Feng Shui Metal Wind Chime Seven 7 Pipes Rods Color Windchime for Home Office Positive Energy for Balcony Bedroom Excellent Sound [26.5inch / 66cm, Multi Colour]


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7 pipes-rod-colour-windchime-vastu-fengshui-product-remedy
Feng Shui Metal Wind Chime Seven 7 Pipes Rods Color Windchime for Home Office Positive Energy for Balcony Bedroom Excellent Sound [26.5inch / 66cm, Multi Colour] 670
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Feng Shui Wind Chime – 7 Pipes Multi-Color

Benefits of Wind Chime:-

A feng shui or Vastu wind chime can be a very nice way to add positive vibrations to your house. A feng shui wind chime will help you add feng shui harmony according to the way you use it. Depending on where you place it, your feng shui wind chime will help you balance the environment in which it is. You can choose different places for your feng shui wind chime, depending on the effect you want to achieve with it. If you mainly want it to decorate and add a nice harmonic touch, you can place it near a door or a window where you can see and hear it. You can also choose the spot according to how the breeze moves in it, either if you want delicate breezes or a windier place where your feng shui wind chime would sound louder. Your feng shui wind chime can be placed according to feng shui guidelines and the way elements are distributed within the house or the room.

7 Pipes wind chime can be used on the west side of the house or in any room to boost creativity in the children and also amongst all members. 7 pipes create positive energy in your house or in the office.

Highly popular feng shui cure recommended by Feng Shui & Vastu consultants.

 Vastu Feng Shui Wind Chime 7 Pipes Rod for Positive Energy Good Sound Entrance Wall/Door Hanging for Decor and Gift Items Home Office Decoration

Seven Rod 7 pipes wind chime can be used on the west side of the house or any room to boost creativity in the children and also amongst all the members.

The vibrations and soft musical notes of wind chimes help to relax, soothe your nerves and remove stress. wind chimes sound helps to connect with the inner soul to find peace.

It has been proven that certain types of music can be beneficial to people with high blood pressure or who suffer from stress. Will remove all negative energies from home, bring all positive vibes and energy

With this in mind, the gentle and relaxing sounds from chimes have been known to help people to unwind, whilst enjoying some time outdoors.

Get Paid Vastu Consultation, Send Your Floor Plan with Directions Marked for Professional Advice.

Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Color Multi-Color
Weight 340Grams
Ideal For Vastu,  Feng Shui, Home Decor
Ideal Location Window, Balcony, Entrance, Living Room
Wind Chime Length  26.5 Inches | 66 Cm
Country of Origin India

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Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 26 × 13 × 6 cm

91 reviews for Feng Shui Metal Wind Chime Seven 7 Pipes Rods Color Windchime for Home Office Positive Energy for Balcony Bedroom Excellent Sound [26.5inch / 66cm, Multi Colour]

  1. Avatar of Anji


    I really love the sound and how unique it is. Highly recommend!!

  2. Avatar of Fana


    It makes lovely sounds and looks lovely too. Thank you!

  3. Avatar of Sharan


    I already had two chimes in my garden area. But the sound is very soothing compared to all the chimes I have. The quality of the pipes and the wood is good.

  4. Avatar of Papri


    It’s a very pretty wind chime. I was not expecting that it will be a very cute one but to my surprise it’s amazing. Perfect to gift someone.

  5. Avatar of Nitya


    I’m very satisfied with the wind chimes. They are absolutely beautiful.

  6. Avatar of Anjana


    Absolutely stunning sound! My mom loved them and I’m considering a set for myself as well. I was so impressed with the shipping speed.

  7. Avatar of Hemanshi


    The sound and quality are excellent!

  8. Avatar of Amruta Sahani

    Amruta Sahani

    This chime is magical! The sound they make is beautiful, light, and whimsical! I will definitely buy another one – the perfect gift for everyone.

  9. Avatar of Suhana


    Perfect wind chime. I fell in love with it on the website.

  10. Avatar of Shallka


    Sent it to my friend as a surprise, she loves it and says it makes a great sound! Shipped quickly and arrived well packed. Thank you Plus Value.

  11. Avatar of Shifa


    This is my fourth set of wind chimes, and honestly, I said this, I just love the wind chime of this shop. They send beautiful wind chimes. Shipping is SO fast too.

  12. Avatar of Kelly


    It was a gift for my daughter’s new home. The chimes look and sound beautiful. They were well packed and shipping was quick. Amazing experience with Plus Value.

  13. Avatar of Nirbhya


    This is so pretty! I have it hanging on my front door. It chimes sweetly every time the door opens!! I just love it!

  14. Avatar of Ashika Gaur

    Ashika Gaur

    This set is beautiful to look at and has the most gorgeous chimes. We receive compliments all the time from guests on how lovely they sound.

  15. Avatar of Raju


    gives positive energy.
    lovely sound. nice colorful wind chime👍👌

  16. Avatar of Kartik Agarwal

    Kartik Agarwal

    These are truly the most beautiful wind chimes I’ve ever heard and the volume is perfect!! We placed them in our carport, You’ll hear that the volume is just loud enough to enjoy. We’ve enjoyed pretty consistent chimes.

  17. Avatar of kumar


    bring all positive vibes and energy. remove stress and give peace

  18. Avatar of Smitiri Bhasin

    Smitiri Bhasin

    This chime is amazing. I’ve enjoyed it all time and never get tired of hearing it. The tones are so beautiful and rich.

  19. Avatar of Anindita


    We are using this wind chime indoors and the sweet soft gentle sound is very pleasing and does not disturb the peace and quiet, in fact, makes it very soothing.

  20. Avatar of Shobhita


    Thank you so much for this lovely windchime! this was a gift to someone special to me and they received the item today and they loved it so much. very fast shipping and great quality. will buy from Plus Value again!

  21. Avatar of Kavita Mishra

    Kavita Mishra

    GORGEOUS chimes. I can’t wait to have it hanging in the front of the house where the wind will give our porch the most beautiful soothing music. this sounds so pretty.

  22. Avatar of Dronali


    This wind chime is wonderful! I am totally in love with the look and sound it produces. Speedy shipping and lovely work. Thanks for making happy days!

  23. Avatar of Sabhya


    When I ordered this wind chime, I expected it to be here within 5 to 6 days. It got here in 4 DAYS! I’m very pleased with my order, it was packaged very nicely. Amazing experience.

  24. Avatar of Mandy


    This item was a gift and it was exactly what was described and I was very happy to get a quality item. Thank you for making this a great experience.

  25. Avatar of Raveena


    I absolutely loved this windchime! Perfect gift for my friend.

  26. Avatar of Lavni


    I love the sound and definitely feel calmer in the room it’s in thank you.

  27. Avatar of Aksh


    Very well satisfied with the wind chime and can blindly order next time. The sound is so soothing. I love it.

  28. Avatar of Abhinav Shukla

    Abhinav Shukla

    The sound is absolutely amazing. I love these wind chimes, The mellow tone is relaxing and with the dual wind paddles, you get to control the sound. nice colorful wind chime👍👌

  29. Avatar of Yamini


    I love wind chimes & always wanted one. I might use it for sound therapy because it has such a beautiful noise. I had no issues with shipping or receiving it. It arrived in perfect condition. Very satisfied & excited to hang it up on my birthday.

  30. Avatar of Alina Reddy

    Alina Reddy

    A gentle wind blows and the chimes have a wonderful, light melodic tone. UpBlend chimes are a wonderful addition to our outdoor space! Thank you for this wind chime.

  31. Avatar of Anshika


    I just received this sweet wind chime today, and it’s too cute for words! I love the attention to detail with the beautiful colors. I’ve decided to hang the chime in my home as it’s too pretty to put outside. I would purchase again from this shop without hesitation.

  32. Avatar of Nilima Arora

    Nilima Arora

    I absolutely love the sound that this makes the quality seems good, lovely sound. nice colorful wind chime👍👌

  33. Avatar of Heer


    I just loved it !! ❤️ Good vibes.

  34. Avatar of Kamini Khanna

    Kamini Khanna

    I hang this wind chime in my garden that is the happiest place in the world for me, and it was super oxygenated and fresh and beautiful. I love this windchime.

  35. Avatar of Shory


    It shipped fast and was very well packed. The chime is absolutely beautiful! Great quality!

  36. Avatar of Judy


    This wind chime would be a lovely gift it has a beautiful sound.

  37. Avatar of Shanti


    The sound is very soft.

  38. Avatar of Arnav Rathor

    Arnav Rathor

    I’m planning to give this as a gift sometime because it’s added a degree of quality to my life. I am very sound-sensitive, which is probably the reason I was hesitant to get one. But this particular wind chime sounds amazing once you get used to it.

  39. Avatar of Suhani Mehta

    Suhani Mehta

    I love the wind chime. I prefer the ones with the deeper tones and this one sounds fantastic.
    Your product is a super value!

  40. Avatar of Sushant Malhotra

    Sushant Malhotra

    I start to enjoy it more & more every time I heard it. This got me more interested to look at it more closely & the hexagon pattern is really nice. Modern & minimal. I have to say I am really impressed with it.

  41. Avatar of Kakoli


    This is such a unique gift and I cannot wait to give it to my grandfather! Would highly recommend it if you are looking for a unique gift!

  42. Avatar of Manpreet Singh

    Manpreet Singh

    Having several chimes that I love, this one is my favorite, beautiful sound. The sound, when I get them, is one of the more beautiful sounding chimes I have heard.

  43. Avatar of Deepti


    Windchime is perfect for a balcony. Light breeze creates beautiful sound. Very soothing to the ears. Looks very good. High-quality product.

  44. Avatar of Subha


    This more than met my expectations. The sound in the breeze is amazing. It’s such a cute idea I will definitely order more from Plus Value.

  45. Avatar of Birgit


    Beautiful pipes and colors. Its voice is very good I can’t stop hearing the voice of my windchime. I really like it, & I’m happy to buy it.

  46. Avatar of Ashiyana


    Give you a very calming feel and the sound is perfect. Thanks Plus Value for the amazing wind chime.

  47. Avatar of Aaun bandukwal

    Aaun bandukwal

    I’m glad I got this windchime! The sounds are tuneful, and it moves often enough even in the sheltered tree branch I put it on. I swear, sometimes it sounds like the opening guitar.

  48. Avatar of Sangeeta


    The product is very beautiful and sounds wonderful. It was a gift for my brother and he thoroughly enjoys it.

  49. Avatar of Parul


    The wind chime is very pretty and fits in with our decor perfectly! Loved how quickly this arrived as well!! Thank you Plus Value.

  50. Avatar of Anant


    Awesome wind chime, My ears are pleased to listen to this and very decorative If you hang it on the welcome door.

  51. Avatar of Hiren


    I just love this and can’t wait to hang this. It creates a beautiful sound.

  52. Avatar of Rakshika


    It is very pretty and the sound is a nice relaxing low chime, not a high-pitched annoying one. Pretty too. Really like it.

  53. Avatar of Rakshita


    Go for it if you are searching for calming sounds and cute wind chimes!❤️

  54. Avatar of Lori


    Absolutely beautiful! I bought this as a gift for some friends and I think this is the wind chime that would be perfect. Amazing wind chime.

  55. Avatar of Debora


    The quality was better than expected, the wind chime is very well processed. I like the relaxing sound, which is not too loud.

  56. Avatar of Sanchita


    Nicely made and looks like what I was expecting. It also has a nice sound quality in the wind. I was very happy with it. Happy to buy it.

  57. Avatar of Tina


    Received my 7 rods wind chime quickly. Looks Very nice and sounds sweet. Thanks Plus Value.

  58. Avatar of Rakhi


    It looks wonderful and creates a deep resonating sound that brings about a meditative effect. I am so happy with this.

  59. Avatar of Noopur


    My family loves their wind chime – wonderful quality and arrived quickly. Awesome sound.

  60. Avatar of Amla


    Very nice colorful wind chime. I’m glad I ordered it, It makes a nice sound.

  61. Avatar of Manyta


    This is so pretty and bright, with a nice weight and a cheerful tinkle. Exactly as described and it met all my expectations. Highly recommended!

  62. Avatar of Megan


    Outstanding quality, the most beautiful chime. fast shipping and we are very happy with the tone. Thank you so much.

  63. Avatar of Ujjwal


    You will love this chime. My daughter says she loves it too! We have a little breezy weather so, I am enjoying its music.

  64. Avatar of Sanjita


    I absolutely love this windchime. Really different and lovely to listen to. glad I ordered them. Delivered on time. You won’t be disappointed if you order this item.

  65. Avatar of Aelin


    Purchased this colorful wind chime for my office area. Its sound is amazing I really like it very much. They look great! Super cute!

  66. Avatar of Trilly


    I have bought more than 20 Windchime from the open market, but I would like to say this is one of the best purchases within this price point. Good Metal quality & color combination all are good.

  67. Avatar of Swarvanu


    Wonderful quality, well made, beautiful. Just as shown and described. It makes a beautiful sound.

  68. Avatar of Erica


    After purchasing this wind chime for myself I purchased two more for gifts. This wind chime is a wonderful piece of art. Amazing sound.

  69. Avatar of Lemi


    Absolutely love my wind chime, so well made and the colors are beautiful, they tinkle in the wind, highly recommend it, thank you.

  70. Avatar of Swati


    It is the perfect wind chime for your home decor and every time it removes my loneliness and feel me like a great buddy. Thank You Plus Valu.

  71. Avatar of Himanshi Roy

    Himanshi Roy

    Best sound. peaceful and quality awesome.

  72. Avatar of Garima


    Absolutely love it! My friend has one and I fell in love. I’m so excited. Beautifully made. It was wrapped perfectly. I’m very happy. Thank you!

  73. Avatar of Rieke


    So Beautiful colorful windchime!! I love it so much I can’t wait to put it in my house. Fast shipping and securely packaged, thank you so much.💚

  74. Avatar of Rishika


    Perfect for hanging outside. Creates a very mellow ambient sound!

  75. Avatar of Denny


    Wow, this windchime was perfect. Order this windchime and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you.

  76. Avatar of Kim


    I love the sound of my new windchime! They were packed well. I really appreciated for great customer service.

  77. Avatar of Bhanu


    This is a beautiful wind chime. I use it as a car charm. The rods make a nice soft sound. The seller was excellent. The package arrived very nicely packaged.

  78. Avatar of Ranjha


    Cute and impressive decoration. This wind-chime is a little wonder and graces wherever decorated.

  79. Avatar of Deepti


    The wind chime color is beautiful. The sound of Chime is soothing, smooth, and Peaceful. Perfect meditation music. ❤️

  80. Avatar of Diane


    This chime is perfect for where I have hung them. The colors are true to the picture. Great value for money.

  81. Avatar of Piushika


    Very good. Soothing & a nice sound. Just what is expected. Built quality is good. Amazing.

  82. Avatar of Luice


    Beautiful and very special wind chime with a wonderfully delicate sound. It arrived safely packaged.

  83. Avatar of Niharika


    My sister loved it! She has a lot of different wind chimes. But it was perfect. Very happy to buy it.

  84. Avatar of Premlata


    This is really amazing. I got it for my mom and she loves it.. the clinging sound is really superb.

  85. Avatar of Jackie


    Love this windchime. The rodes are gorgeous. Makes the sweetest sound.

  86. Avatar of Srirup


    My wind chime looks absolutely wonderful on my door. It catches the sun lovely and it always makes me happy. Thank you.

  87. Avatar of Preeta


    This is my 3rd time purchase of the same product, happy with the model n soothing sound of wind chimes.

  88. Avatar of Surbhi


    This wind chime is absolutely beautiful! My sister loved it as a gift, and it was exactly the tone she wanted for outside her living room window! Couldn’t believe how quickly the item shipped.

  89. Avatar of Nimisha


    We’re so happy with our windchime! We weren’t expecting much of a sound from it, most just to use it decoratively. But its chimes are strong and lovely!

  90. Avatar of Lisa


    I heard the most beautiful wind chimes voice at my workplace of office which I had ever heard, and it was so peaceful. After coming home I ordered them without a moment’s hesitation & when I found them. They arrived today after much anticipation, and were packaged perfectly! I hung them immediately and was overjoyed at the peaceful music.

  91. Avatar of Shrika


    Nice windchime. lovely colors and a calming sound, thank you. A great shop will buy again.

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