Labradorite Angel Guardian Crystal [Hand Carved]


Stone of ♥ Transformation ♥ Protection ♥ Meditation ♥ Purification ♥ Vision ♥ Intuition ♥ Inner Work ♥ Stimulates imagination ♥ Calming ♥ Promotes psychic abilities ♥ Strengthens our will

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labradorite angel(384-Grams)
Labradorite Angel Guardian Crystal [Hand Carved] 6,001
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Labradorite Angel Guardian (Big Size)

Benefits of Labradorite Crystal Angel:-

Labradorite, as the name suggests, was discovered in Labrador, Canada, in the 1700s, and its healing qualities were soon discovered after that. It is a bluish opaque crystal that has many spiritual properties that might aid the spiritual seeker and healer. That Labradorite Angel is an angel that is carved out of this many-hued stone. This stone is also called the Rainbow Moonstone or Spectrolite.

Labradorite stone guardian angel Angel is an angel stone carved out of bluish-toned stone crystal. The stone’s archangel is the angel, Raphael.

In the mineral kingdom, there is nothing like this stone. Its healing properties are to be reckoned with. It is known to protect the wielder from negative energies and is good for those who get angry hastily as it keeps the tempers under check.

It protects anyone who wears it or keeps it close and allows one to positively navigate through the misfortunes of this world. It is also known for providing visionary experiences and safe passage to alternate levels of consciousness. A unique thing about Labradorite is that apart from other crystals it seems to work rather quickly. When possessed, it will bring immediate effects to the possessor and qualm all fears and worries.

As this crystal’s archangel is Raphael, a powerful angel, those who wield the Labradorite stone gain immediate and unique protection and security from the mighty archangel. It is known to ward off financial securities as it gives spiritual insight into all material problems. This stone is away from harm’s way and cannot give harm anyone.

The stone’s bizarre color iridescent hues and chipped texture and the Labradorite Angel’s appearance can give the possessor unique safety in a fast-paced, confusing world. It displays a range of blues, greens, purples, browns, golds, and silvers and the angel is unique.

The Labradorite stone is associated with the chakras of the solar plexus and the sixth chakra, enhancing the effects of these chakras and cleansing them. This provides unique insights to those who possess the Labradorite Angel and can open a haven of spiritual pathways. It leads to healthier aspects of the mind, body, and soul and a more enriched life.

If you feel like a certain Chakra is blocked then you can hold the stone to that area. The next step is visualization: picture the various colors of the gem flowing from the stone and into your body. Feel it travel through all of your Chakras and then visualize a bubble forming around your body. This will allow the stone to heal your Aura as well. Hence, Labradorite Angel can be used to repair an off-mark aura as well.

Not only does it help in banishing fear and insecurities, but it also helps in strengthening one’s resolve. Its most important metaphysical property is perhaps that it helps to dispel the negative energy around you.

If the surface of the stone becomes cloudy, it should be dipped in mineral water and then placed in the sun. This will regenerate its properties.

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Product Specification

Brand Plus Value
Stone Type Natural Labradorite Crystal
Weight 282 Grams / 381 Grams / 312 Grams / 310 Grams / 302 Grams
Size 4.75 x 2.25 Inches / 4.75 x 2.75 Inches / 5 x 3 Inches / 4.5 x 2.55 Inches / 4.5 x 2.55 Inches Approx
Dimension (L x W) 12cm x 6cm / 12cm x 7cm / 12.5cm x 7.5cm / 11.5cm x 6.5cm / 12.5cm x 6.5cm Approx
Uses Reiki Healing, Vastu Feng Shui
Country of Origin India

Additional information

Dimensions 19 × 12 × 10 cm
Size: No selection

282 Grams, 381 Grams, 312 Grams, 310 Grams, 302 Grams

10 reviews for Labradorite Angel Guardian Crystal [Hand Carved]

  1. Avatar of prabha


    Extremely beautiful angel.

  2. Avatar of Kartik Hegde

    Kartik Hegde

    this seller sale genuine product good quality. Very happy with this purchase labradorite angel. Just as described.👍👍

  3. Avatar of Aditya Trivedi

    Aditya Trivedi

    It is so beautiful and it has such great energy.👍
    Very genuine product good quality

  4. Avatar of kamalika jhaveri

    kamalika jhaveri

    labradorite angel use in meditation gives peaceful mind. It really awesome angle

  5. Avatar of Nikhil Gada

    Nikhil Gada

    labradorite angel useful for increasing positivity in the surrounding space. very effective angel

  6. Avatar of Dilmini Gala

    Dilmini Gala

    labradorite angel gives a good positive vibration. it’s really attractive angel

  7. Avatar of Mohit Rastogi

    Mohit Rastogi

    Very effective healing power. gives a good vibration. I realized after used.

  8. Avatar of Dawn Ganguly

    Dawn Ganguly

    labradorite angel very useful in healing practice. it’s a very powerful angel. Really good product.

  9. Avatar of Mitali Garg

    Mitali Garg

    labradorite angel protection from negativity. Really good product. it works

  10. Avatar of shaan


    Beautiful labradorite angel, very well done. I love the energy. nice looks👌👍

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