Jiten Pyron Gold Pink - Love Vastu Correction Yantra

Jiten Pyron Gold Pink - Love Vastu Correction Yantra

Jiten Pyron Gold Pink- Love Vastu Correction Yantra

Height - 25 cm (10"), Length - 14 cm (5.5"), Width - 3 cm (1") Approx

Jiten’s Pyron Gold Pink- Love Pyramid is a cosmic harmonizer pyramid. Pyron Gold Pink-Love with its mystical power can enhance your essence of life. ‘Pink Love’ symbolizes union & relationships. It is also linked with yielding summer and the maternal female. Pink-Love Jiten Pyramid brings peace and harmony & it is a link to a successful relationship between a husband and wife. Its Element is earth, Feng Shui number-2, and its direction is South-west.

Due to its multiple benefits, Jiten’s Pyron Gold will give you an easy solution to all your Vastu and Fengshui problems (simply by the Chi management of your house, office, factory, etc.). ‘Pyron Gold’ imparts the double benefit as it has inbuilt pyramid Yantra with nine pyramids and 81 base pyramids.

How to Use?

All you need to do is to fix your photograph on the reverse of the Pyron Pyramid above the copper disc & hold the Jiten’s Pyron Gold Pink-Love in your hand & charge the gold disc with your mind power & easily install it in your home, office or factory. The Pyron (Jiten Pyramid) can be fixed on the wall with a brass screw or can be placed in a particular direction as per the requirement and as per the available space.

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Jiten Pyron Gold Pink - Love Vastu Correction Yantra

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