Birthday Gift

Birthday Gift

Birthday Gift

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Aquamarine Bracelet -stone of courage

Bracelet-Aquamarine  Bead size-8mmAquamarine is a stone of courage.Meta physical and healing properties  of  aquamarine:-1. It calming ..

800 Rs

Yellow Aventurine Ball with Stand- Financial stone

  Yellow Aventurine Ball with Stand Size- 40 to 50mmMaterial - Yellow Aventurine Weight - 312gm apxmstand ( L X W X H )..

1,400 Rs

Brass Ganesha Shankh / Conch Shell - Vastu Shastra Remedies & Product

Brass Ganesha Shankh (Conch)Weight-825gmSize- 5 x 3 inchesExcellent gift for any occasionThis beautiful brass shankha (conch) depicts images of Lord ..

2,400 Rs

Feng Shui Laughing Buddha with children

Laughing Buddha with children Material - FiberWeight - 144gm Colour:- Multi colourSize- 2.5 x 2.5 " “  (Height)Laughing Buddha with ch..

600 Rs

Bejeweled Tortoise (mini)-Beautiful feng shui Powerful vastu enhancer

Bejeweled  Tortoise -Beautiful feng shui item  for personal use or to gift someoneSize- 2.5 x 2 InchesMaterial - MetalWeight - 0.118gm..

1,500 Rs