Personal Crystal- Ruby Zoisite Crystal for Creativity, Recovery & Positivity


Stone of ♥ Self-control ♥ Self-esteem ♥ Dream recall ♥ Relaxation ♥ Healing ♥ Harmony ♥ Increases Awareness ♥ Joyful ♥ Happiness ♥ Abundance ♥ Vitality

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Personal Crystal- Ruby Zoisite Crystal for Creativity, Recovery & Positivity 400
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Ruby Zoisite Combines the Properties of Ruby and Zoisite.

Quantity- One

Zoisite is an earthly stone whereas ruby is a symbolic fire rock. Hence it is the most suitable stone for balancing fire and earth elements and energies.

According to popular belief, ruby zoisite has the potential to boost psychic abilities and facilitate trance-like states. Additionally, it aids in fostering creativity and individuality while maintaining a strong connection with others.

A highly invigorating crystal, Ruby Zoisite is known for its vibrant energy that can help combat laziness, boost vitality, and relieve tiredness.


Ruby Zoisite aids and supports individuals in effectively managing their mental well-being for self-control. It moderates the direction of one’s thoughts, promoting a positive mindset and enabling wise decision-making when confronted with future challenges.

Controlling anger can be a challenging task. However, there is a solution – the powerful healing energies of the Ruby Zoisite. This stone aids in the release of suppressed rage, preventing self-harm or self-injury. Soothe your emotions and find peace with the assistance of Ruby Zoisite.

Ruby Zoisite is beneficial for individuals who experience guilt or negative emotions as it facilitates self-understanding.

The mesmerizing gemstone called ruby zoisite, or anyolite, showcases a dynamic blend of green and red shades. Moreover, it emits an intense energy that brings about positivity.

Experiencing a lack of motivation and energy can stem from various factors, however, the ruby zoisite is capable of harmonizing the heart chakra and fostering an optimistic perspective on life. The ruby complements this effect by serving as an inherently invigorating crystal that aids in dissolving emotional barriers and instilling vitality within you.

Attract Love

If you are in search of love, you might express it as “I have an open heart and I am prepared to both give and receive love. Love is within me.” By holding a pocket stone.


Ruby Zoisite is widely recognized as a crystal that facilitates meditation. It possesses extraordinary psychic abilities, enabling individuals to explore different dimensions and tap into cosmic energy. By using this stone mindfully and in the right manner, one can establish communication with higher beings or celestial entities.

Ruby Zoisite is an excellent choice when looking to bring about positive transformations in terms of achievement and prosperity. Incorporate it into your manifestation practices to generate favorable circumstances and achieve professional aspirations as well as financial success.

Mystic benefits of Ruby Zoisite Stone:-[crystal –Judy hall]

  1. Ruby Zoisite transmutes negative energies into positive ones and connects to the spiritual realms. If you feel yourself in a negative environment, use ruby zoisite.
  2. It assists in manifesting your own self rather than being influenced by others
  3. It aids in realizing your own ideas and transforms destructive urges into constructive ones.
  4. This stone dispels lethargy. Excellent stone to avoid laziness.
  5. Mentally, this stone is a creative stone that brings the mind back to its objectives after an interruption. If you are in a creative job, use ruby zoisite to assist in your all projects
  6. It encourages recovery from severe stress.
  7. Ruby-zoisite is an energy detoxifier stone.

Astrological gemstone for both the signs of Aries and Aquarius.

Treasure your pocket crystal while they are with you. Let them bring you joy and happiness.

Chakra:- Crown & heart chakra

How to use:-

Carry this crystal with you in your pocket, purse, or bag all the time.

Take out this crystal from your pocket & keep it on your left palm covering the right palm above for a few minutes a day to recharge yourself

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Additional information

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 4 cm

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