Plus Value Fluorite Pendant – A Brain Stone



Stone of ♥ Encourage ♥ Creative ♥ Stanilises Emotions ♥ Promotes Independent ♥ Calm ♥ Clarity ♥ Focus ♥ Purification ♥ Truth ♥ Consciousness ♥ Aura cleansing ♥ Intellect ♥ Protection ♥ Concentration ♥ Self-Confidence ♥ Decision-Making ♥ Positivity ♥ Improves Coordination

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Rainbow Fluorite Pendant

Size- 1 inch with Silver Cap

Fluorite is a highly effective, innovative & inventive “brain stone”. It attracts wealth, abundance & self-confidence. It is an excellent stone for scholars & learning students.

Mystic Benefits:-

 Fluorite is said to absorb and neutralize negative vibrations. This is the best crystal to use to overcome any form of disorganization.

Fluorite is used to purify and detoxify both the spirit and space. 

Fluorite protects from geopathic stress.

Fluorite brings stability to groups, connecting  them to a common purpose or target

Fluorite is an excellent learning aid-it organized and processes information and increases concentration. [july hall 128-129]

Those who are near the computers and workstations most of the time can wear to reduce stress and relieve negative forces.

Wearing a Rainbow Fluorite Pendant cleanses and stabilizes the surrounding aura.

Stone purification (Crystal Cleansing):-

Keep the Pendant in a bowl containing sea salt Himalayan salt for about 12 to 24 hours before first use.

Placing a Pendant in the light of the sun or moon for a few hours also purifies the crystals

Recommended by Vastu & Feng Shui Expert, Reiki & Crystal healers

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Buy Rainbow Fluorite Pendant Pencil Shape Brain Stone Reiki Crystal Healing Online in India


About Crystals:-Crystals are precious stones & uplift energy. Each crystal has a sacred meaning. Many crystals have an extremely high vibration & become communicate with the higher channel. Crystals give protection from any negative energies existing there. Crystal helps you to resolve your current unhappiness.  Crystal also generates a strong energetic field that helps in releasing emotional fears.

 Disclaimer:-Crystal Healing and Reiki are complementary therapies and not intended to replace any medical treatment. You should continue with any medical treatment prescribed for you. There is no guarantee that Crystal Therapy or Reiki will “cure” any condition.

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10 reviews for Plus Value Fluorite Pendant – A Brain Stone

  1. Avatar of shree


    nice multi-color fluorite pendant

  2. Avatar of shyam sachdeva

    shyam sachdeva

    Really good product.
    it works

  3. Avatar of Gopi Mehta

    Gopi Mehta

    It improves the discomfort of shingles and other nerve-related pain. it weeks very good.nice multi-color fluorite pendant.

  4. Avatar of Disha Mehta

    Disha Mehta

    it increases intuitive abilities, links my mind to universal consciousness, and develops connection to Spirit. Really good product.

  5. Avatar of Sarita Singh

    Sarita Singh

    it gives me positive energy, protection, self-confidence, and encourage me for better work.
    I really like it very much.

  6. Avatar of Shikha Desai

    Shikha Desai

    Rainbow Fluorite can help reveal the deep causes of dis-ease, releasing suppressed feelings, and facilitating life change. I feel it very well.

  7. Avatar of Teena Singh

    Teena Singh

    Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, it is useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy in my house. it works very well.

  8. Avatar of Minakshi Mehta

    Minakshi Mehta

    Fluorite boosts the immune system and stimulates the regeneration and restructuring of cells and DNA, it is a very good pendant.

  9. Avatar of Disha Singh

    Disha Singh

    It has a very good flow of energy,
    it is good for my meditation to help reveal the truth of a relationship. Absolutely gorgeous. I love it.

  10. Avatar of Ritika Mehta

    Ritika Mehta

    It helps me to bring chaos into order, promoting stability, free-thinking and clear unbiased reasoning. Really good product.

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