! good sound! I bought this as a gift and it was very much appreciated!👍👍

  42. Avatar of anish parikh

    anish parikh

    Very happy with my purchase, great quality and shipping were pretty fast! Highly recommended!

  43. Avatar of Ajay Dhillon

    Ajay Dhillon

    It looks like the same which is shown in picture. very well done. I love the energy.

  44. Avatar of Shruti


    I love this windchime. Amazing quality.

  45. Avatar of sanjana


    feng shui wind chime is useful for increasing positivity in the surrounding space.

  46. Avatar of Anju


    Excellent quality and so soothing sound. I can sit and hear sounds all day. Amazing windchime.

  47. Avatar of shrinidhi rai

    shrinidhi rai

    The sound of the chimes is so soothing and relaxing. I will definitely be back for another soon. Thank you so very much!

  48. Avatar of Aditi Dewan

    Aditi Dewan

    Quality is good and worth it. Very good product. Enjoyed the sound of chimes.

  49. Avatar of ramya gada

    ramya gada

    A beautiful wind chime and a very beautiful sound. Nice product. works perfectly. amazing. very happy with purchases this 6 pip wind chime.

  50. Avatar of vinay jhaveri

    vinay jhaveri

    So beautiful looking and sounding. very happy with the finishing. value for money.

  51. Avatar of Arun Deshpande

    Arun Deshpande

    Amazing Positive Sound and works perfectly. Very satisfied with the product!

  52. Avatar of prince


    Really good product. it has such great energy. it really works. I like it👌👍

  53. Avatar of abhinav balasubramanian

    abhinav balasubramanian

    I expect them to be just as great as my experience with a wind chime. So very well-made and lovely to look at, too. Even better to hear them!

  54. Avatar of ashish hegde

    ashish hegde

    Beautifully made, lovely sound. I would highly recommend this product. , it looks good hanging over my front door. I like it, thanks,

  55. Avatar of Ruchika


    As expected it’s such an amazing and outstanding quality of windchime, I would definitely recommend and buy more from Plus Value again.

  56. Avatar of Kavya Joshi

    Kavya Joshi

    Absolutely fabulous windchime! Great quality work, fast shipping, lovely sound, and unique look. I just love it.

  57. Avatar of Saili


    Bought as a gift for a windchime lover. She loved this. So pretty and wonderful. A great idea. Well packaged and prompt delivery.

  58. Avatar of Anjika


    I order it & the after 2-3days days, I received it quicker than I expected. It’s an awesome and unique windchime! I would definitely recommend it!!

  59. Avatar of Raj


    Very pleased with my beautiful wind chime, better than I expected, Thank you Plus Value.

  60. Avatar of Snehal


    I have no words to describe the joy of peace this wind chime gave us. It sounds so peaceful that one can meditate. I just love my windchime.

  61. Avatar of Janvi


    The packaging was great and it shipped just in time for my sister’s birthday. 100% advise this purchase and will definitely order from this shop again.

  62. Avatar of Sarika


    This is a beautiful wind chime too pretty for outside so it’s in my house window – it came very carefully packaged would definitely buy it again from Plus Value.

  63. Avatar of Vineetha


    Loved this product that I bought I am so happy to buy it, I wanted a wind chime for my window. It looks very beautiful.

  64. Avatar of Sujata


    I bought it as a gift for a new house. They like it very much, its sound is so good & amazing. Another one will buy very soon for my house. Thank you.

  65. Avatar of Kamya


    It is exactly what I find out for my brother’s birthday gift. It looks wonderful, the sound is so soothing. Amazing.

  66. Avatar of Pratik


    This was such a beautiful gift and came just on time.

  67. Avatar of Pratibha


    Absolutely wonderful and makes the most beautiful ringing sounds. Amazing windchime.

  68. Avatar of Hichki


    Beautiful windchime. Looks exactly like the photo and sounds lovely too!

  69. Avatar of Vidya


    The sounds produced are very soothing. It looks so pretty, Gives amazing sound. Love it, happy to buy it.

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