Crystal Pyramids

Crystal Pyramids

Crystal Pyramid

Apex of the pyramid acts as an antenna and harnesses a cosmic energy. It creates vital centre of electromagnetic energy.

Pyramid energy have a direct effect on both animate and inanimate objects. Experiments with pyramid affirm changes in the mental, physical and emotional states of individuals and surroundings after exposure to the pyramid energy. Also aura of the premises becomes more positive after the pyramids are placed.

We have all kind of crystal pyramid like quartz  crytal pyramid, amethyst, rose quartz, green aventurine, red jsaper, yellow jasper, Dalmatian, lapis lazuli, navagraha, . We ship worldwide and you can shop online from our vastu & feng shui store-plusvalue   Reiki and healing crystal are also available .You are welcome to visit our showroom at Mumbai (malad) to buy crystal pyramids personally. We offer free crystal consultations

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Crystal Quartz Pyramid 1"

Clear quartz crystal is the universal stone. Material - Crystal QuartzWeight - 0.22gm apxm( L X W X H ) - 2.5cm X 2.5cm X 2.5cm apxm Cr..

450 Rs

Photo Healing Pyramid

  Photo Healing Pyramid  Size- 1.5  inches apxm with Square base Made from Yellow quartz stone 1. Place photograph of t..

750 Rs

Crystal Quartz Pyramid 2"

Clear quartz crystal is the universal stone.  Crystal receives, activates, stores, transmits, and amplifies energy. Stimulates activates all..

750 Rs

Relationship Pyramid-Rose Quartz Pyramid- Size 2 Inches

Rose Quartz is the most powerful for dealing with affairs of the heart. It opens up the heart for both giving and receiving love.  It soothe..

850 Rs

New Navagraha Pyramid with Mirror Base- Nine Planet Pyramid

Crystal Navagraha Pyramid- Nine Planet Pyramid  Combination of 9 planets is an ideal to install in prayer area or at north east corner of th..

850 Rs

Red Jasper Pyramid - A fire Stone

  Red Jasper Pyramid Size- 2 inches apxmMaterial - Red JasperWeight - 190gm apxm( L X W X H ) - 5cm X 5cm X 4.5cm apxm Red jas..

1,150 Rs

Dalmatian Pyramid 2"

Dalmatian Pyramid 2”Material - Dalmatian StoneWeight - 142 gm apxm( L X W X H ) - 5cm X 5cm X 5cm apxm Dalmatian stone  helps to move yo..

850 Rs

Green Aventurine Pyramid

Green Aventurine  Pyramid Green Aventurine   Material – Green AventurineSize- 2inch apxm Weight – 70 to 100gm Green Aven..

900 Rs

Lapis Pyramid - Enlightenment stone

  Lapis Lazuli Pyramid -2" Enlightenment stone Size-2Inches Material - Lapis CrystalWeight - 120gm apxm( L X W X H ) - 4.5cm X4.5c..

900 Rs

7 – Seven Chakra stone pyramid

7 – Seven Chakra  stone pyramidMaterial - Seven Chakra StoneWeight - 75gm apxm( L X W X H ) - 4.5cm X 4.5cm X3.5cm apxmSize- 40 to 45mmMulti..

750 Rs

Five Element Crystal With Symbol- Vastu correction Pyramid

Five Element CrystalSize 4 to 5 cm.Material - Crystal QuartzWeight - 100gm apxm( L X W X H ) - 5cm X 5cm X 5cm apxmApex of the pyramid acts as an..

1,500 Rs