Fengshui Lucky Three Legged Feng Shui Money Frog Toad Good Luck, Wealth, Prosperity, Success, Happiness (Golden Colour)


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fengshui golden frog product
Fengshui Lucky Three Legged Feng Shui Money Frog Toad Good Luck, Wealth, Prosperity, Success, Happiness (Golden Colour) 600
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Feng Shui Money Frog, also known as Jin Chan (Golden Toad) in Chinese culture, is a three-legged toad often depicted with a coin in its mouth. It symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and protection against bad luck. According to Feng Shui principles, placing the money frog in specific areas of your home or office, such as the southeast corner (traditional Feng Shui) or the top left-hand area (Western Feng Shui) can attract abundance. Remember to activate it by tying a red ribbon around it or placing it on red paper. 

How to use Feng Shui Money Frog Toad?

The Feng Shui Money Frog Toad, a powerful symbol of abundance, can enhance your financial luck. To use it effectively:

Placement: Position the frog diagonally from your main entrance or in the southeast corner (associated with wealth). Business owners can place it at the cashier or reception area.

Activation: Tie a red ribbon around the frog or place it on red paper. Some frogs come with coins in their mouths.

Intentions and Care: Set your intentions (e.g., ‘I want to attract abundance’). Keep the frog elevated, clean, and cleanse it regularly.

Benefit of Feng Shui Money Frog Toad

Benefit of Feng Shui Money Frog Toad

Placement of Feng Shui Frog and Where to Avoid

Avoid setting the frog figurine directly on the ground. Instead, place it on a low shelf or the bottom shelf of a cabinet. Elevating it symbolizes lifting your prosperity and luck. Refrain from placing the frog too high up. Opt for a table or a lower surface. High placements may disrupt the flow of energy and diminish its effectiveness. Keep the money toad out of the bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms. These spaces have different energies and are not conducive to the frog’s purpose.

Legends and Origin Stories of Feng Shui Money Frog Toad

According to the most widely accepted origin story, an Immortal discovered an injured frog trapped in his well. The frog couldn’t escape on its own, so the Immortal helped it. In gratitude, the Three-Legged Frog began bringing him gold coins. Since then, this frog has been associated with attracting wealth and prosperity.

Another version of the story involves a common man who encountered a Three-Legged Frog in a village well (which was also a wishing well). Initially, he considered killing the handicapped frog, but compassion prevailed, and he spared its life. In return, the frog would dive to the well’s bottom and retrieve golden coins for the man, eventually making him wealthy.

Yet another legend suggests that the Money Frog was once a greedy wife of one of the Eight Immortals. She stole the elixir of immortality and was transformed into a toad with a tadpole’s tail instead of hind legs. Banished to the moon, she became the Money Frog, symbolizing wealth and abundance.

Where to Buy Feng Shui Money Frog Toad Product?

If you’re looking to buy a Feng Shui Money Frog Toad, Plus Value India offers a variety of authentic Feng Shui products, including the Money Frog Toad. You can visit their website to explore their collection and find the perfect item to bring wealth and prosperity into your life.

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Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Color Golden
Material Fiber
Size 3 x 3 Inches / 7.5 x 7.5cm
Weight 268 Grams Approx
Uses in Feng Shui Product for Home & Office
Country of Origin India

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Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 10 cm

74 reviews for Fengshui Lucky Three Legged Feng Shui Money Frog Toad Good Luck, Wealth, Prosperity, Success, Happiness (Golden Colour)

  1. Avatar of Deep Bhasin

    Deep Bhasin

    Good product, good pricing, and very effective.

  2. Avatar of vivek rai

    vivek rai

    The frog is super cute, really well made, really like it. would absolutely recommend this,

  3. Avatar of nishi shetty

    nishi shetty

    feng shui frog brings good luck and prosperity into the house. it really works

  4. Avatar of mayank naidu

    mayank naidu

    I really liked my money frog, it is of nice quality, attract wealth and good luck. happy with this purchase.

  5. Avatar of anushri rana

    anushri rana

    feng shui toad safeguards against bad luck. it’s an effective

  6. Avatar of raju kapoor

    raju kapoor

    The color is very pretty and the size is perfect. excellent feng shui remedy. highly recommend.

  7. Avatar of ananya memon

    ananya memon

    Lovely money frog. I love it, well made and good as shown on the website, it works

  8. Avatar of PRATEEK


    feng shui frog helps attract and protect wealth. it works. I can realize after using this frog.👍👍

  9. Avatar of Ayan Varadkar

    Ayan Varadkar

    Though I have used a few similar products before, there is nothing like Feng Shui Golden Money Frog Toad. It is a real product sold at Plus Value site, built with good quality material and properly checked and energised before shipping to ensure the overall quality control.
    Thank you, Plus Value Global Shop, for showing me the right direction to attract money and good fortune.

  10. Avatar of Bhavik Gandhi

    Bhavik Gandhi

    Feng Shui Golden Money Frog Toad with its golden color and cute three-legged aesthetics is a beautiful thing. Though I began used it purely for looks, its effectiveness was felt just in few days. I earned a lot of profit from my investments in the last few months. Thank you Plus Value Global Shop for sending me this product in time and in proper packaging that used good quality bubble wrap to resist any kind of damage to the product.

  11. Avatar of raghav rastogi

    raghav rastogi

    I can place in the money area of my home for attracting wealth. it has such great energy. I realized

  12. Avatar of Suchitra Verma

    Suchitra Verma

    A great product. Highly recommended. Order it on Plus Value Online Shop at a premium pricing and get the best product.

  13. Avatar of Isha mehta

    Isha mehta

    Beautiful item! Positive that it will bring good luck. Love it. looked nice

  14. Avatar of parth mathur

    parth mathur

    feng shui frog brings good luck. works great. very happy with this purchase. Just as described.

  15. Avatar of Ishita Agarwal

    Ishita Agarwal

    I never had much faith in things like Feng Shui and thought it all to be superstitions. However, as advised by one of my friends, I began using Feng Shui Golden Money Frog Toad and felt the taste of prosperity in my business for the first time. This three-legged frog with money in its mouth, placed at the top of the cash register at my office, just changed my luck. I thank my friend and Plus Value Online Store for this amazing product.

  16. Avatar of ayushi rajan

    ayushi rajan

    feng shui frog brings good fortune. Impresses with Beautiful Golden Feng Shui Frog👍👍👌

  17. Avatar of Chintan Shetty

    Chintan Shetty

    Feng Shui Golden Money Frog Toad with its cute golden look is a true money multiplier. I have experienced a steady profit since I kept it at the main gate of my apartment, facing inwards.
    Order only from Plus Value Online Store for authentic made in Indian product. Receive the energized product in just 3 to 4 days.

  18. Avatar of Joyjit Sen

    Joyjit Sen

    A beautiful object with the spiritual quality of attracting money. Just keep it at a corner of your office or at the desk and see the change yourself as I did. Order only on Plus Value Online Shop for the best product. Talk to the Plus Value experts if you have any queries.

  19. Avatar of radhika pandya

    radhika pandya

    wonderful and good quality of feng shui frog. it really effective

  20. Avatar of vinay luthra

    vinay luthra

    feng shui frog increases wealth and prosperity! works very well. happy with this purchase.

  21. Avatar of krish kapoor

    krish kapoor

    highly recommend feng shui expert. It is a really good deal.

  22. Avatar of ramya kolhi

    ramya kolhi

    Nice money frog. Came in perfect condition. I’m happy with it. Really good product.

  23. Avatar of shivangi khanna

    shivangi khanna

    It’s very nice and I could see some difference after placing it in the house.

  24. Avatar of rishabh parikh

    rishabh parikh

    Beautiful product. Received this product in good condition. very well done. Awesome product.

  25. Avatar of Seema Gupta

    Seema Gupta

    I was in financial troubles for a few months and had no way out. However, I started using Feng Shui Golden Money Frog Toad at the advice of experts at Plus Value. It is a life-changing object.

  26. Avatar of mandhar Kulkarni

    mandhar Kulkarni

    I have kept the Feng Shui Golden Money Frog Toad at a corner of my office and I am happy with the results. You can keep it in other places also. However, order only on Plus Value for 100% authentic made in India Product and properly energized product.

  27. Avatar of vaibhav pillai

    vaibhav pillai

    Really it’s very affecting my works. Very useful and effective. I love it.

  28. Avatar of ashish kashyap

    ashish kashyap

    feels positive energy all around after placing this feng shui frog. Very good product

  29. Avatar of naveen kapoor

    naveen kapoor

    very happy with the finishing. totally impressed with this feng shui frog. value for money

  30. Avatar of kapoor sara

    kapoor sara

    Beautiful feng shui toad, very well done. Very effective products

  31. Avatar of Anil khanna

    Anil khanna

    feng shui toad improves career luck. Useful for increasing positivity

  32. Avatar of vedant


    Very good product. Loved it very much. Looks very good in its appearance.
    Very effective
    Must have if you want prosperity gate crashing into your home.

  33. Avatar of tanu rai

    tanu rai

    I am so happy with purchase this feng shui frog and the whole room feels amazing. good looking…

  34. Avatar of prince


    Very effective feng shui frog. very well done. I love the energy.

  35. Avatar of indhumathi kolhi

    indhumathi kolhi

    Totally Impresses with Beautiful Feng Shui Frog. this is very useful.

  36. Avatar of prachi kashyap

    prachi kashyap

    Very genuine product of good quality. It is a really good deal.
    It feels great and I highly recommend it!

  37. Avatar of krithika naidu

    krithika naidu

    very satisfied with the quality of the product. I feel valued as a buyer. nice product👍👍

  38. Avatar of ALOK


    Good quality

    Good quality product

  39. Avatar of jay memon

    jay memon

    I am in love with feng shi golden frog!! I will be ordering again from this seller!! awesome product👍👍👍

  40. Avatar of neha kapadia

    neha kapadia

    Well made frog decoration. It seems to be working to bring wealth and luck my way. For that I am grateful.

  41. Avatar of Rishita


    this frog attracts wealth and abundance. Beautiful frog, very well done. I love the energy.

  42. Avatar of kunal mehta

    kunal mehta

    Lovely feng shui golden frog! Very beautiful, and the perfect size! work very well. nice item👍👌

  43. Avatar of natasha hegde

    natasha hegde

    Must have if you want prosperity gate crashing into your home. A strong belief and faith is very important for the feng shui frog to work.

  44. Avatar of anisha mathur

    anisha mathur

    Very happy with my purchase, great quality. The shipping was pretty fast! Highly recommended!

  45. Avatar of akansha luthra

    akansha luthra

    impressed with this feng shui frog. the energies feel very good. really good product.

  46. Avatar of Sam


    Awesome product….the detailing on the toad is simply fantastic and it looks great in my showcase…

  47. Avatar of Rupa Vaidya

    Rupa Vaidya

    Using the Feng Shui Golden Money Frog Toad has brought good luck and prosperity in my life. I’m out of all financial difficulties.
    I am happy with this purchase.

  48. Avatar of vishal kolhi

    vishal kolhi

    Such a beautiful feng shui golden frog, Ty for working with me and providing amazing service! Highly recommend.

  49. Avatar of Shibu Dayal

    Shibu Dayal

    These three-legged frogs with a coin in their mouth is a great product with their brand new golden look and ability to attract money to you. Buy it only from Plus Value for 100% authentic and energized products.

  50. Avatar of rakesh jhaveri

    rakesh jhaveri

    Very nice..and worth the money…very effective and useful feng shui frog. highly recommended it

  51. Avatar of vikas khanna

    vikas khanna

    Beautiful feng shui golden frog, very well done. it really works for me. Very happy with this purchase.

  52. Avatar of Prithwish Anand

    Prithwish Anand

    I placed Feng Shui Golden Money Frog Toad at the corner of my room about a year ago. My fortune changed a lot for the better in these months. Thank you Plus Value Online Shop for timely delivery and every minute tracking update via email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

  53. Avatar of shrinidhi


    feng shui frog attracts money luck. the nice product it really works

  54. Avatar of Sadaf


    the color and texture are just as shown in the photograph. Very satisfied with the product!👍👍

  55. Avatar of Priyank Shetty

    Priyank Shetty

    A great combination of beauty and spiritual action. Just keep it at your desk and see the change yourself in a short while. Buy authentic products from Plus Value. Get advice from Plus Value experts if necessary.

  56. Avatar of nishita kashyap

    nishita kashyap

    I really like it. it gives amazing positive vibration. woks perfectly.

  57. Avatar of nikita gada

    nikita gada

    feng shui frog bring wealth and abundance. I feel positive after having this…value for money

  58. Avatar of Rohit Roy

    Rohit Roy

    My business was going well. However, the income was not enough. Though there were sales, there was not enough income. However, advised by the Plus Value experts, I began using Feng Shui Golden Money Frog Toad at the cash counter of my shop. Since then, I have been experiencing a steady increase in income and the number of sales has increased. Thank you Plus Value India for safe packaging and timely delivery.

  59. Avatar of sanjay kapadia

    sanjay kapadia

    feng shui golden frog gives immediately responsive and feels very good to use. I feel positive after having this…👍👍👍awesome

  60. Avatar of niharika gala

    niharika gala

    feng shui frog attracts wealth & good luck. really nice to have it, Feel good. Look wise also great.

  61. Avatar of karan ganguly

    karan ganguly

    this cute little frog really works! nice to have it, Feel good. amazing feng shui remedy.

  62. Avatar of Shilpa Shenoy

    Shilpa Shenoy

    Good product, very effective, value for money.

  63. Avatar of Sujit Dixit

    Sujit Dixit

    Good product, very impactful. I am pleased to have gone by the suggestion of Pus Value experts.

  64. Avatar of Akshata Khemani

    Akshata Khemani

    Great product. Helps in bringing financial success. I would make a high recommendation. However, order from Plus Value Online Store for the best product and safe packaging in 5 ply boxes with excellent quality bubble wrap.
    Good product and good seller.

  65. Avatar of Krishna Sunder

    Krishna Sunder

    I never thought Feng Shui could be so effective until I used Feng Shui Golden Money Frog Toad bought from Plus Value Global Shop. It is a great product with great aesthetics.
    Happy with the buy.

  66. Avatar of Ritesh Sen

    Ritesh Sen

    Great product. Happy with the purchase.
    You may also try using this.

  67. Avatar of Rakesh Sachdev

    Rakesh Sachdev

    After I started using the Feng Shui Golden Money Frog Toad, slowly all of my pending payments got cleared over time. I would highly recommend this product to everybody who deals with money. Buy it from Plus Value Global Shop for the best quality authentic product.

  68. Avatar of Vivaan Jha

    Vivaan Jha

    Thank you Plus Value team for your advice and properly energizing the product in a 5 ply box for safety. I am amazed by your professionalism.

  69. Avatar of Rishant Saxena

    Rishant Saxena

    Feng Shui Golden Money Frog Toad brings good luck along with money. It is amazing. Though I began using it mainly for money, slowly I realized that it has done some great improvement in my luck factor. Thank you Plus Value experts for your great recommendation and timely delivery.

  70. Avatar of Leena Bakshi

    Leena Bakshi

    I received Feng Shui Golden Money Frog Toad as a gift. I just kept it at a corner of my office just considering its aesthetic appeal. However, it did much more than just being a showpiece. It actually changed the whole dynamics of my business.
    Very happy with the impact this toad is creating.

  71. Avatar of Ishan Sharma

    Ishan Sharma

    Feng Shui Golden Money Frog Toad coming at a premium price really lives up to the expectation of a customer. It attracts money and good fortune; really works in my own experience. A highly recommended product. Order only on Plus Value Global Shop for the best quality energized product and a safe packaging and timely delivery in just 2 to 4 days.

  72. Avatar of Shikha Gupta

    Shikha Gupta

    Feng Shui Golden Money Frog Toad is a great thing from Plus Value India. From my own experience, I would recommend the product to those who want to attract money and prosperity. Order only on Plus Value for the original product and good packaging and smooth delivery with detailed tracking update on WhatsApp, SMS, and email.

  73. Avatar of Amit


    Best one

  74. Avatar of Nhi Tran

    Nhi Tran

    How do i place the frog? With the coin, facing inward to the cash register? Or with coin facing outward towards the front door?

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