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Jiten Health 9x9 ( set of 7 ) Pyramid

Jiten Health 9x9 ( set of 7 ) Pyramid

Jiten Health 9x9 ( set of 7 ) Pyramid

According to Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt, Three Fa colours are Yellow, Red and Orange and Maa Colours are Violet, Blue and Green. The White Colour plate is used with the suitable Colour plate for holistic health and normal healing. Each plate has its precise function and one white plate on the opposite side offers better result.Health 9x9 Pyramid Instrument is best for deep rhythmic breathing and for improving health and wellness.


He has designed an advanced instrument with 6 health Pyra colour plates and a supporting White Colourplate.Normally, you use a sole White plate. But suitable colored plate at the required position and one White plate on the opposite side can give improved results.

  • Violet- Acts on awareness, promotes consciousness, prepares for meditation. Indications: Lymphatic system disorders
  • Blue- Blue colour has a relaxing effect, appreciated in the treatment of all diseases involving heat. Sign: Pain, haemorrhoids, congestion, warts, insomnia, menopausal difficulties.
  • Green- Green is a Neutral colour, treats chronic difficulties, soothing, relaxing. Indications: Whooping cough, swelling of the joints, tumours, eye diseases, etc.
  • Red- Hot Red colour, colour with the highest penetration, increases flow of blood.
  • Yellow- Yellow supports the endocrine system, helps in chronic diseases of the digestive system.
  • Orange- Orange gives vitality, makes joyful colour of the sun.

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Jiten Health 9x9 ( set of 7 ) Pyramid

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