Reiki Healing Crystals

Marvelous, Mystical & Magical Healing Crystals have been used for thousands of years for protection, healing & as an ornament. Ancient people valued crystals and gems for their magical and spiritual power. Rulers, Kings, and Queens wore amulets and crowns set with precious gemstones and crystals.

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Showing 49–96 of 527 results

Crystal can improve your health, balance your emotions, helps you with abundance and access spiritual powers, and many more things.

Crystal Geodes and Raw Natural Himalayan clusters are widely used in Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra, Space Healing, and Astrology corrections.

Crystals are the main tools for Reiki, Crystal Healers, Astrologers & Gemologists.

Crystal quartz does not decay and because of its amplifying ability, some believe that they work as a storage device for important cosmic knowledge.

Wearing crystal pendants and bracelets make your dream come true or resolve current unhappiness.

Crystals are a lot popular in the USA & Abroad is becoming more popular in India too.

At home, at work, or during a study, you can achieve success with crystal energy. Crystal Shree (Shri) yantra are most popular to enhance wealth luck, prosperity, and peace. We offer the best quality crystal with large varieties of Crystal balls (spheres), Crystal Bracelets, Crystal Pyramids, Crystal Angels, Healing Bags, Tumbled Stones, Necklace, Japamala, Pebbles Tumbled Stones, Cluster, Geodes, Wands, Chakra Stones, Cabochons, and Raw Crystal Rocks.