Best Healing Crystals for Office

Best Healing Crystals which can transform your office/workplace into an area of positive energy. Crystals have been gaining in popularity and they are now being used in many aspects of our lives. It is time to examine how they can be used to make your office setting more positive. There are multiple merits to having […]

healing crystals for new born baby

Best Healing Crystals for Newborn Baby

Healing Crystal for Newborn Baby Healing Crystals are advantageous gems that can keep up equilibrated energy within them as the atmosphere is highly invigorating. For an infant, the whole thing is novel and they need to conform to each sound, feel, odor, view, and flavor. Healing Crystals contain a power that can soothe a newly […]

best healing crystals for enhancing memory

Best Healing Crystals Stones & Gemstones for Enhancing Memory

Best Healing Crystals, Stones, and Gemstones that can help enhance memory retention and recall  Much like a muscle, our short-term and long-term memory will deteriorate if it is not exercised. Strengthening one’s memory has been a long-standing practice, with tactics that have been employed since ancient times. We don’t need to count solely on recollection […]


Crystals for Kitchen

Crystals that Can be Kept in Your Kitchen Area Not only is the kitchen a spot for preparing and consuming meals, but it also serves as a hub for socializing with loved ones. If you’re passionate about cooking and experimenting with different dishes, it can be a great source of ideas for creating unique and […]

Choosing Crystals

Ways of Choose Your Healing Crystals

Choose Your Healing Crystals There are three main ways to choose a crystal: rationally, intuitively, and by dowsing. All three selection methods work with any crystal. Crystal energy is subtle, but once you are attuned to it and focused you will quickly be able to recognize the right crystal for you. Choosing a crystal rationally […]


The Healing Properties of Fire Agate Crystals: The Magical stone For a Magical Life

Fire agate stones are one of the rarest gemstones on earth. These stones are so difficult to find that most people who have them consider themselves lucky to own them. These mystical gems have lived for hundreds of millions of years buried deep in the earth as they slowly released their natural energy. They are […]

crackle quartz tumble pebble stone 300grams

Mystical Healing Power of Crackle Quartz Crystals: The Crystal of Abundance

Mystical Healing Power of Crackle Quartz Crystals: The Crystal of Abundance When it comes to crystal healing, crackle quartz is a crystal that has a lot of potential. It’s one of the most powerful crystals for helping you see abundance in your life. This clarity and trust in abundance is what makes crackle quartz so […]

prehnite tumble stone pebble 300grams

Prehnite Crystal Healing Properties

What Are Prehnite crystal and What Are Its Healing Properties? Prehnite is a type of greenish-blue stone that is most commonly found in New Zealand, but has also been discovered in other areas of the world. Prehnite falls into the epidote subcategory and is known for its striking green, blue, and yellow hues. Its name […]

premium blue apatite tumble stone pebble

Blue Apatite Amazing Healing Properties

Blue apatite- healing properties Blue Apatite is a stone of tranquility and balance. Its soothing energy can help you achieve a state of emotional peace, which allows your body and mind to relax. The blue color in Apatite comes from the presence of iron and is due to small amounts of Chromium. This unique mineral […]

Citrine Crystal Stone Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Citrine Crystal Stone Healing Citrine Crystal Stone Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits INTRODUCTION & MEANING & HISTORY of Citrine Citrine is known as ‘Merchant’s Stone’. It is always used to increase the wealth and profit and expansion of the business. it is generally yellow in color. Due to its mineral composition its color can vary […]