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Pink Rose Quartz Stone Healing Crystal

natural pink rose quartz tumble stone pebble
natural pink rose quartz tumble stone pebble

Unconditional Love, Relationship, Compassion, Harmony, Calming, Peaceful, Self-esteem, Balances Emotions, Creativity, Relief Anxiety, Mood Stabilizer, Relief Stress, Rid Of Jealous, Removes Of Negative Emotions, Romantic Life, Love, And Trust Of Spouse, Peace, Confidence, Joy, Warmth, Healing, Positive self Affirmations, Recover From Pain & Disappointment, Crown Chakra, Heart Chakra, Hope, Desire, Successful, Universal Love

Introduction & Meaning & History of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is pink quartz. This stone was used by Assyrians & Greek Civilization around 600 to 800 B.C. The name of this stone originates from the Greek word, hyalos (which means glass in greek). Due to its lovingly pink colour it was often used for crafting shapes & designs on jewelry ornaments. It was considered as a Precious Stone. And hence referred to as a Pink Diamond. Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians were convicted that this stone had Magical Powers. As it was having colour of Pink Egyptians used it as an Anti-aging remedy in ancient times. Egyptians consider it as a talisman of ownership. They too believe that keeping this stone with them will prevent their skin from dryness, wrinkles, frequent pimples & acne. But they too had a conviction that this stone will bring glowing skin and make them attractive and younger. Hence in Egyptians, it was a remedy that will take care of your beauty complexion of your skin. Romans also used it to get rid of wrinkles. They used it as a stone to attract oneā€™s love and calm anger. Among all this, it was also popular to seal a state of ownership in the Roman Era. But they used to place it in damp places because they used to believe that in sunlight rose quartz will lose its colour. Greek Along with Romans were first to represent Rose Quartz as a stone of Love. This stone was also used by Australian & Chinese people.

Mythological Story of Rose Quartz Crystal

According to one mythological story, the Adonis (the mortal lover of Roman & Greek Goddess Aphrodite) was once attacked by the God Of War Ares in the form of Boar. In order to save Adonis, Aphrodite rushed but she herself was caught in a briar bush. And then when both bloods commingle and stained the clear quartz into pink. This gave to the origin of Rose Quartz which is usually considered a symbol of Unconditional Love.

According to one legend, the god of desire, Cupid or the god of love, Eros had given the gift of love to human beings in the form of rose quartz.

Purpose & Uses of Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose Quartz is always considered the best stone for happy love and relationship. Negativity will flow from your body when you use this stone. It will calm and soothes your mind. It will initiate the nurturing character of a mother. It will bring harmony and romantic life for couples. It is also used to get the trust of your spouse. It will initiate unequivocal love flow in the respective person.

Roman & Greek people usually consider Rose Quartz as a symbol of love. It never promotes unhealthy or purpose love which is very bad for human beings. It actually promotes Unconditional Love which always brings love, sympathy, tenderness, sensuality, compassion & harmony. It brings unconditional love by increasing mutual understandings between couples. It also brings wisdom which is very essential to get connect with your partner. It increases the qualities of understanding, gentleness, kindness, forgiveness positive emotions & along with all these essential qualities it initiates the power of water to be absolutely clear and gentle. This is very helpful in love. As love is always related to the heart so this stone was renamed as ā€˜Heart Stoneā€™. It is also powerful to make a bond between your friends and family.


Rose quartz is also well-known for physical and emotional healing. Using it as an elixir it reduces blistering and pacifies burn skin. It also cures unseen scars & cicatrix. When it is used as a potion it would promote the soft complexion of your skin. Sometimes it also used by vertigo patients.

It also brings the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. As it is associated with the heart it also stabilizes your heart in misfortune cases when your heart rate suddenly increases, palpitation occurs, shortness of breath occurs & irregular rhythm of your heart. It a very effective for adult ladies who are suffering from high blood pressure & diabetes. As these ladies are very likely to get heart disease. It will have beneficial effects on the lungs, kidneys, adrenal glands, heartache, thymus, chest pain, genitals of females, infertility & sexual discomfort.

Ā Rose quartz is very helpful to get rid of the inferiority complex. It provides the energy of water to be absolutely calm and be clear like water. It will also bring pity, sympathy, sensitivity feeling, care, concern, solicitude, consideration & tolerance. It will also create a positive attitude towards your life. It will create a self-positive and secure place in front of your family, friends & society. Rose quartz has a remarkable property to bring back the lost trust. It is very helpful to remove the toxic energies and emotions in your body. It is a very good talisman that will help you to not get over feelings of fear and suspicion of anyone.

It will help you to remove sorrow, fears, resentment, dejection, regret, depression, misery & woe. It will bring healing, nourishment, sustenance, provisions, relaxation, serenity, tranquility & well-being. It will initiate the perception of being sustainable. Contentment or fulfillment will become a reality for you. Ti will calm you at every point of your life and always protect you from anger & resentment.


Rose quartz is the most essential quartz crystal to use for the heart chakra. This chakra is very essential and has a very important role in a connection between the individual being, the mother nature or earth & the heart of our whole universe. It will open the heart chakra at all higher levels so that one can understand the meaning of true life, the importance of love & relationship in life. It mainly works with the heart chakra by balancing it with the external environment. It makes us a sense about our connection & position in the space of the external environment. With this, we get an understanding of the emotions of this world. We came to know from where it originates and where it works. It also works with the base chakra and hence it helps your body to get the power of rejuvenation, revive & restoration. Base chakra has a very significant meaning as it is located at the end of our spinal cord, it is the foundation of both spiritual & physical energy. By balancing both the chakras one can get the benefit of physical and spiritual energies.

Rose quartz has vibrations that will bring longevity by preparing your damaged cells. It can also give refreshment to your normal cell division. It provides faith, hope, kindness, mercy, consideration, compassion & altruism. It will increase your power to go beyond your imagination and expand your vision and intuition. It will provide you with Notable Inner-peace, emotional growth & enlightenment and to get one with the universal spirit. It will raise your self-esteem.


According to feng shui experts & planners, they consider the far right corner from the main entrance of your house is the love and affection corner. They consider that taking it with you will bring loving chi energies to you. By just placing it in your home then you can fill that zone into a loving and affectionate zone. It will also nourish your surroundings. They too believe that caring will decrease or eliminate the physical pain or emotional traumas. And perfused you with loving and caring energy. When you keep this stone under the pillow when you are going to sleep you will get the manifestation of those materials which you love. To cure your love, you should place it in a southwest direction. It can also induce good sleep when you put these stones under your pillow and go to bed.

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