Pine, Bamboo & Plum Blossom Canvas Print – Three Friends of Winter Vastu & Feng Shui Paintings for Home

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Pine, Bamboo & Plum Blossom Canvas Print - Three Friends of Winter Vastu & Feng Shui Paintings for Home 2,450 Original price was: ₹2,450.1,850Current price is: ₹1,850.
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Pine, Bamboo &  Plum Blossom -Canvas Print framed

Size- 12 x 12  inches- framed (Bamboo Frame)

Size 12 x 9 Inches – Framed (Plum blossom & pine tree Frame)

Pine, bamboo, and plum symbolize qualities of strength, determination, and resilience due to their ability to survive in the harshest winter conditions.

Pine and bamboo remain green throughout the year, while plum trees bloom as winter comes to a close, indicating the arrival of spring. These three elements, symbolizing the desirable qualities of a scholar-gentleman, became recognized as the Three Friends of Winter.

According to the Japan Times

“Throughout various Asian cultures, the trio of plum, bamboo, and pine is commonly referred to as “sai kan no san yū” or “the three friends of winter.” These resilient plants originated in China and symbolize strength and determination. In Japan, they are known as “shō chiku bai” or “pine, bamboo, plum.” The evergreen pine represents steadfastness, bamboo signifies both strength and flexibility, and the blooming plum blossoms on snow-covered branches represent resilience. Together, these three elements embody the spirit of the Japanese New Year.”


Its resilient character represents longevity and unwavering strength, making it a popular symbol of marital bliss. Additionally, the pine tree is associated with solitude and serves as a landmark for cemeteries. Have you ever stood amidst a forest of pine trees? The aroma is exquisite, and the therapeutic benefits of a walk in the forest are recognized by various cultures.

Plum Blossom

The presence of plum blossoms signifies abundance and fertility as plum trees bear fruit. The five petals of the plum blossom are also symbolic of harmonious energy, representing the balance between the five elements found in nature.

The flower’s five petals are also thought to symbolize five distinct blessings known as the “Five Blessings”

  1. Longevity
  2. Abundance
  3. Well-being
  4. Virtue
  5. Peaceful retirement

Having the plant or painting in your house is often seen as a favorable sign. Additionally, guests who come to visit can also reap the benefits of these blessings.

The plum blossom, a renowned traditional symbol, is said to attract positive energy and delight to a household.


Bamboo occupies a significant position in Feng Shui practice due to its representation of resilience and longevity.

This particular plant has a reputation for flourishing in difficult environments, representing its resilience in the face of adversity and difficulties.

Where to Place these three paintings?

  • Bedroom for harmony and good vibes
  • Living Room for positive family conversation
  • Study Room to support the skill
  • Conference room in the office for positive negotiation
  • Business office for good opportunities
  • Hospitals for healing vibes
  • Hotels for more footfall

Keep them together to invite multiple combined results.

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