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Magnetic Bracelet

According to research, Improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and an overall sense of well-being are just some of the benefits that wearing a magnetic bracelet can offer.

Based on Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is an Alternative system therapy

About Magnet Therapy

The use of magnet therapy has been tracked as far back as 800 B.C. Therapists in India, China, Greece, and Egypt were practicing magnet therapy for all types of ailments. These practitioners may have believed that magnets could actually draw disease from the body.

Magnetic therapy is an alternative medical practice that uses static (i.e. unmoving) magnets to alleviate pain and other health concerns. So-called therapeutic magnets are typically integrated into chains, bracelets, rings, or shoe insoles, belts, and straps, though therapeutic magnetic mattresses and clothing are also on the market.

Today magnet enthusiasts are finding great benefits from combining magnet therapy with acupressure, Su Jok therapy, and yoga.

The Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine from 2000 B.C., one of the early writings of Chinese Medicine, mentions the use of magnetic stones to therapeutically influence energetically charged acupuncture points and their associated meridian channels. This was done to balance the body’s subtle magnetic energies.

It is said that the stone Queen Cleopatra wore on her forehead was lodestone also known as magnetite (a magnetic mineral form of iron oxide). She believed it would keep her young, charming, and beautiful.

Magnet therapy uses static magnets for healing various kinds of ailments. The magnets most commonly used in magnet therapy are bio magnets or permanent magnets.

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11 reviews for Plus Value Magnetic Bracelet

  1. Avatar of deepak


    bracelet is very comfortable to wear,

  2. Avatar of Kishan Patel

    Kishan Patel

    Really good product.
    it works

  3. Avatar of shreya mehta

    shreya mehta

    I really like it.good quality.

  4. Avatar of komal gupta

    komal gupta

    It looks very beautiful.

  5. Avatar of indu singh

    indu singh

    it gives me positive vibe every time. nice bracelet.

  6. Avatar of bindu singh

    bindu singh

    this bracelet is controlling to us from the disease.
    excellent bracelet.

  7. Avatar of pooja yadav

    pooja yadav

    it’s very good work. bring positive energy.

  8. Avatar of durga sinha

    durga sinha

    this design is wonderful.i love this bracelet.

  9. Avatar of anamika singh

    anamika singh

    the bracelet is very easy to wear. looking beautiful.

  10. Avatar of payal sharma

    payal sharma

    it’s a very good bracelet. color is also good.

  11. Avatar of Shivani Rauthan

    Shivani Rauthan

    Original stones bracelet
    I can very easily feel it’s energy.
    Magnetite is very beneficial for heart and brain. Also it grounds the wearer.
    Thank you to PLUSVALUE

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