Congratulations Gift

Congratulations Gift

Congratulations Gift

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Fengshui Bejewled White Elephant carrying flaming jewel

Bejeweled white elephantSize- 3.5 x 3 inchesWeight -308gm( L X W X H ) - 10.2cm X 4cm X 9cm Bejeweled white elephant symbolizes superb wealth lu..

2,100 Rs

Bejeweled Tortoise (mini)-Beautiful feng shui Powerful vastu enhancer

Bejeweled  Tortoise -Beautiful feng shui item  for personal use or to gift someoneSize- 2.5 x 2 InchesMaterial - MetalWeight - 0.118gm..

1,500 Rs

Lord Kubera -5 x 3"- God of wealth

 Lord Kubera Size- 5.5 Inches Weight-1.250 kg apxmMaterial - Brass( L X W X H ) - 13.5cm X 8cm X 10cm apxm Kubera (also Kuber) is th..

2,050 Rs