money wealth bowl – to manifest more money and abundance

 Money wealth bowl – to manifest more money and abundance

In the realm of Vastu or feng shui, numerous methods exist to materialize greater abundance and prosperity.


You have the option to optimize your money corner through Vastu or feng shui, utilize specific colors to attract wealth, harmonize your front door, and even apply feng shui principles to your wallet!

All of these practices serve to invite more financial resources, as well as enhance luck and good fortune in your life.

However, there is another Vastu or feng shui element that often goes unnoticed or remains unfamiliar to many individuals, and that is the feng shui wealth bowl!

The money bowl or prosperity bowl, also referred to as a wealth bowl, is believed to have the ability to attract positive fortune and abundance. By utilizing a wealth bowl, you can effectively manifest consistent and plentiful prosperity in your life. It is essential to have a clear understanding of your financial goals and actively focus on them while using the bowl. This practice has been utilized since ancient times and has proven to be highly effective.

In the past, this secret technique was exclusively known and employed by the affluent and royal individuals.

A Vastu wealth bowl possesses an immense amount of Vastu energy. This energy is infused into the bowl through the incorporation of coins, crystals, and rudraksha beads.

When it comes to placement, the wealth bowl is ideally positioned within a secure location for money, such as a money-safe unit.

Furthermore, you can also place the wealth bowl in close proximity to the cashier’s counter or the CEO’s desk, specifically within the south-east zone.


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