Silver Dowsing Pendulum For Reiki, Dowser, Vastu, Feng Shui Experts


Silver plated chamber pendulum with free dowsing

Free Dowsing Chart

With attractive Jute Bag

Material – Silver Plated

Weight – 18gm

(L x W x H) – 4cm X 1.5cm X 1.5cm


Dowsing is the process
of using a tool such as a pendulum to discover things that cannot be discovered
using our everyday senses. You can search for anything by projecting an intent
of what is desired and receiving confirmation or non-confirmation feedback
through the body, usually by the movements of a dowsing instrument.

Dowsing for Questions

You can ask your rods to
cross in front of you to provide a “No” answer and open up around you
for a “Yes” answer. In this manner you can ask many questions by
gently walking with your rods, accessing your subconscious and setting yourself
free of ties that may bind you or hold you back from your true potential.

You will find unlimited
uses of  pendulums  & offers  many dowsing techniques and

Dowsing pendulum can be used  to:-
LOCATE – underground water, gas, oil, gold, minerals, gems, lost
objects; missing persons or pets; underground pipes and leaks; faulty equipment

Today Energy consultant (vastu & Feng Shui experts) use the pendulum
EVALUATE – plot energy, home & office vibrations, locate a suitable
site for person, finding negative blocks etc.

Today dowsers also use the pendulum to:
TEST FOR –Chakra balancing, Aura cleaning, Energy scanning etc.

Pendulum dowsing is used often to:
DETERMINE — compatibility between people, places and things; health
of the  plants and animals etc.

Use pendulums to:
CHOOSE — investments and stocks; careers; life partners; auspicious
dates and timing; foods, etc.

The Dowsing Pendulum can help you find out about houses, apartments, roommates,
employees, cars, or anything you have in mind.

Dowsing by using a Map

Map dowsing is a method
of dowsing using a map instead of  visiting a  site. This
can be done using a pendulum or rod in one hand whilst pointing at the map with
a marker in the other hand. When the target is found the pendulum will swing in
the affirmative. However, many other techniques are used successfully. Sometime
map dowsing is done prior to a site visit and will reduce the time spent on

More Information

Dowsing, in general
terms, is the art of finding hidden things. Usually, this is accomplished with
the aid of a dowsing stick, rods or a pendulum. Also known as divining, water
witching, doodle bugging and other names, dowsing is an ancient practice whose
origins are lost in long-forgotten history. However, it is thought to date back
at least 8,000 years. Wall murals, estimated to be about 8,000 years old,
discovered in the Tassili Caves of North Africa depict tribesmen surrounding a
man with a forked stick, possibly dowsing for water. Artwork from ancient China
and Egypt seem to show people using forked tools in what might have been
dowsing activities. Dowsing may have been mentioned in the Bible, although not
by name, when Moses and Aaron used a “rod” to locate water. The first
unambiguous written accounts of dowsing come from the middle Ages when dowsers
in Europe used it to help find coal deposits.

 All things,
living and inanimate, the theory suggests, possess an energy force. The dowser,
by concentrating on the hidden object, is somehow able to tune in to the energy
force or “vibration” of the object which, in turn, forces the dowsing
rod, pendulum or stick to move. The dowsing tool may act as a kind of amplifier
or antenna for tuning into the energy. Skeptics, of course, say that dowsing
doesn’t work at all. Dowsers who seem to have a track record for success, they
contend, are either lucky or they have good instincts or trained knowledge for
where water, minerals and the like can be found. For believer or skeptic,
there’s no definitive proof either way. Albert Einstein, however, was convinced
of the authenticity of dowsing. He said, “I know very well that many
scientists consider dowsing as they do astrology, as a type of ancient

Excellent tool for
dowsing experts, students and for personal use

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