Pink Rose Quartz Natural Tumbled Pebbles Stones for Heart Chakra Healing Reiki Crystal Therapy, Love, Relationship & Marriage



Stone of ♥ Unconditional love ♥ Caring ♥ Kindness ♥ Friendship ♥ Compassion ♥ Emotional Healing ♥ Nourishment ♥ Spiritual Guidance ♥ Calming ♥ Peace ♥ Remove Negativity ♥ Attracting Love ♥ Curing Heartache

(121 customer reviews)
rose quartz tumble pebble 200gm basket
Pink Rose Quartz Natural Tumbled Pebbles Stones for Heart Chakra Healing Reiki Crystal Therapy, Love, Relationship & Marriage 7501,149
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Natural Pink Rose Quartz Tumbled Pebbles Stone ( Hand Polished ) [ Natural ]

Available in Grams 100grams, 200grams, & 300grams ( Please select your grams from the above radio button )

Material – Natural Rose Quartz Stone

Country of Origin: Brazil ( Polished in India )

Size Jute Bag ( L xW x H ) – 14cm x 11cm x 0.5cm, Basket ( L X W X H ) – 8cm X 8cm X 4cm, Wooden Bowl ( L X W X H ) – 10cm X 10cm X 5.5cm approx.

One of the most beautiful metaphysical stones, Rose Quartz is a Brazilian stone that is translucent pink in color.

Holding a rose quartz crystal stone heals all the matters related to the heart and brings an abundance of love in life as it is believed to emit strong love vibrations.

Attract a new love relationship, grow self-love, or heal yourself of a broken relationship in the past with the help of this magical stone.

Rose Quartz Tumbled stone will remove negativity and will protect you from environmental pollution. The stone will replace the negative vibes with love and positivity.

Place rose quartz stone pebbles near the side table of your bed or at the southwest corner.

Healing Properties of Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone:

  • The stone for the heart chakra brings all types of love- love for family, self, friends, or a romantic relationship.
  • Rose quartz restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love.
  • It has a soothing energy that promotes feelings of empathy and forgiveness.
  • It helps you get rid of negative feelings of jealousy, anger, and resentment and promotes healing of the troubles related to the heart.
  • It helps you get out of the pain of an unsuccessful relationship in the past.
  • Since it is the love stone, it is used to attract the love of your life.
  • It helps in rebuilding trust in the existing relationship and making the bond stronger.
  • It balances the physical health of the heart and improves the health of the circulatory system.
  • It helps in releasing the body of impurities from the body fluids.
  • It helps in reducing the problem of high blood pressure.
  • It helps treat chest and lung problems.
  • It also helps in healing the issues related to the kidney.
  • The smoothening effect of the stone hastens the healing process.
  • It provides energy to those suffering from leukemia.
  • Rose Quartz tumbled has the power to promote fertility and the ability to protect the fetus.
  • Rose quartz tumbled purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, deep inner healing, and feelings of peace.
  • Place rose quartz crystal in the room, office table, or when meeting for group harmony.
  • It helps to build and boost self-esteem and self-love.
  • Use Rose Quartz to bring calm and harmony during times of increased stress or crisis.
  • Rose quartz helps to encourage forgiveness and heal pains due to breakups, hate, jealousy, and resentment.
  • It boasts beautiful healing properties for the body too.
  • Rose quartz removes negativity and protects against environmental pollution, replacing it with loving vibes.
  • It is a useful crystal for adults and children, providing beautiful dreams as well as preventing nightmares or night terrors.

Order now your own natural rose quartz tumbled stone pebbles and feel the lovely changes in your life.

Why Buy Rose Quartz Crystal From Us?

Plus Value Rose Quartz Crystals are Recommended by Vastu Consultants, Feng Shui Experts, Reiki & Crystal Healers, Chakra & Aura Healing, and Astrologers because we believe in selling quality & results-oriented crystals.

Buy Now 100% Natural Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone For Love, Relationship, and Marriage Online in India From India’s Leading Crystal Shop.

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Product Specification

Stone Type Natural Rose Quartz Crystal
Surface Polished
Brand Plus Value
Color Pink
Weight 100gm,200gm,300gm
Uses In Vastu, Feng Shui, Reiki, Chakra Healing
Country of Origin India

Want to order Natural Rose Quartz Tumble Stone on Cash on Delivery from the Brand “Plus Value”?

100 Grams

200 Grams

300 Grams

Additional information

Weight 210 g
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 10 cm
Grams: No selection

100grams Jute Bag, 200grams Basket, 300grams Wooden Bowl

121 reviews for Pink Rose Quartz Natural Tumbled Pebbles Stones for Heart Chakra Healing Reiki Crystal Therapy, Love, Relationship & Marriage

  1. Avatar of Smriti Kuriakose

    Smriti Kuriakose

    Pink Rose Quartz Natural Tumbled Pebbles Stones is a great product. It has worked well for me.

  2. Avatar of Indrajit Walia

    Indrajit Walia

    Good product. It helps in dealing with heartache.

  3. Avatar of Shweta Tripathi

    Shweta Tripathi

    Amazing product. The Pink Rose Quartz Stones are really effective.

  4. Avatar of Richa Singh

    Richa Singh

    I was impressed with the lovely pink shade of the pebbles stones. I was going through a bad phase of depression in the past months after my breakup. And then, I read about the benefits of Pink Rose Quartz Natural Tumbled Pebbles Stones. I had placed an order through Plus value and got the delivery well on time. Now I keep this pack of pebble stones close to my heart. I must say, I feel better these days.
    I recommend this to all who are in need of growing self-love. Try this! I am sure you will feel better too.

  5. Avatar of Karuna Dave

    Karuna Dave

    Pink Rose Quartz Natural Tumbled Pebbles Stones have altered my life for good. I met the love of my life after I started using these stones during Reiki crystal therapy. Now I am a very happy woman with all the love and care from my partner.
    Thank You, Plus Value, for helping me with an abundance of love.

  6. Avatar of Neha Venkat

    Neha Venkat

    I was recommended this pack of Pink Rose stones at a Reiki healing center. And, then I have been using these for about a year now. I feel optimistic as the day goes by, and night comes along.
    I must thank Plus Value Online Shop for delivering these Tumbled Pebbles Stones within a week.
    I endorse this product to those who want to add some positive energy to their life.

  7. Avatar of arti


    it really works. This tumbled gives a good positive vibration. awesome product

  8. Avatar of sanjay gala

    sanjay gala

    Totally beautiful stones. Excellent quality. I highly recommend it!!!

  9. Avatar of ankit wadhwa

    ankit wadhwa

    I am very happy with this purchase and have placed them by our bedside for good feng shui. feel a positive effect. amazing

  10. Avatar of yash vyas

    yash vyas

    Great tumbled Rose quartz… it really works. also, the energies feel very good.

  11. Avatar of diya ganguly

    diya ganguly

    I love this stone!! It’s probably my favorite of the order I got, it’s so beautiful

  12. Avatar of Priyanka Shah

    Priyanka Shah

    I am a Reiki Master, and I highly recommend Pink Rose Quartz Natural Tumbled Pebbles Stones for reiki healing sessions and also during regular times.

  13. Avatar of vani vohra

    vani vohra

    I liked the Rose Quartz stones. very effective healing power. I love the energy of rose quartz stone. must try this stone.

  14. Avatar of raju garg

    raju garg

    Beautiful pink rose quartz stones, great vibes from them! I absolutely love them! awesome tumbled👍👍

  15. Avatar of Isha Kotwani

    Isha Kotwani

    I had heard that the natural pink rose stones are good for chest and lung healing. I have purchased it from Plus Value shop and I expect it to be great.
    Well, I will write another review after I use these stones for some time.

  16. Avatar of Rutuja


    it gives amazing calming energy. excellent quality tumbled. fully satisfied.

  17. Avatar of Ishita venkatesh

    Ishita venkatesh

    Love these stones. They are beautiful. I’m so happy with these. perfect use for couples. amazing rose quartz stone.

  18. Avatar of SUNNY


    very effective stone. amazing natural tumbled. work very well 👍👍

  19. Avatar of nishita goswami

    nishita goswami

    Pretty pink color, smooth stone. Excellent quality crystals, thank you! ❤️️

  20. Avatar of Deepak Dutta

    Deepak Dutta

    Happy with the purchase of pink rose quartz natural tumbled pebbles. A must buy from Plus Value India store if you want authentic products.

  21. Avatar of Chaitra Jyothi

    Chaitra Jyothi

    Good stones with nice quality.

    Satisfied with the purchase

  22. Avatar of vikas dhingra

    vikas dhingra

    I’m very satisfied with this pink rose quartz tumbled. must buy this tumbled. very effective stone

  23. Avatar of ROHIT


    Excellent stones love the color they are well in size and I am pleased with the item. very helpful in reiki healing practice. awesome stone.

  24. Avatar of Rabindra Jalan

    Rabindra Jalan

    The Pink Rose Quartz Natural Tumbled Stones are very effective in making Reiki crystal therapy successful. I am glad to be using it for myself and I recommend you all to buy and use the same too.

  25. Avatar of Reeshu Haldar

    Reeshu Haldar

    On the demand of my granny to create positivity around her room, I bought the product – Pink rose quartz natural tumbled pebbles stone. My granny is extremely happy with the product. I am also happy with the site because their packaging was intact and up to mark and their delivery of the product was quick.

  26. Avatar of mahesh varma

    mahesh varma

    Beautiful pink rose quartz, they have such good energy. works perfectly. really impressed me. must buy this rose quartz tumbled. amazing

  27. Avatar of vishal dhillon

    vishal dhillon

    The stones are beautiful! very well done. I love the energy. Very genuine stone

  28. Avatar of Jayati Gupta

    Jayati Gupta

    Amazing product. I will surely work like magic for you as it did for me.

  29. Avatar of Sadaf


    Beautiful and so smooth! Love it. it has such great energy. it really works👌👍

  30. Avatar of tanvi


    rose quartz tumbled increase creativity. The color is very pretty. the energies feel very good. I am very happy with the finishing.

  31. Avatar of Ira Rana

    Ira Rana

    rose quartz tumbled restores trust and harmony in relationships. works very well.

  32. Avatar of akansha dewan

    akansha dewan

    It’s very useful for reiki healing as I use it for the same. I can feel the energies of the crystals

  33. Avatar of divya varghese

    divya varghese

    very attractive pink rose quartz tumbled. very useful in healing practice. amazing stone. must buy this rose quartz tumbled

  34. Avatar of sanjana shetty

    sanjana shetty

    powerful energy to help to heal relationship problems. very effective rose quartz tumbled

  35. Avatar of Suraj Sehwag

    Suraj Sehwag

    After my last breakup, I was in a bad shape. Then, I found out about this online site “Plus Value India” and purchased this amazing product.
    The natural pink rose quartz stones are really effective.

  36. Avatar of Shreya


    Very effective healing power. it has such great energy. I realized after used.

  37. Avatar of Nirmala Ladsaria

    Nirmala Ladsaria

    A must-buy product from the Plus value India site. Good product.

  38. Avatar of Kunal Deshpande

    Kunal Deshpande

    Good quality stones received packaging was also good. I love it. value for money.

  39. Avatar of Rakesh Singh

    Rakesh Singh

    it transmits positive energy,
    Nice vibrations.. Highly recommended.

  40. Avatar of ankur roy

    ankur roy

    rose quart tumbled used to attract the love of your life. Awesome product.Very effective

  41. Avatar of anisha deshmukh

    anisha deshmukh

    It works so well on your energy flow channeling. Feel Some positively energizing. works very well.

  42. Avatar of abdul


    The quality is very good. very effective stone. I am very happy with my purchase. 👍

  43. Avatar of Mandip Gohil

    Mandip Gohil

    The Pink Rose Quartz Natural Pebbles is certainly an amazing product from Plus Value India if you want heart chakra healing. Use it for a feeling of positiveness and love in your life.

  44. Avatar of jay desai

    jay desai

    very attractive. Quality is good. Must have for healing. give a promote response

  45. Avatar of akash sachdeva

    akash sachdeva

    rose quartz stone grows self-love. Really good product. works very well.

  46. Avatar of amit trivedi

    amit trivedi

    pink rose quartz tumbled increases love and happiness in the couple’s life. very impressed with this rose quartz tumbled.

  47. Avatar of Katherine


    Very good quality of natural rose quartz tumbled. good positive vibes. really good crystals. 👍

  48. Avatar of aditya tiwari

    aditya tiwari

    rose quartz tumbled improve good fortune and endless positive energy. it really works for me. amazing stone. feel very happy with this stone

  49. Avatar of vaibhav choudhary

    vaibhav choudhary

    Very beautiful. Loved them. Well tumbled. It feels great and I highly recommend it!

  50. Avatar of sanjana sanghvi

    sanjana sanghvi

    rose quartz stone promotes deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

  51. Avatar of priyanka thakur

    priyanka thakur

    It’s a very nice pink rose quartz tumbled and I could see some difference after placing it in the house. value for money. very satisfied with the product!

  52. Avatar of tanu chokshi

    tanu chokshi

    it works great for me. Love the positive energy in this rose quartz tumbled. I love it.

  53. Avatar of Niharika Saraf

    Niharika Saraf

    Rose Quartz dispels negativity. gives a good vibration.

  54. Avatar of riya roy

    riya roy

    Very impressed. They are very pretty, they are all a nice size. very happy with this purchase. I would buy from them again.

  55. Avatar of rishabh chawla

    rishabh chawla

    I am very happy that has sent me genuine stones and very satisfied with the quality of the stones and I feel valued as a buyer.

  56. Avatar of deepak sachdeva

    deepak sachdeva

    they are beautiful! the color on these is a beautiful pink, exactly as pictured! very happy with this purchase and these gorgeous tumbles!

  57. Avatar of rakesh walia

    rakesh walia

    Awesome product… but the effect is instantaneous. brings positive response

  58. Avatar of tanya shrivastava

    tanya shrivastava

    I am really impressed with the quality. They are attractive. works perfectly in my life. feel good using this rose quartz tumbled.

  59. Avatar of Karan Sharma

    Karan Sharma

    rose quartz tumbled useful for reiki healing practice. increasing positivity. very effective stone

  60. Avatar of krithika


    Beautiful stones, feel positive vibrations…Very nice product it has such great energy.👍

  61. Avatar of shyam sanghvi

    shyam sanghvi

    These stones are a beautiful pink color. They are an all nice size and I’m looking forward to using them with Reiki & meditation. They are easy to work with.

  62. Avatar of Kapil Adiga

    Kapil Adiga

    Pink rose quartz natural tumbled pebbles are extremely great for various reasons. Apart from spreading positivity and happiness around you, it also helps to treat several diseases associated with lung, heart, kidney, and others.

  63. Avatar of Nikita Wadhwa

    Nikita Wadhwa

    Very genuine product and good quality stone. natural pink rose quartz tumbled. I love it…👍👍👍

  64. Avatar of abhishek solanki

    abhishek solanki

    we found positive results after using this pink rose quartz tumbled. It works smoothly. very happy with the finishing.

  65. Avatar of radhika balasubramanian

    radhika balasubramanian

    Wonderful natural rose quartz tumbled. very useful in reiki healing practice. give a positive response

  66. Avatar of Pramod Jariwala

    Pramod Jariwala

    Energizing Vastu products is crucial. And most of the offline and online shops miss doing it as without it the product would not be very effective.
    Here comes Plus Value shop as they energize each and every Feng Shui and Vastu products before delivering them to the customers.
    A highly recommendable shop.

  67. Avatar of natasha vyas

    natasha vyas

    Very useful and effective rose quartz stone. it’s natural pink rose quartz stone. very attractive stone

  68. Avatar of raghav balakrishnan

    raghav balakrishnan

    Great quality stones. Happy with quality. Genuine Rose Quartz Tumbled Very effective reiki healing process. it really works

  69. Avatar of Pritha Desai

    Pritha Desai

    Was married for over a year, however owing to several clashes and compatibility issues I wasn’t able to make my relationship work well with my husband. In hopes to find a remedy, I visited my family astrologer who recommended me to purchase pink rose quartz natural tumbled pebbles stone and keep it with me wherever I go. I followed his instructions and purchased the product from Plus Value India. Have heard a lot about the wonders the product has done for many people, and hope it works for me also.

  70. Avatar of Anusha Ojha

    Anusha Ojha

    Amazing product. Extremely good for those with problems of high blood pressure. I bought it for the same reason as my uncle. He has been using pink rose quartz natural tumbled pebbles for 3 years and is actually much better than before. Happy with Plus Value India.

  71. Avatar of shreya sharma

    shreya sharma

    Beautiful stones. gives amazing vibrations and works perfectly. Very happy with this purchase.👍👍

  72. Avatar of rahul


    beautiful and great stones. useful in my reiki healing process. gives positive results. work very well. highly recommended vastu feng shui expert.

  73. Avatar of priya rao

    priya rao

    I am very satisfied with this product. These are tumbled really well. calming and soothing to have in a room. I love the energy from working with this pink rose quartz tumbled.

  74. Avatar of Sanju


    Rose quartz tumbled increases trust and harmony in relationships. Very effective stone.

  75. Avatar of anjali walia

    anjali walia

    Love them! Just as described. Very nice quality and size…they are very pretty and smooth. amazing stone

  76. Avatar of Kriti Banerjee

    Kriti Banerjee

    My grandmother has been suffering from Lupus for a year and due to this, she has developed kidney issues as well. In order to help her spiritually as well, I bought the pink rose quartz stones from Plus Value India. Hope it works in her favor.

  77. Avatar of Sonal Thirani

    Sonal Thirani

    On request of my uncle to subside his frequently unstable health issues and after much research I bought the pink rose quartz natural tumbled pebbles online from Plus Value India. My uncle is extremely happy with the product and said the product is 100% authentic.
    Thanks Plus Value for the product and genuineness in product and cost.

  78. Avatar of Mandira Rathod

    Mandira Rathod

    I have been keeping the Pink Rose Quartz Natural Tumbled Pebbles Stones for quite some time now. I feel more love and positivity around me now. You may also try using these energized pebbles from the Plus Value site.

  79. Avatar of Pankhuri Agarwal

    Pankhuri Agarwal

    As I was pregnant for 5 months and wanted my baby to be protected and not face any critical issues on delivery time, I bought the pink rose quartz natural tumbled pebbles online from Plus Value India. Happy that it worked extremely well for me. My baby is healthy and I am even in good condition. Great product for the to be mothers or wanting to be mothers.

  80. Avatar of Sashi Lodha

    Sashi Lodha

    The Pink Rose Quartz Stones have helped me to get rid of negative thoughts. I am in a much better state of mind than ever before.
    Use this product to feel peaceful and more in love with everything around you.

  81. Avatar of Adrisha


    Rose quartz tumbled good quality stones received packaging was also good. give such original products. I love it.👍👌

  82. Avatar of Simran Tantia

    Simran Tantia

    My mother wanted to purchase this product and searched for every physical store near our house but was unable to find it. So, I took the initiative, and after much research online, I found Plus Value India was delivering 100% genuine product and attractive rate. I instantly bought the product. On receiving the product, I was happy with the packaging as well. Kudos to Plus Value for the quality and price.

  83. Avatar of Manish Pathak

    Manish Pathak

    If you are suffering from some illness, then this Pink Rose Quartz Natural Tumbled Pebbles Stones is the right Vastu product that you will be keeping with yourself all the time to speed up the healing process. Please note that you will continue with your medication as before.

  84. Avatar of Kiara Punj

    Kiara Punj

    Wonderful product and must buy for those having trouble in their love relationship. It works like magic to render softness in the hearts of both the partners and thus makes their relationship work. I bought it for the same reason and it worked for me. Also, ensure to buy the pink quartz natural tumbled pebbles from Plus Value as they make sure to energize the product before setting out for delivery.

  85. Avatar of Bandana Basu

    Bandana Basu

    Being an ardent believer of stone healing, I turned towards pink rose quartz pebbles to help me with most of my daily issues apart from keeping me positive all the time. Must buy from Plus Value India store site.

  86. Avatar of Ashmita Ganguly

    Ashmita Ganguly

    My father has been suffering from acute chest and lung problems. Apart from the medical treatment, we are getting him, I thought of spiritually also taking the help. Thus, I bought the pink rose quartz natural tumbled pebbles stones for him as it works like magic for patients with chest and lung problems. For a year he has been using it and now he is not in a very bad health condition. Happy with the buy.

  87. Avatar of Purva


    Genuine Pink Rose Quartz Tumbled. Excellent Quality. I feel valued as a buyer.

  88. Avatar of Kamla Sinha

    Kamla Sinha

    Received the pink rose quartz natural tumbled pebbles as a gift from Arvind, my office colleague as I was a highly insecure person who thought negatively around me. Happy with the product and I am using it. Hope it works as he thought it to do.

  89. Avatar of Devajit Barman

    Devajit Barman

    To remove negativity and blend in with the feeling of love and belonging, I bought this pink rose quartz natural tumbled pebbles stone from Plus Value India. Happy with the buy of the product as it is not just extremely beautiful but is believed to heal all loneliness in a person and make you feel loved and alive.

  90. Avatar of Megha Sen Gupta

    Megha Sen Gupta

    The Pink Rose Quartz Natural Tumbled Pebbles Stones is a must-have product. I have been using it for 2 years and yes it works wonders for me. Also, when buying from an online platform ensure to purchase the product from Plus Value India as they provide authentic products at a reasonable rate and quick delivery.

  91. Avatar of Anisha Sarkar

    Anisha Sarkar

    For the purpose of giving the pink rose, quartz natural tumbled pebbles, I bought it from Plus Value India. My friend was extremely happy with the gift as she was trying for months to find the authentic version of it and was unable to do so. Thank you Plus Value for keeping up with your authenticity and genuineness in price.

  92. Avatar of Umer


    Rose quartz tumbled looks genuine. good product. Nice and works well. value for money.👍👍

  93. Avatar of Samiksha


    Rose quartz tumbled powerful stone to attract love relationships in life. it really works. Really good product.

  94. Avatar of Shanta


    Rose quartz has a powerful energy to help to heal relationship problems. nice and effective stone.

  95. Avatar of Jivika Agarwal

    Jivika Agarwal

    Rose quartz tumbled stone and the finishing is good. totally impresses with beautiful pink rose quartz tumbled.

  96. Avatar of Pratik


    Rose quartz tumbled increasing positivity in the surroundings. It is so beautiful and it has such great energy.👍

  97. Avatar of Anannya Mehra

    Anannya Mehra

    Very helpful in relationships, create positivity in our life and remove negative energy. So happy to buy it.

  98. Avatar of Teena Mehra

    Teena Mehra

    Rose quartz tumbled brings calms and soothes the emotions. it has such great energy.

  99. Avatar of Aenna


    Rose quartz tumbled gives deep inner healing and feelings of peace. such great energy.

  100. Avatar of Bhavya


    Rose quartz tumbled is very usefully for reiki healing as I use it for the same. I can feel the energies of the crystals.

  101. Avatar of Sarthika


    It’s genuine and of excellent quality.

  102. Avatar of Ishika Roy

    Ishika Roy

    Excellent quality of rose quartz tumbled. it’s genuine stones. I love it.

  103. Avatar of Mahira


    I got genuine stones. So happy to buy it.

  104. Avatar of Udai


    Rose quartz tumbled gives excellent relaxing and healing vibrations during meditation. really effective.

  105. Avatar of Vertika


    Increasing positivity in the surroundings. I realized after using.

  106. Avatar of Ravika


    It is a really good deal., I am very happy that has sent me genuine stones and I am very satisfied with the quality.

  107. Avatar of Sudeshu


    Rose quartz tumbled restores trust in relationships. Awesome product… but the effect is instantaneous.

  108. Avatar of Trupti


    Amazing product for helping love life. Awsmmm, can’t explain it in words. Very effective stone.

  109. Avatar of Glory


    I am very happy that has sent me genuine stones and I am very satisfied with the quality of the stones.

  110. Avatar of Hema


    The stones are really good quality ones… Beautiful and love the pink color. Came in good packaging, 👍👍👍

  111. Avatar of Sunita


    Rose quartz tumbled original and very attractive stone. Must have for healing. very useful and effective.

  112. Avatar of Muqeem


    The quality of rose quartz tumbled is excellent. the nice pink color of tumbled. Thank you to give such original products. I love it.

  113. Avatar of Anshika


    They are affordable and genuine.

  114. Avatar of Devika Saha

    Devika Saha

    Rose quartz tumbled promotes calmness in life. very effective stone. I love the energy.

  115. Avatar of Maya


    Rose quartz stones are beautiful and smooth. They are pink in color than as depicted. It is so beautiful and it has such great energy.👍

  116. Avatar of Biji


    Rose quartz tumbled is used to promote healing and vitality. Very effective healing power. I realized after using.

  117. Avatar of Aarya


    Rose quartz tumbled has excellent healing qualities. Very effective healing power. I realized after using.

  118. Avatar of Sandhya


    Rose quartz tumbled a very powerful healing stone. Very effective healing power.

  119. Avatar of Jackie


    Rose quartz tumbled gives positively energizing. It works so well. very useful and effective.

  120. Avatar of Ketki


    It is affordable and genuine rose tumbled, it is used fr healing, and they are healing at an appreciable rate. Good and genuine.

  121. Avatar of Param


    Awesome product… & the effect is superb
    Totally Impresses with Beautiful Stone.

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