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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

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Hot Massage Stone 5 Pieces set with attractive pouch

Hot Massage Stone 5 Pieces set with attractive pouch Quantity- 5 Hot  stone massage is a popular complementary therapy of many condition..

1,875 Rs

Massager Ring ( Su jok) Sujok Therapy- Colour 10 pcs

Sujok Ring- 10 pcs Colour Ring -Carry with you and use it by rolling over in each finger 10 times.-Feel fresh , Easy natural cure- Exclusive..

200 Rs

Su jok Kit Tools Premium ( Sujok Therapy ) - Acupressure, Massage Product

Premium Sujok Kit Rs.1450/-Contains:- Su jok Massager RingDeluxe Brass Jimmy5 in one Brass JimmyClassic Brass JimmyIkon JimmyPremium BrassWo..

1,450 Rs

Himalayan Crystal ball - Natural massage Ball

Himalayan rock massage ball, Warm it in microwave or on gas for few seconds ofr hot massage or freeze it in freezer for cold massage. Qty:- ..

750 Rs

Acupressure magnetic steel & Brass Jimmy

Acupressure Magnetic Steel & Brass Jimmy    Quantity- 1 Size- 3.5 inches To give acupressure treatment of various points..

250 Rs

Himalayan Rock Salt soap -Remove Negativity-Aura Cleaning

Himalayan Rock Salt soap -Remove negativity from Body Useful in Aura Cleaning Weight-  350 gm apxm These bars are made of 100% Pure H..

550 Rs