Marvelous & mystical Crystals  has been used for thousand of years for protection, healing and as a ornament. Ancient people valued crystal and gems for their magical and spiritual power. Rulers, kings, queens wore ammulets and crown set with precious crystal and gems. Placing a crystals near your working desk or near you side table in bed room enhances the positive flow of energy. There are different types crystal and healing pedants  are recommended for different uses.

We offer best quality, amazing and large varieties of  pendants like rose quartz, crystal quartz, amethyst, pyrite, labradorite, tiger eye, fluorite, quartz crystal, carnelian, yellow agate, green aventurine .  etc. We ship worldwide and you can shop online from our vastu & feng shui store plusvalue. You are welcome to visit our showroom at Mumbai (malad) to buy beautiful pendants  personally. We offer free crystal consultations.

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Pendant Lapis Lazuli Silver Cap for Reiki Crystal Aura Chakra Healing Fengshui

Size-1 Inch apxm- Pencil ShapeLapis Lazuli is a healing and soothing. Simply touching the body with this stone is improves your spiritual, psychi..

850 Rs

New Latest Tiger Eye Pendant

Tiger Eye Pendant Size 1 to 2 inches apxm Tiger eye stimulates courage & creativity. This stone would be a very good protection ..

950 Rs

Carnelian Pendant [ Pure Silver ] Cap Heart Shape -For confidence & fearless public speaking

Carnelian Heart Shape PendantSize- 1 inch apxmMaterial - Carnelian Stone A stone of ambition and drive, Carnelian is a Power Stone! Excelle..

850 Rs

Couple Pendant- Quartz Crystal & Rose Quartz -New Design

  Couple pendant-Crystal & Rose Quartz New Design- with SilverCrystal is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier o..

1,450 Rs

New Crystal Pendant for Prosperity & Success

Crystal Pendant Crystal Increases focus and clarity. It brings clarity and focus to your spells. It is excellent stone for health, Wealth and ha..

950 Rs

Quartz Crystal Heart shape Pendant for Prosperity & Success

Quartz Crystal Pendant (Sphatika)Size  2cm apxmMaterial - Natural Crystal QuartzHeart Shape with Silver BorderCrystal Increases fo..

850 Rs

3 pendants - Green & yellow aventurine, Black Tourmaline

3 pendants- Green & yellow aventurine, Black Tourmaline  Size- 1 inch with metal Cap Green Aventurine _Dark Green aventurine is beli..

750 Rs

Yellow aventurine pendant for opportunities

Yellow Aventurine heart shape pendantSize- 1 inch with metal Cap Yellow Aventurine is associated with financial aspect. It also helps to bring ne..

350 Rs

New Crystal Pendant for success and prosperity

Crystal Pendant with Gold plated cap Crystal Increases focus and clarity. It brings clarity and focus to your spells. It is excellent stone for he..

350 Rs

Quartz Crystal Pendant for success and prosperity

Quartz Crystal Pencil  shape Pendant for Prosperity & SuccessQuartz Crystal Pendant (Sphatika)Size  2cm apxm Material -&nbs..

850 Rs
Latest Black  Tourmaline Pendant- Protect from Negativity Out Of Stock

Latest Black Tourmaline Pendant- Protect from Negativity

Black Tourmaline  for protection from negativity  (New design) Negativity from both people and electrical & magnetic fields. It is..

950 Rs

Yellow Agate Pendant for opportunities

Yellow Agate a stone for new opportunities for business or career. It also aid in restoration of energy, used in healing, and believed to bring we..

850 Rs
New Pyrite Pendant-Multiple benefits Out Of Stock

New Pyrite Pendant-Multiple benefits

Pyrite Pendant Size- 1 inch apxm Latest design Pyrite found it's name from the Greek word pyr, which means 'fire', the French call it Pi..

850 Rs

Crystal Shree Yantra Pendant

Crystal Shree Yantra Pendant Shri Yantra is considered to be dear to Goddess Laxmi the Hindu God of Wealth.  Shree Yantra is one of the..

500 Rs