Psychic Defence Crystal Bag – Crystal Reiki Healing Stones


Psychic Defence Crystal Bag – Crystal Reiki Healing Stones

Psychic attack is when someone is directing negative thoughts or feelings towards someone else either consciously or unconsciously. These negative thought patterns can attach themselves to the other person’s aura and cause either a physical illness, make you feel drained of energy or at the very least some level of disruption to your life in general. This set has been put together to prevent psychic attack by protecting your own aura and reflecting the thought patterns back to the source. crystals which have been cleansed and programmed for the psychic defence to prevent a psychic attack from occurring.

AMETHYST: Protects your aura from attack

ANGELITE: Draws upon the protection of the angelic realms

BLACK TOURMALINE: Protects and reflects back to the source

FLOURITE: Forms protection around the chakras and aura.

LABRADORITE: Draws light towards you and removes unwanted energies from the aura.

MALACHITE: Forms a protective layer around you.

SYNTHETIC OPALITE: Draws angelic power close towards you and removes mood attachments

SELENITE: Removes unwanted energies and repairs the aura

SMOKEY QUARTZ: Keeps you grounded and protects your aura from harmful energies.

   * TIGER EYE: Brings protective energies of the sun towards you, removes negative thought patterns place

under your pillow or on the bedside table to allow their magical properties to surround you at all times.

Highly recommended by reiki and crystal healers, Vastu & Feng shui consultants

Psychic Defence Crystal Bag – Crystal Reiki Healing Stones