Natural Selenite Reiki Healing Crystal Wand [Hand Carved, Crystal Healers Favourite Tool]


Stone of ♥ Serenity ♥ Purification ♥ Peace ♥ Meditation ♥ Universal consciousness ♥ Clarity of thought ♥ Purity of heart ♥ Universal love ♥ Integrity ♥ Spirituality ♥ Psychic development ♥ Forgiveness ♥ Positive thoughts ♥ Protection ♥ Mental Clarity

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Natural Selenite Reiki Healing Crystal Wand [Hand Carved, Crystal Healers Favourite Tool] 1,149
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Selenite Healing Crystal Wand

Size – 6 inches,

Material – Selenite Stone

Weight – 50 Grams

Selenite is a wonderful stone for all types of energy cleansing. It is one of the very few minerals that have the ability to quickly unblock stagnant energy and remove negative energy.

Mystic benefits

The selenite rock is commonly known as “liquid light.” By removing stagnant and heavy energies, selenite enables the free flow of energy, bringing in new and joyful energy that feels fluid and dynamic.

Selenite rock possesses distinct qualities and capabilities that set it apart. It has the power to purify the energy of individuals, environments, and even other crystals. However, its abilities extend beyond mere cleansing. Selenite can also fill these spaces with a rejuvenating and optimistic energy.

Placing selenite wand  in the corners of a room can act as strong protective shields, effectively absorbing and dispelling any negative energies. This helps to create a safe and harmonious environment.

Selenite wands have the ability to invigorate your surroundings as well. By placing them on your windowsill or at entrance points, they can help ward off negative energies. Additionally, utilizing your Selenite wand can effectively clear stagnant energy, similar to the practice of smudging.

Selenite wand selenite-wand-peaceful-sleeppossess powerful vibrations that can fill your personal energy field with an abundance of light, clarity, and serenity.

We often find ourselves overwhelmed with a barrage of anxious thoughts, negative patterns, and self-critical inner dialogue. At times, whether it’s our own energy or the influence of others, having a tool to erase these unwanted energies can be quite beneficial. To utilize your Selenite wand, simply hold it a few inches away from your body and gently glide it up and down, allowing it to absorb and release any accumulated negative energy from the day. This practice can be incorporated into your daily routine for optimal results.

Placing your Selenite wand under your pillow or on your bedside table can help you relax and enter a peaceful and tranquil state.

If you find yourself burdened by worries or past traumas, embracing the rejuvenating power of selenite can bring a sense of relief. Its mere presence can help release you from the negative forces that hinder your progress and drag you into darkness.

Selenite has the power to remove any blockages in the higher chakras, whether they are conscious or unconscious. By doing this, it allows you to open yourself up to messages from the universe that will assist you in your personal growth and self-exploration journey.

Selenite possesses the ability to eliminate any energy blockages that may hinder your progress toward unlocking your full potential.


Place a selenite crystal on your coffee table and when you kick back on the couch after a tiring day, hold it in your hand or gently rest it on your forehead. This simple practice will promote relaxation and restore harmony to your overall well-being.

One can utilize the soothing properties of raw selenite by placing it on their dressing table, under their bed, or on their windowsill, ensuring a peaceful and serene night.

Among the seven chakras, selenite has a strong influence on the upper chakras, namely the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. These chakras are closely connected to mental clarity and receiving divine inspiration.

Selenite has the power to remove any obstacles in your higher chakras, whether they are conscious or unconscious. By doing this, it opens you up to receive messages from the universe that will help you grow personally and explore your true self.

Other uses of Selenite Wand:-

  • Selenite is one of the most wondrous gem crystals in terms of energetic properties it is quite soft and its rank on the Mohs scale is 2 and it is gypsum.
  • It balances and stabilizes one’s self it dispels negativity.
  • It promotes the ease of meditation and a sense of deep relaxation, it brings about harmony and inner peace.
  • It deeply resonates with our higher chakras and removes energy blockages.
  • Selenite Healing Crystal Wand is very powerful and it encourages emotional well-being, it’s a kind of universal cleansing crystal it helps to cleanse one’s aura and chakras.
  • ‘Selenite Wand’ is super wonderful and effective in removing stress and anxiety.
  • Selenite Healing Crystal Wand clears energies from all of our glands in the body and when used with other crystals it resonates with higher spiritual chakras.
  • A large piece of Selenite placed in the house ensures a peaceful atmosphere. [judy hall]
  • Selenite stones also greatly magnify, reenergize & harmonize anything that is placed upon them.
  • ‘Selenite Wand’ is highly recommended by reiki, crystal healers, Vastu & Feng shui consultants.
  • It provides the ability to accelerate spiritual growth and understanding of self-awareness.
  • ‘Selenite Wand’ helps to stimulate emotional healing, and spiritual and physical healing improving mental clarity and flexibility.
  • It is very much beneficial to grid your workplace with selenide so that it could protect you from negative vibrations. Similarly, it is very beneficial if you carry the ‘Selenite Healing Crystal Wand’ in your suitcase or maybe you put it in your office.
  • Selenite is a calm stone that brings tranquility & deep meditation to the surrounding.
  • It is believed to bring new and additional vibrations to the earth.
  • It forms a protective grid around the house when placed as a protective boundary creating a safe space and does not allow outside influence.
  • Some people used selenite for scrying to see the future or to ascertain what has happened in the past.
  • Selenite is one of the most important crystals in an energy worker’s kit.
  • Selenite helps to cleanse unwanted energies from your body and surrounding your space.
  • Selenite helps you access your intuition.
  • Selenite is the perfect stone for those suffering from sleeping disorders.
  • It dispels negative energy and enhances clarity, focus, and creates calm in any space.
  • Selenite is the perfect stone for charging & clearing other crystals.
  • Selenite helps you stay focused and clear-minded during meditation.

Order now your own natural selenite crystal wands and feel the changes in your life.

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Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 19 × 10 × 9 cm

75 reviews for Natural Selenite Reiki Healing Crystal Wand [Hand Carved, Crystal Healers Favourite Tool]

  1. Avatar of Ashmit Agarwalla

    Ashmit Agarwalla

    It is a great product. Do buy a selenite reiki healing crystal wand to experience positivity around you. Happy with how it has worked for me.

  2. Avatar of Rimi Kothari

    Rimi Kothari

    An excellent product. Bought it for my grandmother, who is usually at a loss of mental clarity. She seems to be better now. Selenite reiki healing crystal wand sold by Plus Value shop is a great product.

  3. Avatar of vivek


    I felt so happy and it has helped me to calm down. glad to have these selenite crystals. Best healing crystal.

  4. Avatar of Aswini


    selenite crystal wand is very powerful. Good energy. works perfectly. Nice product

  5. Avatar of shivani


    Amazing product. Highly recommend every reiki crystal healer. it really work👍👍

  6. Avatar of sakshi chatterjee

    sakshi chatterjee

    selenite wand absorbs negative energy. very useful and helpful.

  7. Avatar of Puja Bhutoria

    Puja Bhutoria

    Great product. Do buy it if you are an ardent believer of Reiki healing. This selenite healing crystal works perfectly in eliminating negativity. Have worked for me.

  8. Avatar of ananya


    Very good product. I feel it is helping me to heal. amazing vibrations and works perfectly.

  9. Avatar of Nabanita Ghosh

    Nabanita Ghosh

    At first, I was not a believer in spirituality. However, on witnessing the changes that happened to my friend, I also got drooled towards Reiki Healing. I asked her the product she was using to get surrounded with positivity and she enlightened me about Plus Value Shop that sells authentic healing objects, and also energizes them before shipping.
    I too bought the product. Was happy with the packaging and also delivery. The selenite reiki healing crystal wand got delivered on time. And, yes it did work for me too.

  10. Avatar of Kavita Rawat

    Kavita Rawat

    An excellent product for tranquillity and peace. Do buy a selenite reiki healing crystal wand. It has worked well for me. Happy with it.

  11. Avatar of Piyaswini Tailor

    Piyaswini Tailor

    Selenite reiki healing crystal has worked wonders for me.
    This wand has various good qualities attached to it. It is a stone that endows peace, purification, serenity, spirituality, mental clarity, positivity, integrity, and makes you more forgiving. While all these qualities do not instantly come to a person as it takes a good amount of time, it helps mold a person toward betterment.

  12. Avatar of Mayank


    Keep it near the bed side for good sleep. It calms me down. Awesome selenite crystal wand

  13. Avatar of aaditya chawla

    aaditya chawla

    I really feel the energy. totally impressed with this selenite wand.

  14. Avatar of Gautam Kapoor

    Gautam Kapoor

    Great product. A must buy. Moreover, Plus Value shop offers great pricing, good packaging, and energized products for optimum effect.

  15. Avatar of Parth


    Removes Negative Energy. it’s an effective crystal healing process. Really good product.

  16. Avatar of Naima Rana

    Naima Rana

    A great product. Do buy a selenite reiki healing crystal wand from Plus Value Global Holistic Shop. It is a positive product and sure to surround you with positive energy and vibes. Extremely glad about the buy.

  17. Avatar of vivek chokshi

    vivek chokshi

    I really love the selenite wand for aura cleansing. I really feel the energy.

  18. Avatar of Pranav


    Selenite wand very useful in meditation. Gives positive effect during meditation.

  19. Avatar of Isha ganguly

    Isha ganguly

    I love this wand!! Very good quality and I’m so happy with this purchase!! Genuine Products

  20. Avatar of Vaibhav


    selenite crystal wand gives immediately responsive and feels very good to use.
    Really nice item.👍

  21. Avatar of seema


    Very useful in reiki healing practice.amazing product.very effective product

  22. Avatar of shivani choudhary

    shivani choudhary

    I have used it to clear the negative energies. work perfectly. awesome product.

  23. Avatar of Raima Basu

    Raima Basu

    Excellent product. Do buy a selenite reiki healing wand to witness its power and energy.

  24. Avatar of Asha Kshetri

    Asha Kshetri

    I was way too short-tempered. The Selenite Reiki Healing Crystal Wand from Plus Value Global Holistic Shop has helped me overcome this obnoxious quality and has brought tranquillity to my mind. It’s a must-buy for those who are looking for inner peace.

  25. Avatar of Rishabh


    I absolutely love this selenite wand! It has incredible energy & I am so pleased with my purchase.

  26. Avatar of Shubham s.

    Shubham s.

    Those who want a beautiful and angelic selenite can purchase it from here. My selenite is absolutely gorgeous. It came in 3 layer packaging for protection. love the delivery.
    Absolutely stunning

  27. Avatar of ramya garg

    ramya garg

    very useful in my healing practice. it has such great energy. Happy with quality. 👍👍

  28. Avatar of Pavithra


    This stone is just wonderful. increases positivity in all spaces. Very happy with purchase this selenite crystal healing wand.

  29. Avatar of ananya desai

    ananya desai

    I could feel the energy vibrating from it. awesome crystal wand!

  30. Avatar of vinay goswami

    vinay goswami

    Very happy with this purchase. Just as described. Awesome product.👍👍

  31. Avatar of Radhika


    selenite wand will be of great use to me. …also the energies feel very good. Highly recommended!

  32. Avatar of Soham


    selenite wand excellent for clearing and purifying environments. works perfectly.

  33. Avatar of Abhinav


    Very pleased with the quality. good finish as well. amazing works.👍👍

  34. Avatar of ayushi gala

    ayushi gala

    effective healing power. such great energy. it really works👍👍

  35. Avatar of ashish dhingra

    ashish dhingra

    It’s very useful for reiki healing as I use it for the same. I can feel the energies of the crystals. amazing product.

  36. Avatar of shivangi dhillon

    shivangi dhillon

    It is genuine and when I meditate I can feel the vibrations. I am loving it…👍👍

  37. Avatar of leah


    Received a safety packed Selenite crystal wand as described by the seller.👍👍👍

  38. Avatar of mayank deshmukh

    mayank deshmukh

    It still works perfectly for my use. I also use it to clear my aura. also, the energies feel very good.

  39. Avatar of Rina Salve

    Rina Salve

    Since the purchase, I have been able to feel the positivity around me, which gets deeper day by day. Happy with the buy. Do try it out.
    I am also grateful to the Plus Value Shop for guiding me with the purchase.

  40. Avatar of Raghav


    the nice product it really works perfectly. Very happy with this purchase.

  41. Avatar of Ramanan luthra

    Ramanan luthra

    So beautiful 😍 and I really feel the energy
    the selenite wand for aura cleansing

  42. Avatar of Flora Lee

    Flora Lee

    Good product. Bought Selenite Reiki Healing Crystal Wand for my mother and she is extremely happy with the results. Must buy.

  43. Avatar of PRATEEK


    Good for reiki healing therapy. gives a positive effect. amazing vibration.

  44. Avatar of neha dewan

    neha dewan

    I really like it. Very satisfied with the product! very useful and effective product.

  45. Avatar of parth deshpande

    parth deshpande

    So amazing! It’s a good size. It was wrapped and packaged very nicely and safely. received good condition. Thank you so much.

  46. Avatar of Sakshi


    the selenite wand is working properly. gives calm energy. good useful in reiki healing.

  47. Avatar of Mary


    this will be very useful in my healing practice.
    It feels great and I highly recommend it!

  48. Avatar of isha dewan

    isha dewan

    I highly recommend this wand for crystal healing. wonderful calming effect.

  49. Avatar of Jaan Baptist

    Jaan Baptist

    I am a big believer in object healing and on recommendation, I bought this selenite reiki healing crystal wand. Since the time I have bought it, I am happy to note it has worked. Not just it has helped in accelerating my spiritualism but also has surrounded me with positive energy.

  50. Avatar of kumar


    the material seems to be genuine…It works and it’s soothing… U can feel it works

  51. Avatar of Aaditya


    Removal of negative energies. Excellent product. Must have this selenite crystal wand.

  52. Avatar of naveen deshpande

    naveen deshpande

    I feel positive after having this selenite healing wand. very satisfied with crystals.

  53. Avatar of Anushri


    very satisfied with the quality of the stones and I feel valued as a buyer. very effective product

  54. Avatar of Suhani


    It is a positive, happy beautiful Crystal that brought in a lot of self-realization. I really like it.

  55. Avatar of abhi


    Really good product. I love the energy. it really works. genuine quality selenite wand

  56. Avatar of Ashwini Chaurasia

    Ashwini Chaurasia

    While I was not a believer in the selenite reiki healing crystal wand, at the persistent request of my brother I bought it. And yes, I was surprised how efficiently the product proved itself. I became much cooler, tranquil, and happy. More than this, I feel I am all the time surrounded by positive energy. Happy with the product.

  57. Avatar of ramya dhillon

    ramya dhillon

    feel the energy. This wand is very sturdy and has a wonderful calming effect.

  58. Avatar of Sam


    Very good product. I have seen positive effects after buying a ds selenite crystal wand.

  59. Avatar of Neeraj


    Nice energy, will know more after a couple of days. amazing selenite crystal wand.

  60. Avatar of nishi


    selenite crystal healing wand gives a good vibration. very genuine product good quality

  61. Avatar of Kashmeera Rai

    Kashmeera Rai

    Since I was a child, my mother has been using a selenite reiki healing crystal wand for her internal peace and positivity. Advised by her, after my divorce I also began using it. Bought this product from Plus Value Global Holistic Shop. Happy with the results. A must buy.

  62. Avatar of Keshav Prithvi

    Keshav Prithvi

    One of the prudent products, and works instantly well for those who feel they are surrounded by negative energy. Usage of selenite reiki healing crystal wand enlightens a person regarding tranquillity, peace, spiritualism and makes the surrounding positive. Has worked well for me and my family. Do buy it to witness the same from Plus Value Global Holistic Shop.

  63. Avatar of Priya Bambani

    Priya Bambani

    Awesome product. Since the purchase of the selenite reiki healing crystal wand, it has worked well for me. I am able to witness positivity around me.
    Thanks to Jeavin for suggesting to me such a great product.

  64. Avatar of vinay dhingra

    vinay dhingra

    It is also excellent for aura cleansing and healing. gives positive results. amazing selenite crystal wand

  65. Avatar of natasha deshmukh

    natasha deshmukh

    Very good quality genuine natural selenite crystal wand. Excellent value for money. Always recommended.

  66. Avatar of ashish goswami

    ashish goswami

    This Selenite crystal is beautiful! Very smooth. It’s a must for meditation. very effective product.

  67. Avatar of nikita desai

    nikita desai

    totally impressed with this selenite crystal wand. also, the energies feel very good. it works great for me.

  68. Avatar of ajith


    works very well. It is a really good deal. Very useful in meditation. amazing healing wand

  69. Avatar of shivangi garg

    shivangi garg

    I love this wand! I already used it and it works wonderfully! felt the energy. Great quality selenite

  70. Avatar of Ashmita Ghosh

    Ashmita Ghosh

    Excellent product. Do buy Selenite Reiki Healing Crystal Wand if you wish to eliminate negativity and attain enormous positivity.
    I have been using it to get peace of mind and during deep meditation.

  71. Avatar of Roshni Sharma

    Roshni Sharma

    Selenite Reiki Healing Crystal Wand is a great buy especially for all the positivity it brings in one’s life.
    I am glad to have bought it from Plus Value shop. They have helped me at each step of the purchase and also with instructions on how to carry out the cleansing process for the crystal.

  72. Avatar of Monika Thapa

    Monika Thapa

    Advised by my astrologer, I bought this Selenite Reiki Healing Crystal Wand for tranquillity and positivity, and yes it has worked for me since the time I bought it.

  73. Avatar of Vedika Agarwal

    Vedika Agarwal

    I bought the Selenite Reiki Healing Crystal Wand for my parents to get rid of the negativity around them.
    I must say that Plus Value experts have helped me a lot in choosing the right product for them.
    It has worked perfectly for them. It may work for you too.

  74. Avatar of Naina Roy

    Naina Roy

    I am glad to have ordered the Selenite Reiki Healing Crystal Wand from Plus Value Shop. The product was packed perfectly and delivered on time. They have also sent me salt for crystal cleansing along with step-by-step instructions on the process.

  75. Avatar of Nisha Kuriakose

    Nisha Kuriakose

    Good product. Not just it strengthens the concept of spiritualism within you but also helps mold your behavior and makes it appear gentle and tranquil. I was an extremely outrageous person who did not have any knowledge of what tranquillity was. Owing to my fiery behavior not only had I socially distanced myself but also became extremely unwanted by others.
    Advised by the Plus Value Vastu experts, I bought this selenite reiki healing crystal wand to better myself. I got good results and I would recommend this crystal wand to you all.
    Extremely happy with the buy.

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