Feng Shui Crystals

Feng Shui Crystals


Feng Shui Fengshui crystals are easy to install in any location i.e. home or office. Feng shui crystals like Swarovski crystals, faceted crystals, crystal balls, crystal rocks, crystal pendants, crystal remedies etc. are very popular all over the world.

Feng shui is an ancient philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding system (Wikipedia)

Feng shui (wind and water) is the practice of arranging your environment so that “chi” flows gently and smoothly through your home or business locations. Feng Shui symbols help you to support achieve the desired goals in life. Basically, feng shui is based on the concept that everything in our environment has a life force or energy called a “chi” The main aim of feng shui is to introduce specific positive changes and adjustments into living and working environments so that people feel supported, motivated and energized. Its all about the balancing the five elements as well as yin-yang forces.

We have all kind of crystal balls, remedies, and enhancers. We ship worldwide and you can shop online from our vastu & feng shui store-plusvalue  

Reiki and healing crystal are also available. You are welcome to visit our showroom at Mumbai (Malad) to buy feng shui products personally.




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Feng Shui Crystal Ball 100mm for Positive Energy

Crystal ball - 100mm - Bring positive energyCrystal helps to harness the positive flow of chi (energy). It brings live and fresh energy into a stagnan..

2,000 Rs

Feng Shui Crystal Ball 40mm with Brass Pyramid Stand for Education, Study Desk, Memory & Concentration

Crystal ball 40mm with Brass Pyramid StandCrystal helps to harness the positive flow of chi(energy).It brings live and fresh energy into a stagnant ro..

800 Rs

Rose Quartz Ball with Crystal Stand - 30 to 40mm

Rose quartz ball with Crystal StandMaterial - rose quartz And Crystal StandWeight - 300 to 500gm approx With Stand( L X W X H ) - 5.5cm X 5.5cm X..

2,200 Rs

Crystal Quartz Ball- Prosperity Stone -30 to 40mm

Clear quartz crystal is the universal stone. Everyone should have one! It corresponds to all zodiac signs and is a pure and powerful energy source. ..

1,450 Rs

Healing Crystal Bag to Attract Job Opportunities - Personal crystal

  Attract Job & promotion -Crystal Bag Stones-10 in beautiful Bag (color of the bag may be different) Benefits:-Attract job crystal ..

650 Rs

Rune stone crystal for rune reading

Rune Stone crystal for rune reading "Rune" means "whisper" or "secret".  Indeed runes are thought by some to be a way of interacting with both ..

750 Rs

Travelling Crystal Bag for joyful & Safe travel energy

Travelling Crystal  -Crystal BagStones-6  in beautiful Jute BagCrystals are perfect travel companions in promoting a safe journey, joy, and ..

750 Rs

Amethyst Ball Reiki Healing Crystal Stone Of Concentration With Stand

Amethyst Ball with Crystal  StandMaterial - amethyst stone And Crystal StandWeight - 364gm approx. With Standstand ( L X W X H ) - 5cm ..

1,500 Rs

Home Selling Crystal Bag

  Home Selling Crystal Bag Stones-6 in a jute bag Benefits:-Home selling Crystal Bag contains powerful crystal specially selected to att..

650 Rs

Rune stone amethyst for rune reading

Runestone amethyst for rune reading "Rune" means "whisper" or "secret".  Indeed runes are thought by some to be a way of interacting with both ..

750 Rs

My Angel for self awareness-Lapiz- Angel Guardian

Lapis Angel guard against psychic attacks, Lapis Lazuli quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. It brings harmony and deep inner self-knowledg..

750 Rs

Red Jasper Pyramid - A fire Stone

Red Jasper PyramidSize- 2 inches approxMaterial - Red JasperWeight - 190gm approx( L X W X H ) - 5cm X 5cm X 4.5cm approx Red Jasper is know..

1,150 Rs

Earth Square cubes Yellow Jasper for South west

 Yellow Jasper Square Crystal Yellow Jasper is s wonderful for energy work.Quantity- 9 square Jasper  cubes (approx. 0.5 inches)Th..

1,800 Rs

Memory & Concentration -Angel Amethyst-Celestial Gurdian

Angel Amethyst-Celestial Guardian  Size- 1.5 to 2 Inches    Made from genuine amethyst stone Amethyst is a crystal of protection bec..

600 Rs

Amazonite Tumbled stones -100gm

Amazonite -Tumbled stonesQuantity- 100gm Amazonite has a powerful filtering action. It blocks geopathic stress. It is very helpful in protecting ..

950 Rs

Blue Lace Agate Agate-pocket stone

Blue Lace Agate  -Pocket Tumbled stonesWith attractive Jute BagQuantity- 1 pieceBlue lace agate is an excellent healing stone brings peace of min..

400 Rs