Plus Value Ruby Zoisite Tumbled Stone Pebbles – Reiki Healing Crystals



Stone of ♥ Self-control ♥ Self-esteem ♥ Dream recall ♥ Relaxation ♥ Healing ♥ Harmony ♥ Increases Awareness ♥ Joyful ♥ Happiness ♥ Abundance ♥ Vitality

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Ruby Zoisite Tumbled Stone 200grams
Plus Value Ruby Zoisite Tumbled Stone Pebbles - Reiki Healing Crystals 1,4003,400
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Ruby Zoisite Tumbled Stone Pebbles – Reiki Healing Crystals [100% Original & Natural Crystal]

Available in Grams 100grams, 200grams, & 300grams (Please select your grams from the above radio button)

Size Jute Bag ( L xW x H ) – 14cm x 11cm x 0.5cm, Basket ( L X W X H ) – 8cm X 8cm X 4cm, Wooden Bowl ( L X W X H ) – 10cm X 10cm X 5.5cm approx.

Purpose: This stone is used to enhance spirituality within oneself.

Size: 1 to 2 cm.

Quality: Ruby Zoisite Tumbled stone is made up of a combination of two stones Ruby and Zoisite. It is a very hard stone, does not get rust or break easily.

Fact: Mainly ruby is a symbolic fire rock whereas zoisite mainly is an earthly specimen. It is the most powerful and suitable stone for compounding earth elements and firing up natural energies

Product Specification

Stone Type Natural Ruby Zoisite Crystal
Surface Polished
Brand Plus Value
Colour Green
Weight 100gm,200gm,300gm
Uses In Vastu, Feng Shui, Reiki, Chakra Healing
Country of Origin India

Zoisite with Ruby is known as Ruby Zoisite tumbled stone which is an amazing natural mineral combination. Ruby is a stone that provides an individual lot of courage and strength and diminishes any kind of fear or anxiety from the heart and mind. Whereas green Zoisite energy helps a person to improve his growth and fertility of life. It helps us in rebirth and to have a better understanding of ourselves and our connection with the rest of the world.

What are the benefits of using ruby zoisite tumbled stone?

  • For those persons who were not spiritual and just now awakened their spirituality, this stone is perfect for them on their journey to attain spirituality.
  • When Ruby and Zoisite get combined into a single stone naturally then the heart, the root, and third eye chakras get aligned and harmonized on the same level of vibration. This amazing combination of these two powerful stones will help you in manifesting ideas and will provide you strength and the willpower to achieve all of your dreams.
  • In most cases, zoisite specimens transfer negative energies into positive energies and help spiritual energies and realms.
  • If someone deals with negative sites for a long time he/she should use this stone. If anyone is influenced by others or any negative vibes it helps them realize their path or view and manifest themselves. Mainly, this stone is creative and special in its site that brings someone to back again his/her path and back to their mind and own objects.
  • It helps to avoid laziness and makes a man more independent in work.
  • This stone helps you to lead a stress-free life. If anyone is in a creative work they should use ruby zoisite stone to get work or projects done properly without facing any hindrances.
  • Ruby Zoisite is an appropriate medicine stone as it encourages awesome psychic abilities so that a person can experience inter-dimensional travel and this stone is perfect for people who practice astral projection.
  • This is a perfect gem when mourning and releasing pain is a concern and getting over the sadness of the death of someone very close to the heart. It will help you get comfortable at a spiritual level and you will not realize when you will get healed slowly. Within a few days, you will get back to your normal life and may develop someone special out of yourself.
  • It gives you strength to live, bravery, and courage, and also gives you the energy of happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality, and growth.
  • Keep it with you to attain peace of mind and good sleep at night due to which the mind gets peace.

How should you clean and maintain this gem?

You can simply use water and soft truth brush to clean this object as it does not attract much dust.

Recommended by

The astrologer especially recommended this weighted stone. But it is not suitable for everyone. Vastu Consultant

It is known to increase spirituality, confidence, and wisdom.

Order Now Your Own Original Ruby Zoisite Tumbled Stone and Feel the Changes in Your Life.

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100grams Jute Bag, 200grams Basket, 300grams Wooden Bowl

12 reviews for Plus Value Ruby Zoisite Tumbled Stone Pebbles – Reiki Healing Crystals

  1. Avatar of Sunil Moris

    Sunil Moris

    It’s original tumble stone of very good quality. It’s working well

  2. Avatar of Girish Gupta

    Girish Gupta

    ruby zoisite tumbled transmutes negative energy into the positive.

  3. Avatar of Sachi Nanda

    Sachi Nanda

    ruby zoisite tumbled boosts physical energy. Very useful and effective.

  4. Avatar of Snehal Gandhi

    Snehal Gandhi

    ruby zoisite tumbled Improves Immunity system. works very well.

  5. Avatar of Sakshi Mathur

    Sakshi Mathur

    Genuine Products
    Very effective
    it works

  6. Avatar of Bhagyarathi Raman

    Bhagyarathi Raman

    ruby zoisite tumbled bring harmony to relationships. it works

  7. Avatar of Nandini Bhattacharya

    Nandini Bhattacharya

    ruby zoisite tumbled useful for increasing positivity in the surroundings.

  8. Avatar of Ekta Singh

    Ekta Singh

    ruby zoisite tumbled increases awareness. it really works.

  9. Avatar of neha bhattacharjee

    neha bhattacharjee

    this seller providing you a good Quality of Product. Very genuine product👍👍👍

  10. Avatar of Anju Gupta

    Anju Gupta

    ruby zoisite tumbled very usefully in reiki healing practice. give a positive response

  11. Avatar of Mahira Mehra

    Mahira Mehra

    Effective and good quality stone.

  12. Avatar of Debo


    Increase our confidence and awareness, gives an abundance of luck, and good product. it works.

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