Buy Feng Shui 15 immortal coin Hanging online in india


Feng Shui coins are used in general for attracting wealth and prosperity.

Coins are generally are tied together with a red ribbon, symbolizing the unity of man, earth, and heaven called the Tien-di-Ren.

The coin itself has a square in the middle and 4 different Chinese symbols around it. The square represents the energy of the earth while the roundness of the coin represents the energy of heaven. When the ribbon is tied in different manners it can represent different types of luck and can interpret the incoming Chi in different ways.

These types are coins were originally used in the T’ai Kung in the 11 century as a form of currency but then evolved over the years as a form of luck and wealth.

-Hang these coins near your entrance of office or home to attract prosperity

-Tie near your cash box or safe to attract and protect money

-Place it near the accountant place to have a better financial position 

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