Meru Sriparni (sevan or saven ) Vastu Shri yantra-Blessed 4


Meru Sriparni Vastu Shri yantra-Blessed (also known as sevan or savan) 

Made from High auspicious Sriparni  wood Size- 4 Inches

Want to be financially stable in life? 

Want progress in the Business? 

Do you want a happy, stable, prosperous & healthy life? 

Want to make your home, office or factory free from the Vastu dosha or Vastu defect? 

A great yantra for your help -Meru Shriparni Yantra. It is believed that Goddess Laxmi is present in the Shriparni tree. The Shri (Shree) yantra made out of Shriparni wood gives prosperity. It keeps you wealthy & healthy. It is very helpful to correct Vastu dosha or Vastu defect When this Shri Yantra is activated by abhisheka, it gives excellent results. You can keep this Divine Shriparni Shri Yantra in your sweet home or office. Recommended by vastu (or Vaastu) consultant 

You can install at the time of vastu pooja. 

You can keep in your home, office, shop or factory in a north-east corner

You can give to your son or daughter on the occasion of his/her marriage, for her happy and stable life. 

Excellent gift on the occasion of housewarming, pooja etc. 

Excellent gift item on occasions like birthday, anniversary or auspicious occasions 
The blessing will be done on your name, after receipt of confirm order & payment


Meru Sriparni (sevan or saven ) Vastu Shri yantra-Blessed 4