Buy Vastu Swastik Yantra Copper online in india


Blessed & Energized Copper Swastik Yantra

Size 3 x 3 ” (Made in Copper) 

( L x W x H ) – 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 0.1cm

Weight – 10gm approx.

Swastik is a sacred and auspicious symbol of Indian tradition. Swastik has been given priority at the beginning of any new work.

Swa means good or auspicious whereas astika means presence. Swastik means a blessing from all four directions. It helps in balancing energy from all four directions.

Multiple uses of swastika yantra:-

Swastik yantra can be pasted on the computer, notebook, collection book or planner for positive effects.

It can also be placed in the plot along with pyramids while laying a foundation stone for the new construction.

Swastik yantra can be placed along with pyramid for the overhead beam Vastu defect.

Pillar in the center can be cured by fixing swastika yantra on all four side

Highly recommended by Vastu Consultant.

A religious symbol for Hindus, the swastika was first mentioned in the Vedas. It symbolizes many things — luck, Surya (the sun) and Brahma, the creator.

Swastik is drawn on the gates to prevent houses from evil eyes And bring positive energy into the home. Swastik for siddhi, success in undertakings, and buddhi, intelligence.

This Swastik not only brings positive energy but also brings Good Luck to the person as well as remove all obstacles in all undertaking.

This Swastik is specially used for rectifying Vaastu dosha of houses, workplaces, offices, and factories where main gates or main entrance is from southwest, south, west direction.

Swastik Yantra Copper Size 3 x 3inch For Wealth & Success Represents the Power of the Supreme Being That Removes Obstacles Vastu item Products Home House Office, Factory Temple.



Buy Vastu Swastik Yantra Copper online in india