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Dowsing Pendulums & L Rods

Dowsing Pendulums & Dowsing Rods – L Rods – Divining Rods are the two most powerful dowsing tools used by practitioners around the world.

Dowsing,  in general terms, is the art of finding hidden things. Now its uses are more expanded in various fields. Usually, this is accomplished with the aid of a dowsing stick, rods, or a pendulum. The dowsing rod and pendulums are simple instruments and can be practiced by anyone.

Plusvalue International Offers a wide range of Dowsing Rods – L Rods – Divining Rods made in Brass & Copper along with a wide range of Dowsing Pendulums made of brass, crystals. Shop Dowsing Pendulums online. Excellent tool for Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra Experts, Reiki Consultants, and reiki healers.

We have all kinds of dowsing instruments like a copper and brass dowsing rod, folding dowsing rod, crystal pendulum, brass & copper pendulum, rudraksha pendulum. We provide free charts along with dowsing pendulum or dowsing rod purchased from our shop or online.
You can shop online from our Website Vastu & Feng Shui Store - Plusvalue.
You are welcome to visit our showroom at Mumbai (Malad) to buy dowsing rods or pendulum personally.
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Buy Dowsing Pendulums & Divining L Rods Online in India